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Vol. 2 Issue No 2

February 2011.

Silver Flying saucer observed over the Megalong Valley. Report on the ET Body. UFO Reports Gleaned from the Internet.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: [or catch our website on or].

A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.

If any member has material or an article to place in either Mysterious Australia or The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club newsletters please feel free to forward it to us by the second Saturday of the month. To assist with the costs involved in producing these newsletters a gold coin donation will be requested. PROGRAM FOR THE 19TH FEBRUARY.
SPECIAL EVENT! Exhibiting of the plaster cast of the ET body discovered by Rex Gilroy at the Wentworth Falls 1976 UFO crash site. Its next appearance will be at the forthcoming Wycliffe Well, Northern Territory UFO Conference. The First Annual Wycliffe Well UFO Conference will be held March 18th, 19th and 20th at Wycliffe Well Caravan Park. After an initial cuppa there will be an open forum held in the backyard [or in the Cinema depending on the weather] at which everyone can raise various UFO topics or speak on their own sightings experiences etc. It can be also a show and tell occasion for anyone with UFO photos or press reports etc. Tea break [no doubt with more UFO chit-chat]. UFO DVD presentation in the Rex Cinema with more discussion. There could be other surprises with another tea break. Weather permitting once darkness approaches there will be our usual Skywatch out on the knoll Narrow Neck Plateau. Once it gets dark. [Dont forget - warm clothing is a necessity as the weather can change very quickly!], and dont forget to bring a torch and binoculars. If any members have ideas for other likely Skywatch locations for our Club we would like to hear about them.
Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.


by Rex Gilroy
Copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

UFOs continue to be seen on a regular basis across the Blue Mountains and apart from the notorious underground secret space travel technology bases localities of the Burragorang, Wollondilly and Wollemi valleys, from out of which mystery craft have been reported seen either flying from or into these valleys, none is more famous for the number of UFO sightings than Megalong Valley. Locals on farming, cattle and horse stud properties throughout that valley [and also Kanimbla Valley to its north] regularly see strange objects in the sky day and night. At 6pm on Friday 11th February 2011, I was taking my dog Andy for a walk from my home to the top of Glen Raphael Drive at the beginning of Narrow Neck Plateau. Stopping at an open area just to the south of the road entrance, I happened to look towards the Megalong Valley. At that moment I saw a silver-shining saucer-type craft zoom at great speed [no sound was heard from where we stood] heading about 2 kilometres above the valley from north to south, quickly moving out of sight behind the west side of Narrow Neck. It was obviously heading in the direction of the underground base openings that lie behind a particular lengthy west to east ridge situated out in the central area of Burragorang Valley. The underground top secret American/Australian advanced space travel technology bases of the Blue Mountains and the extra-terrestrial connection is the subject of my talk at the First Wycliffe Well UFO conference, to take place for three days beginning Friday 18th March. This tourist park lies north of Alice Springs and is the locale of regular UFO sightings, sightings which have been going on for generations. No wonder Wycliffe Well is regard by locals as the UFO Capital/Centre of Australia, although the Blue Mountains is also a regular UFO hot spot of long standing as just about every Australian UFOlogist is aware. -0-

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.


by Rex Gilroy
Copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

This remarkable humanoid body cast is undoubtedly the most startling and important evidence of UFOs [Unidentified Flying Objects] so far discovered on the Blue Mountains by any researcher. The cast was made from the 94cm long impression of a humanoid body apparently blown from a crashed extra-terrestrial craft whose fragments were quickly recovered by military personnel from the Burragorang Valley underground advanced space travel technology research centre, as reported in previous Blue Mountains Research club newsletters. What follows is a repeat account of the Government covered-up UFO crash incident, the discovery of the body impression and a detailed report on it based upon the surviving weathered features preserved by the plaster cast. The crash occurred on the morning of Friday 24th October 1975 about 7am south of Wentworth Falls township [which lies east of Katoomba] out on Kings Tableland, in a deep gully near McMahons Lookout, which overlooks Burragorang Valley and provides an excellent view of the underground base flight entrances area to the west. According to eyewitnesses on a property south of the town, a saucer-like craft suddenly emerged from cloud cover to the east of the Tableland, to hurtle at great speed into a deep gully about 20km to the south. There was a distant explosion and smoke was observed rising from the trees. One of the people ran into the house for their binoculars, and returned in time to see four military helicopters emerging from somewhere in Burragorang Valley. These contained Australian troops and an apparent fire-fighting unit, according to campers on the Tableland who also saw the crash and worked their way towards the scene, but were stopped by military personnel and ordered out of the area. As the people on the property watched, two large helicopters were afterwards observed to carry off large sections of the crashed object on cables, high over the forest canopy and out of sight into Burragorang Valley. Military helicopters were seen moving back and forth well into the following day with bits and pieces by people at a distance and the area was sealed off to campers and sightseers for the next few days. The official excuse being that a meteorite had crashed and created a bushfire hazard. There then descended the usual media cover-up. The terrain in which the so-called meteorite crash occurred is situated in almost inaccessible forest and scrubland. This incident took place while my wife Heather and I were on a Queensland expedition and I only learnt of it after we arrived home. On Tuesday 3rd February 2009 I carried out a lone search deep in the densely-forested gully, to discover that recent heavy rains had washed away a 30cm deep leaf litter covering of a lengthy shoal of vitrified soil, something which only a blast of excessive heat could have done. Here I came across the impression of a humanoid body, and as it was near the crash scene, I wondered if this impression had been made by a body of one of the ET crew? I photographed the impression, at that time filled with leaf litter, then returned a few days later with casting plaster. ***** The impression measured 94cm long by 77cm wide across the outstretched arms. The head is roundish and comes to a point at the crown. There is a high forehead. No nasal area survives and there are two eye sockets measuring 4.5cm wide by 4cm long, separated from one another by a gap of 2cm. 3.5cm below the base of the eye sockets is an open mouth 4.5cm wide by 2cm high. The depths of the hollows of the eye sockets and mouth measure from 1cm in the right socket and 7cm in the left. The depth of the open mouth being 5cm. The mouth itself appears just above the very thin neck of this being, as if there was no chin. The neck is 6.5cm long by 3cm wide. We must bear in mind that the being in question, having been violently ejected from the exploding craft, had become deposited in solid soil, which in turn was subjected to great heat which would have played a part in the drying up of the body juices and shrinking of the body parts to some degree. Thus distortions are obvious.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

