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Via Canonica, 81
Apartment 33
Milano, Italy
Phone: 3896061410
The Safe Project August 2011 - June 2012
OakhiII Secure Training Centre September 2009 - January 2012
The Arts Centre- LiverpooI
Community CoIIege
September 2007 - August 2009
Runcorn CoIIege September- 2008 - August-2009
Project design/ coordinator
Express Yourself: SAFE Project worked with students with behaviour management issues
from Cricket Green School, which caters for young people with moderate learning difficulties.
The students worked with specialist staff in a series of art therapy based workshops. Each
workshop aimed to develop the student's awareness of their own anger, and how they have
learnt to express it to enable their literacy levels. The children participated in parkour, physical
theatre, drama and art therapy exercises, all of which were documented in films and
photography. The project finished with an exhibition and auction of the art work and films
produced by the students, allowing them to see their work valued and celebrated by a wide
variety of people. There was a quantifiable improvement in literacy levels and behaviours as a
result of the project. The project is running for a second term.

Head of Department Drama/ English KS3/4
Taught Drama and English KS3/4; Developed and reviewed creative and effective
teacher/learning assessment programmes; Documented and assessed and reported on
students progress and studies; class tutor, maintained excellent levels of classroom
management; communicated with such persons outside the school as approved by
management; differentiated curriculum to suit the needs of individual learners, specifically
those with ESL and SEN; Implemented and managed drama department, budget, resources,
and evaluated curriculum targets; Participated in the delivery of pastoral and extra curricular
activities; Choreographed and coordinated end of year shows 'Oakhill's Got Talent', Koestler
Scriptwriting competition, Arts and Minds Carnival competition and'4rum4thought'.

Drama Lecturer

Drama Lecturer
EIIie Brook
El l i e Brook 1
Advanced TEFL Course 2012 August 2012 - September -2012
2008 - 2009
Post Graduate Certificate of
Education (Drama/ EngIish)
2007 - 2008
PhysicaI Acting Lab (PhysicaI Fest
2007 - 2007
HNC- ACTING 2006 - 2007
PhysicaI Theatre Programme 2004 - 2005
2001 - 2004
Advanced LeveI 1999 - 2001
GCSE 93 - 98
TEFL Express
I researched a comparative study between Northern European and British Education systems
and for my final thesis analysed Therapeutic Practices of Movement on the Self in Juvenile
Institutions, referring closely to Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punishment: The birth of The
During my time as Head of Drama at Oakhill Secure Training Centre and collating my research
of Foucault's Groupe d'Information sur les Prisons and Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed I
created a weekly '4Rum' which provided a platform for each class to express political
concerns, which was then acted out to the rest of the group. Due to its success a monthly
magazine and club was created, which is still live today.
John Moores University
Tmesis Theatre Company
The Arts Centre- Liverpool Community College
Hope Street- Liverpool
John Moores University
Burton Upon Trent Community College
EngIish Literature (A) EngIish Language (A) Media Studies (A) Theatre Studies (A)
GeneraI Studies (A)
EngIish Literature (A), EngIish Language (A) DuaI Science Award (Physics, BioIogy &
Chemistry) (A, A) Math's (B) ReIigious Studies (A) Design TechnoIogy (B) French (A)
Drama (A*) Food TechnoIogy (B)
El l i e Brook 2
ProfessionaI BaIIerina with Northern BaIIet Theatre- Production: A SimpIe Man &
Romeo & JuIiet
Professional Ballerina with Royal Academy of Dancing - Production: Coppelia
Professional Dancer & Actress with Leeds Grand Theatre: Romeo & Juliet
Professional Dancer with Bradford Alhambra- Production: Pantomime Jack and The
Professional Actress with Arts Centre Liverpool: The Clock Strikes 5
Full-time RAD Dance Training Elwyn School of Dance- 1984-1997
ProfessionaI areas of interest and deveIopment: Commedia deII'arte/Mask Making/ Mask
Work-Therapeutic benefits on the seIf using masks as a prop/ Using the body as a tooI
to create paintings
Ross Dawson
Telephone: 0151 231 5111
Maire Daley
Telephone: 0151 252 1515

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