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ADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT Lecture 1. Advertising, Introduction Lecture 2.

Advertising and Psychology, how brain works in a buy decision Lecture 3. Personal Branding, Reputation online and offline. Lecture 4. Case of Study 1 Lecture 5. Be Digital, old advertising and new advertising Lecture 6 - 7. Different kinds of advertising - Based on media of advertising: A. Indoor advertising media: 1. Press 2. Radio 3.Television 4. Film 5.Video 6. No Conventional Lecture 8. Presentation Team 1 Lecture 9 - 10. B. Outdoor advertising media : 1. Posters 2. Painted displays 3. Traveling Displays 4.Electric signs 5. Sky- Writing 6. Sandwitchman Lecture 11. Presentation Team 2 Lecture 12 - 13. C. Direct advertising media 1. Envelop endorsers 2. Broad-Sides 3. Booklets and Catalogues 4. Sales letters 5. Gift-Novelties 6. Store Publications 7. Package Inserts Lecture 14. Presentation Team 3 Lecture 15 - 16. D. Display advertising media : 1. Displays 2. Showrooms and Show-Cases 3. Exhibitions Examples, Merits and demerits. Lecture 17. Presentation Team 4

ADVERTISING AND SALES MANAGEMENT Lecture 18 - 19. E. Digital Advertising 1. Viral Videos 2. Start up 3. Social Media 4. E-Branding Lecture 20. Presentation Team 5 Lecture 21. Case of Study 2 Lecture 22. Advertising effectiveness Lecture 23. Sales Management: Concept and objectives Lecture 24. Mgt. of sales promotion at the consumer, trade & sales force levels Lecture 25. Sales display & merchandising Lecture 26. Case of Study 3 Lecture 27. Introduction to types of sales quotas Lecture 28. Legal & ethical aspects of advertising Lecture 29 - 30 Lets plan!. Brand strategy & campaign planning: Brand preposition Unique Selling Preposition Brand Image Brand Positioning : Steps involved in Market Positioning i.e. Explore the market Segmentation & Targeting Competitive Strategy Lecture 31. Innovation and Creativity. its not only sale. Lecture 32. Brief Presentation and Feedback Team 1 Lecture 33. Brief Presentation and Feedback Team 2 Lecture 34. Brief Presentation and Feedback Team 3 Lecture 35. Brief Presentation and Feedback Team 4 Lecture 36. Brief Presentation and Feedback Team 5 Lecture 36 - 40. Lets Fun!!!!.. Make our Final VIDEO.


Subject Code: PGM Course Instructor: Roberto ngel Arrucha Estrada Lecture Duration 1 hour Tests: 2 Assignments: 10 Case Studies: 3

Internal Assessment Marks Allocation Table

Total Weightage 10 Total Weightage 10 Presentation Total Weightage 5 MSE Total Weightage 15

Tests T1 T2

Assignments A1- A10

Books Recommended: Authored by1. Advertising Management 2. Advertising Management 3. Advertising & Sales Promotion Aaker, David and Myers Chunnawala Kazmi and Batra

4. Aaker, David A and Myera John G. : Advertising Management (Prentice Hall of India) 5. Border, W.H. 1981 John Wiley N.Y.: Advertising Ogilvy on Advertising Advertising Management

6. Ogilvy D.Longman publication 7. Chunnawala


Assignments are already mentioned in the course breakup itself.

Note: All assignments are compulsory and should be submitted within the set timeframe. Failure to submit any of the assignments within the set timeframe will result into Zero marks straightaway for that particular assignment.

Presentations of your Ad campaign

The students have to compulsorily give a presentation on the topic being assigned to them in front of the whole class. Presentations will be focused on creative work. The topics will be nalized and informed.

These will be the group presentations. Each group will comprise 4 5 students. Topic will be assigned on rst come rst serve basis. Topic once assigned will not be changed. Also two or more groups are not allowed to share the same topic i.e. each group will be allotted a separate topic.








Absentees will be marked Zero Scores straightaway.

The presentations will be of 50 marks and its weightage in the internal assessment will be 05 marks. The following table represents the marks allocation for presentations:

Things to get on mind: - Students will use camera and basic knowledge about video editing. - Students will use interactive tools using internet.


- High Creativity work, it is important to be ready.

S. Focus Area No. 1. Impact (Effective Ad.) 2. 3. 4. 5. Presentation (Be innovative) Creativity & Quality of content EXTRA MARKS Query Handling

Marks Allocation 10 10 10 10 10


50 Marks