The beings trunk appears somewhat flattened out with no chest features and the abdominal area displays a shallow hollow. There appears to a small penis. The trunk measures 31cm long from the neck base to the penis and is 21cm wide at the mid-area. The penis is 3.5cm long by 2cm wide. The arms are, like the legs, very long and spindly in appearance. There is no mention of a hand and fingers on the right arm, although there appears a thumb-like appendage branching off what may have been a fingered hand which survives only as a lump. The left arm is 30.5cm long by 7cm across the thumb and hand area, and up to 3cm wide at mid-arm. The right arm is 30cm long and is missing a hand and the arm is 4cm wide, suggesting that it did not shrink like the left. At this point it should be pointed out that we are here judging the decomposition and shrinkage that took place on Earthling standards as nobody as yet has any evidence on the kind of body tissue of any extraterrestrial being. The right leg is 38cm long, the foot like that of the left, survives as a lump. The right leg is 5cm wide towards the groin and 4cm wide at the knee area. The left leg is 3.5cm near the groin and 4cm wide at the knee. The right foot lump is 7cm tall by 6cm wide and 2cm deep, the left foot lump being 6cm tall by 6cm wide and 3.5cm deep. The foregoing measurements are of the cast of a being whose vitrified ground impression showed it to have been deposited face-down. What remains of the ET image is surprising considering the conditions at the time of the crash and explosion. That the remaining head/face features survive as shown in the cast is surprising. Perhaps the strength of the tissue played a part in the preservation of the beings remains. We may never know. We wonder if any other remains of the crew still lie overlooked by the military at the time, or, as rumoured in the United States Area 51, were ET remains found in that gully and quickly spirited away into the depths of the Burragorang Valley base? -0-

The dirt road out to the end of Kings Tableland. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

A view of the Kings Tableland scrub looking south. The UFO crash occurred on the horizon left of picture. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

A close-up of the mountainous terrain in which the UFO crashed and exploded. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011

The original vitrified soil face-down impression with the leaf litter. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

Rex Gilroy with the plaster cast of the ET body, displayed face-up. The original impression was found embedded facedown in the vitrified soil. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

The ET body cast showing black texta pen outline of the true dimensions of the body impression. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

The ET head shown with and without texta outline. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.

The left [top] and right [bottom] arms shown face-up with texta outlines of their true shapes. Photo copyright t Rex Gilroy 2011.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

The legs outlined in black texta. The legs face-up. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011. 2011. The trunk of the ET body cast. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2011.


[NB. These reports are presented for your perusal and enjoyment and whilst all care is taken with their presentation no responsibility for their authenticity is taken by the editor. Please exercise your own judgement.]


By staff writers From: February 03, 2011 2:12PM

One lady watching on says she sees UFOs like these "all the time" in Mississippi. Picture courtesy YouTube

UFO enthusiasts say videos showing a shining ball of light hovering above a Jerusalem shrine could finally prove aliens exist. The clips show a pulsating orb descend and hover above the Dome of the Rock, an ancient Islamic shrine, before shooting up into the night sky.

