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Chinese fungicides Imp. & Exp. analysis in Aug. 2012 Summary: In Aug.

2012, Chinese import volume of fungicides sees slip, while that from Jan. to Aug. 2012 witnesses rise. On the contrary, Chinese export volume of fungicides goes up in Aug. 2012, but that in the first eight months of this year drops off. Tags: Azoxystrobin technical, carbendazim technical, chlorothalonil, ethylenediamine, epoxiconazole technical, sodium dichloroisocyanurate Fungicide import analysis According to the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (China Customs), Chinese import volume of fungicides reached 1,909 tonnes in Aug. 2012, down 4.21% over last month. Thereinto, the import volume of retail packing fungicides was about 15 tonnes, far below that of non-retail packing ones, totalling 1,894 tonnes, according to CCM October by Issue of Fungicides China News. From Jan. to Aug. 2012, China's import volume of fungicides amounted to 17,415 tonnes, up 23.77% year on year. In detail, the import volume of retail packing fungicides hit 816 tonnes, while that of non-retail packing ones climbed to 16,599 tonnes in the first eight months of this year. As to the import value, it was USD18.74 million in Aug. 2012, down 29.07% over July this year with the import volume decrease. In addition, the total import value of fungicides increased to USD193.05 million from Jan. to Aug. 2012, up 32.71% owing to the growth in total import volume of fungicides. It can be seen from the above data that the average price of imported fungicides rose by about 7.22% year on year to USD11,085/t in the first eight months of 2012. By import volume of fungicides, the top 10 import origins in Aug. 2012 included Germany, France, the US, Japan, Thailand, Columbia, Taiwan, India, the UK and Switzerland respectively. What's more, the import volume of fungicides from the top 10 sources accounted for 89.63% of the total import volume at the same time. Particularly, the import volume of fungicides from Germany reached 685 tonnes, far exceeding those of other origins. Fungicide export analysis

In Aug. 2012, China exported about 5,860 tonnes of fungicides to overseas market, rising by 6.45% over the previous month. Thereinto, the export volume of non-retail packing fungicides amounted to 4,326 tonnes, 2.8 times as much as that of retail packaging ones. However, Chinese total export volume of fungicides declined by 7.97% year on year from Jan. to Aug. 2012 to 48,381 tonnes. Specifically, the export volume of retail packing fungicides was 12,655 tonnes in the meantime, much less than that of non-retail packing ones, 35,726 tonnes. Though Chinese export volume of fungicides saw growth in Aug. 2012, its export value went down, totaling about USD25.15 million, sliding by USD96,414. In addition, the total export value of fungicides also witnessed a fall of 12.03% year on year from Jan. to Aug. 2012 to about USD228.96 million, mainly due to the fungicides' export volume decrease. According to the above data, the average price of exported fungicides reduced to USD4,732/t in the first eight months of 2012, down 4.42% year on year. By export volume of fungicides, the top 10 export destinations in Aug. 2012 included Vietnam, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan and Columbia separately. Particularly, the export volume of fungicides to the top 10 destinations took up 57.56% of China's total export volume of fungicides.

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