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JURGEN HANNEDER ABHINAVAGUPTA’S PHILOSOPHY OF REVELATION MALINISLOKAVARTTIKA 1, 1-399 GRONINGEN ORIENTAL STUDIES VOLUME XIV Publiied un the smpices of the J. Gonda Fe Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences ” bir HT. Baler, Gromingn bial Board H.W, Bedewite D.D.S. Goodall H, Isaacson - GJ, Meulenbeld Adin Baad 6. Cat, ris RE, Emme, Hang J Eso, Goin RF. Gobi, Oe (J.C Heesterman, Leiden - D. Sbuiman,, seo: Panchasnana Siva. Pancaala Temple imac Pee, ih Congo ‘is tok wa pit wih Sinaia apport fi the ) Gonda Foundation, Amsterdam, sans 908801857 Tain ek demain ‘ag fr cnc pm Netra Copyright© 198 Eger Footen, Groningen, The A ge rar Nef of isk my hep = serait oo) Preface The prevent work ean tempt o et and translate he is po he Mat slokavda, which deals with the origin ofthe Suva revelatng, This, sits mame indicates. averse commentary on the Malnayaratantns snd was composed bythe Kashnian philosopher Abbinaagaps, whos le ‘cary activity must ave centred aroun the end ofthe 1th and the begining the 11th cetury AD. Its writen na style which sometimes lols simple, tut never is andthe high degree of absinction i displays combines wih he ‘ad stato the ransmited texto present formidable tsk to ever ead. As this eae proves on inal naively andthe commitmeat to ishinga degree ina predetermined tie ean perme one wo pute sacha werk. Even fi sated at every der verse, my interrelation cannot be anying bet ro ‘Sonal Neverles it, 1 hink, ful to make thi temp, because tak 'simporant fr fuer states of Abhinavagupt's concept ofthe Siva canon ‘The grate pr ofthis work was completed during ane andaalfearstay ‘in Oxf, whee Tad the opportunity to dscuss spoil alone ‘on ai tanslton a wells many issues lati othe intrettion this ‘ext wit Profesor Alexi Sndersn ofA Sals Calls. He ery gsaeosy made available to me some of his taps niles and drew my teaion "many ofthe sourees ule in hs hei exaggeration oy tha iho his guince his wek woud have heen impose. ao wish otha Professor Michael Haka to whom me mos f my ‘illogical ning in Sanit and who tek up himself he supervision a ‘hs doctorate His unin suport in every sage was eri othe comple tin ofhie hesis Foc creating the Hvely and simulating atmosphere in Oxo would ik te tank my fellow students, especialy my calles ad end De Dominic ‘Goal ot ony framers dscsionson Siva mates, bas forproot ‘eating aod improving the English Dr: Harunaza Imac, especially for is "tose inspection of my etn, and Some Vasudeva for is thermore, nchrnolgial ore: lanes Schneider Rei Son (Mathur), Dr Pes Savestivara Sharm (Mu) and Pro