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

Unusually, there are clips showing the orb from different viewpoints, meaning it has been more difficult than most to dismiss. The footage was allegedly taken in Jerusalem on Saturday morning and has spread like wildfire on the web. It has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and prompted fierce debate among UFO enthusiasts and sceptics. Former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope told The Sun: "If these are real, they are some of the most incredible videos ever shot. "If they are not, then this is a very well-planned and co-ordinated hoax designed to eliminate elements of doubt." Mr Pope said the way the object shot up suggested it was unmanned: "We know the Israeli army has some very high-tech drones at its disposal. "If this is one, it is one of the most advanced pieces of technology created by man." Several sceptical YouTube users, convinced the clips are fake, have posted videos showing apparent inconsistencies in the footage Read more: -0-


David Derbyshire From: The Daily Telegraph February 04, 2011 5:34AM

Another world: This artist impression provided by NASA, shows Kepler-11, a sun-like star around which six planets orbit. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

MORE than 1200 planets have been found orbiting around distant stars, boosting the chances of finding alien life. A new survey has more than tripled the number of known planets outside our own solar system in one fell swoop. And, amazingly, 54 of them may have the environments to support life. Only two potentially habitable planets had previously been found outside Earth's solar system, so Kepler chief scientist William Borucki said 54 new potentially life-bearing planets was "enormous, an inconceivable amount". The revelation came as American scientists announced the discovery of a new planetary system made up of at least six planets orbiting a star 2000 light years away. The new solar system was spotted using NASA's Kepler space telescope which looks for tiny flickers in the brightness of a star each time a planet passes across its surface. The star - Kepler-11 - is similar to our own sun. However, all its planets are in orbit too close to the star to hold life as we know it. "Not only is this an amazing planetary system, it also validates a powerful new method to measure the masses of planets,' said Dr Daniel Fabrycky, from the University of California, Santa Cruz who led the researchers. The five inner planets in the Kepler-11 system range in size from 2.3 to 13.5 times the mass of the Earth. They orbit within a region that would fit inside Mercury's orbit of the Sun. The sixth planet is larger and slightly further out, the scientists report in the journal Nature. "Of the six planets, the most massive are potentially like Neptune and Uranus, but the three lowest mass planets are unlike anything we have in our solar system," Dr Jonathan Fortney, assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California in Santa Cruz, said. NASA's Kepler space telescope was launched in 2009. It is another big step to prove that a confirmed planet has some of the basic conditions needed to support life, such as the proper size, composition, temperature and distance from its star. More advanced aspects of habitability, such as specific atmospheric conditions and the presence of water and carbon, require telescopes that are not yet built. While Kepler hasn't yet found planets that are as small as Earth, all the results are "pointing in the right direction", Dr Fortney said. -0-

A comet named Elenin that is scheduled to be in Earths vicinity in November 2011 will actually collide with the Earth according to what some doomsday theorists are predicting.
With 2012 only a year away now, there are no shortages of doomsday prophets and their prophecies popping up everywhere. Most of these prophecies center around global catastrophes such as pole shifts, a severe solar storm from the sun, or any number of earth shattering events. One of the biggest prophecies centers around a comet striking Earth sometime in

Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.

2012. Even the Web-Bot project has a prediction that reads 2012, comet strike and earth annihilated. But suppose that these predictions are off by a year? That is what some doomsday prophets are saying now. Comet Elenin will be passing Earth around November of 2011 and will actually collide with the Earth according to these prophets. There are two camps of predictions when it comes to Elenin striking the Earth. The first one involves a direct strike with the entire comet colliding with the Earth while the other scenario is that only parts of the comet will strike Earth. Of course each scenario is not good for the human species or for complex life here on Earth. If the comet does strike, we definitely need it to be the second scenario and hope that the collisions are confined to a small area with the parts of the comet coming down being small in size too. Otherwise, we could very well be looking at an extinction level event with us being the victims. What is surprising to most people who are aware of this comet is that the major news channels have not been discussing it at all. Comet Elenin was first discovered in December of 2010 and was calculated to pass about 9 AUS from the Earth. An AU is the distance from the Earth to the Sun so you can see that the comet was not going to be anywhere near the Earth as first projected. But new orbit calculations have the distance down to anywhere from .15 to .25 AUS. For comparison, our moon is about 100 times closer than this so it is still a very large distance away. But these calculations will continue to get more accurate as the comet gets closer and could very well get within a dangerous distance to the Earth. There are some other factors that will likely contribute to the path this comet takes and they are if it encounters anything in the Oort or the asteroid belts. Some researchers think that the comet could end up having a large debris field trailing it and this is what will have the best chance of colliding with the Earth. So, should you say your prayers or party it up because the world is going to end soon? If I was a betting man, I would certainly choose that nothing will happen with this comet but we will just have to wait and see. It is interesting to note that researchers involved with the 2012 apocalypse are starting to look at this comet for confirmation of ancient warning signs though. Some of these are listed below: Comet Elenin could be the source of the tenth planet or Nibiru myth. Comet Elenin could be the Hopis prediction of the blue star. Comet Elenin could be the source of Nostradamus prediction when he mentions that hunger, thirst and famine will follow the passing of the comet. And on a side note, is this the reason that Russia announced they were in a hurry to upgrade and build underground nuclear shelters last year? If the comet does hit then underground shelters may be the only safe place to be for a good length of time. Keep your eyes on the news in the coming months for updates on this comet. It might just save your life and everyone around you

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Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba weather permitting. Meanwhile, there is a lot happening up there at present so Until our next meeting

Watch the Skies!

Rex and Heather


Newsletter of The Blue Mountains UFO Research Club February 2011.