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ord }esus, you have chosen your priests From among

us and sent them out to proclaim your word and to
act in your name. For so great a giFt to your Church,
we give you praise and thanksgiving. ve ask you to Fill
them with the Fire oF your love, that their ministry may
reveal your presence in the Church. Since they are earthen
vessels, we pray that your power shine out through their
weakness. In their aFFlictions let them never be crushed, in
their doubts never despair, in temptation never be
destroyed, in persecution never abandoned. Inspire them
through prayer to live each day the mystery oF your dying
and rising. In times oF weakness send them your Spirit, and
help them to praise your heavenly Father and pray For poor
sinners. By the same Holy Spirit put your words on their
lips and your love in their hearts, to bring good news to the
poor and healing to the brokenhearted. And may the giFt oF
Mary your mother, to the disciple whom you loved, be your
giFt to every priest. Grant that she who Formed you in her
human image may, by her intercession, help to Form them
in your Divine Image by the power oF the Holy Spirit, to
the glory oF God the Father. Amen.
Lord jesus, you lnvlte us to pray the Lord oF the harvest that
He send |abourers lnto Hls harvest.
Lord and Cod oF a||, call to the priesthood men on Fire with
your divine love, who will be the voice oF the Good Shepherd
to the scattered sheep oF the Flock.
R. |ord oj tbe bar|est, send labourers |nto your bar|est.
Lord and Savlour, bless us with holy priests. 1hrough their
ministry may your liFe-giving presence in the sacraments be
always present in your Church.
R. |ord oj tbe bar|est, send labourers |nto your bar|est.
Lord and Clver oF LlFe, raise up men Filled with your power
and with great missionary zeal, so that all who dwell in
darkness may come to live in the light oF Christ.
R. |ord oj tbe bar|est, send labourers |nto your bar|est.
{Pause For silent personal prayer For vocations to the
Lord jesus, you ca||ed chosen men to be wlth you: to preach
the good news oF sa|vatlon and to have authorlty over the
powers oF darkness. Send your Ho|y Splrlt upon the men you
have chosen For the prlest|y mlnlstry. May they answer your
ca|| and Fo||ow you wlth generous hearts. Amen.
A Pruyer jor Priests A Pruyer jor vocutions to the Priesthood
vith permission oF the local Ordinary, Dublin 6th August, 86.
LeaFlets available From: 1he Secretary, Intercession For Priests,
All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin , Ireland.
webslte: Emal|:
Or |n tbe U.S./.
LeaFlets available From: 1he Secretary, St. vincent Ministry to Priests,
P. O. Box , Palm Harbor, Fl q68z, U.S.A.
O Mury conceived without sin,
pruy jor us who huve recourse to you.
I nt er cessl on F or Pr l est s
S|non, S|non, bebold Satan
des|red to ba|e you tbat be n|gbt
s|jt you l|ke ubeat, but | ba|e
prayed jor you, tbat your ja|tb
nay not ja|l, and uben you ba|e
turned aga|n, strengtben your
{Luke zz:FF )
we pray that every prlest may:
. 1he Agony in the Garden be steudjust in pruyer
z. 1he Scourging at the Pillar beur sujjering putiently jor Christ
. 1he Crowning with thorns be juithjul to priestly promises
q. 1he Carrying oF the Cross experience the power oj the Cross
y. 1he CruciFixion we pruy jor our own bishop(sj,
priests und deucons.
we pray that every prlest may:
. 1he Resurrection be the bringer oj peuce und
z. 1he Ascension be u witness oj hope
. 1he Descent oF the be on jire in the power oj
Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit
q. 1he Assumption live the true devotion to Mury
y. 1he Coronation we pruy jor our own bishop(sj,
priests und deucons.
1he C|orlous Mysterles
1he SorrowFu| Mysterles
v. Lord, open our |lps.
R. /nd ue sball pra|se your nane.
v. O Cod, come to our ald.
R. O |ord, nake baste to belp us.
Scripture Reading: One oF the Following may be used. Matt. :-8,
Mark o:z8-o, Luke :-, Luke q:z-, }ohn :-z, }ohn :-),
z Cor.:q-zo, Heb. :-o, Gen. z:-q, Fxod. :-6, -z, Sam. :-o,
}er. :6-8.
we pray that every prlest may:
. 1he Annunciation heur und live God's word
z. 1he visitation beur Christ to others
. 1he Nativity procluim jesus us Suviour und Lord
q. 1he Presentation possess deep juith in the Sucruments
y. 1he Finding in the 1emple we pruy jor our own bishop(sj,
priests und deucons.
we pray that every prlest may:
. 1he Baptism oF }esus heur the voice oj jesus
z. 1he vedding at Cana turn to Mury in times oj need
. 1he Proclamation oF the
Iingdom and call to
conversion procluim the truth oj the Gospel
q. 1he 1ransFiguration witness to jesus the Son oj God
y. 1he Institution oF the we pruy jor our own bishop(sj,
Fucharist priests und deucons.
Lumlnous Mysterles
1he joyFu| Mysterles 1he joyFu| Mysterles
Rosury oj lntercession jor Priests Rosury oj lntercession jor Priests
Lumlnous Mysterles
1he SorrowFu| Mysterles
1he C|orlous Mysterles
v. Ho|y Mary, Mother oF Cod.
R. Pray jor our B|sbops and pr|ests
A Lituny oj Suints
St. Mlchae|, St Cabrle|
& St. Raphae|
St. joseph
St. Peter and St. Pau|
St. Patrlck
St. 8rlgld
St. Francls & St. C|are
St. Domlnlc
St. Catherlne oF Slena
St. Ignatlus
St. vlncent de Pau|
St. john Eudes
St. Margaret C|ltherow
A|| Ho|y Prlests, Martyrs
St. john vlanney
St. john 8osco
St. 1hrse oF Llsleux
St. vlncent Pa||ottl
St. Plus X
St. Edlth Steln
St. Maxlml|lan ko|be
St. Faustlna
St. Plo oF Pletre|clna