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Epic Samurai

Created by

Micah Moses

FADE IN: EXT. FOREST GLEN - DAY In the distance, a SAMURAI sits in the middle of an old growth forest, his back against a large trunk. Sun beams penetrate the thick foliage and punctuate the tall, uneven grass with rods of golden light, displacing the shadows. The warrior, is EPIC SAMURAI. His thoughts are heard as he conveys his story. EPIC (V.O.) For centuries, tales have been told about select Samurai who've held a special place among its territorial leaders. CUT TO: EXT. DIRT ROAD - DAY - CONTINUOUS Far off another samurai can be seen trotting down the dusty road. He searches for someone. CUT TO: EXT. FOREST GLEN - DAY - CONTINUOUS We move closer through the woods. EPIC (V.O.) Indeed, the most brave and noble Samurai held a special position among the Shogun. CUT TO: EXT. EDGE OF FOREST - DAY - CONTINUOUS The man continues running until he comes to a forested area. He slows and enters the shadowy woods. EPIC (V.O.) While some Samurai fought for the honor of their Shogun, some fought for the honor of their family's name. CUT TO:


EXT. FOREST GLEN - DAY - CONTINUOUS Closer still as the man sits peacefully at some distance. EPIC ...while others simply fought to keep themselves alive. This is not one of those tales. This is the story of a self trained Samurai, a drifter with a purpose, an instigator who doesn't want trouble. He's a man created from many different ethnicities, yet he's his own person and everyman at once. This strategist comes from the far off land of Octoroon to simply to test his abilities. We drift past more large timber, to reveal the warrior sitting peacefully at the base of an old twisted tree. EPIC (V.O.) This man is guided by his Wisdom, Strength, Discipline and Deception. This warrior is known as... Epic Samurai. It is here at the end, that our story begins. CUT TO: EXT. FOREST GLEN - DAY - CONTINUOUS Epic continues his meditation as the Samurai in the background cautiously studies him. This man is UN NOWNJIRO (30s). Un bounds quietly from tree to tree, moving closer and closer to Epic. Un finally closes in on Epic, who still seems unaware. CU of Epic's ear as he hears Un shift a single leaf with his foot. Un realizes his mistake and becomes still. Epic opens his eyes. WISDOM stands close to Epic and speaks... WISDOM Un has found me. Epic speaks aloud to Un.


EPIC I see you still have not mastered the Sneaky Giblet technique. Not bad, though not fully realized either. You should go back home and practice boy. UN You're senses have grown stronger Epic. EPIC Consider it a warning. UN I can see why Sifu always reserved a special place for you, hoping you would join his esteemed school. Your untrained skills exceeded all except him. But no matter... EPIC It does matter. I've naturally excelled to a degree where your hard training could not. Thats always bothered you Un. UN True, but it does not make a difference now. We were like brothers then and you left long ago. EPIC I left for my own reasons. You should not have come after me. UN Ive traveled to many lands but youve always been one step ahead. I finally found your trail 30 days ago. The end is upon you. EPIC I knew that you were after me since day one. I've been prepared from the beginning. UN Impossible!


EPIC Or is it? Maybe you should have studied harder as your dear Master instructed. UN You fool. It was you who never took the lessons. While I studied in earnest, you sat out side the school and played games. You poked fun at us all. The techniques came easily as you watched from afar, only to have my lessons sting so bitterly at the hands of Master. EPIC What's that? You could never beat me at Majong. What made you think that your sword skills were any better? UN Majong? Why would I waste time with such a childs game? (He laughs) The real lessons are learned with cold steel. EPIC There are many valuable lessons in such a simple game. Perhaps the value was lost... on you. UN You're one to speak of value Epic. All the Shogun in the land will see you dead because of your outlaw ways. And a handsome bounty bestowed upon me... for killing you. EPIC So it is material things that you seek. UN Prepare to die. Epic places his hand on his sword, ready to draw... EPIC (whispering) Then it is forged material you shall get.


Un draws his sword and sprints toward Epic. DECEPTION steps in and whispers into Epic's ear... DECEPTION Deceive this fool, toy with him. Let trickery rattle in his empty head. Epic raises his hand. EPIC Wait. Startled, Un stops and lowers his sword... UN Wait? Enough waiting, there is only fighting. Prepare to die! Un raises his sword. EPIC Not now. Un lowers his sword. UN What do you mean not now? EPIC I mean... not now. UN You can not just say "not now" in the middle of a fight. Especially without a reason. WISDOM steps in and whispers into Epics ear... WISDOM Confusion and anger will set him off balance. Epic understands and turns back to Un... EPIC We will fight... tomorrow. UN I say we fight now.


EPIC No. UN Why not? Epic thinks... EPIC I'm constipated. UN Huh? So? EPIC It's very uncomfortable. Come back tomorrow to this same tree. There will be a note posted. UN Do you want to fight? Or do you want me to read the note? EPIC Both. A look of confusion on Uns face... UN You want me to come back to this tree tomorrow to read a note of what you can tell me right now? EPIC Yes. UN Why would I do that? EPIC To see what the note says. UN But Im already here. You can just tell me. EPIC No. You will come back to read it. UN Or I can just kill you right now.


EPIC No. OTHER Yes I can. Both Wisdom and DISCIPLINE whisper to Epic... WISDOM One with so much pride is easy to manipulate. Still, he could be a dangerous foe if underestimated. DISCIPLINE True. It is much better to be patient and draw him to your battle area using a feint. Epic addresses Un... EPIC Today is not your day. UN What do you mean today is not my day? I have the advantage. You've not drawn your weapon. I stand to win. Epic takes a measured breath. EPIC Today a cricket landed in my palm, which makes me lucky. A cobra avoided my path, which makes me invincible. An eagle circled high above, which gave me great insight. UN You simple fool! This means nothing. You forget about my blade... EPIC ...this means everything. You see, I also saw you sleeping by the river, which means you would be dead already should I have chosen so. Un stumbles back, appalled by the realization.


EPIC So, is today your day? Un swallows hard and thinks about the question. Epic may be correct. Un will not chance it. UN I'll be back tomorrow. I'll read your note and we'll finish this. He points his sword at Epic... UN You'll be sorry. Un sheathes his sword. He turns and runs away. EPIC No. I'll still be Epic. WISDOM Wise words Epic, wise words. CUT TO: EXT. FOREST GLEN, TREE - DAY Un approaches the tree with the note posted to it. He stops and reads the note to himself. EPIC (O.S.) Did you read the note? Un turns to him... UN Of course I read the note. EPIC Good.