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GIS File Types

The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) category includes files related to GPS devices and mapping software. These files may contain maps, saved routes, and waypoints. Many GIS files are saved in open formats, which can be transferred between GPS devices and computer systems. Common GIS file extensions include .GPX, .LOC, and .OV2. Extension .3d .3dc .3dd .3dl .477 .apl .apr .at5 .aux .avl .axe .axt .bil .cub .cvi .dem .div .dix .dlg .dmf .dt0 .dt1 .dt2 .e00 .ers .est .eta .fbl .fds .ffs .fit .fls .fme .fmi .fmv .fmw .glb File Description Popularity Survex 3D Cavern File Uncommon iGO 3D Building File Common ArcGlobe Document Average iGO Landmark File Average MNS Shape Definition Companion File Rare ArcPad Layer File Uncommon ArcView Project File Average Lowrance Map File Average Auxiliary File Average ArcView Legend File Average AutoRoute Map File Average Microsoft AutoRoute Template Uncommon ESRI BIL File Average ISIS Cube File Average CassiniVision Map Image File Uncommon Digital Elevation Model Uncommon DIVA-GIS Project File Average DIVA-GIS Export File Average Digital Line Graph Average Geosystem Digitals Map File Uncommon DTED Level 0 File Average DTED Level 1 File Common DTED Level 2 File Average ArcInfo Coverage Export File Uncommon ER Mapper Data File Average Streets & Trips Map File Average Google Earth Placemark File Uncommon iGO Map File Uncommon FME Custom Format File Average FME Desktop Feature Store File Average Garmin Activity File Average ArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting Rare File FME Mapping File Average FME Include File Average FME Desktop Viewspace File Common FME Workbench File Common STK Globe File Average

.gmf .gml .gpf .gprx .gps .gpx .grb .gsb .gsi .gsm .gsr .gsr2 .gst .gws .hdr .hgt .imd .img .img .imi .jgw .jpgw .jpr .jpw .kml .kmz .lan .lpk .map .map .mdc .mid .mif .mnh .mpk .mps .msd .mwx .mxd .mxt .ngt .nmc .nmf .nv2 .osb .osc

Geology Multi-File Geography Markup Language File Geosoft Project File Geoxa Project File Survey Pro Coordinate File GPS Exchange File GRIB Meteorological Data File Golden Software Boundary File Golden Software Interchange File MapViewer Project File Golden Software Reference File Golden Software Reference File MapInfo Geoset File Geosoft Workspace File ESRI BIL Header File SRTM Elevation Data File GIS Image Metadata File Garmin Map File ERDAS IMAGINE Image File Magellan Map File JPEG World File JPEG World File Fugawi Projection File World File for JPEG Keyhole Markup Language File Google Earth Placemark File ERDAS LAN File ArcGIS Layer Package NAVIGON Map File Mapjects Server Webparts File Merkaartor Document MapInfo Data File MapInfo Interchange Format File Master Navigator Header File ArcGIS Map Package Pocket Streets Map File Map Service Definition File MapGuide Author Map Window XML File ArcGIS Map Document ArcGIS Map Template Noni GPSPlot Track File ArcGIS Explorer Map Content File ArcGIS Explorer Map File Navionics Chart File OpenStreetMap Binary Map File OpenStreetMap Change File

Uncommon Common Average Uncommon Uncommon Very Common Average Average Average Average Uncommon Uncommon Average Uncommon Uncommon Average Uncommon Uncommon Average Average Uncommon Uncommon Uncommon Average Very Common Common Average Average Uncommon Rare Average Average Common Rare Average Average Average Common Common Average Uncommon Average Common Average Uncommon Average

.osm .ov2 .pin .pix .pmf .prm .ptm .ptt .rdc .rdf .ref .rgn .rrd .rst .saf .sbn .sbn .sdf .sdm .sdw .shp .smm .smp .sp3 .ssf .stt .style .svx .sxd .tab .tfrd .tfw .th .vct .vdc .wfd .wld .wlx .wor .xol

OpenStreetMap Map File TomTom Points of Interest Database MNS Projection Information File PCI Geomatics Database File ESRI Published Map File Route 66 Map File MapPoint Map File MapPoint Map Template IDRISI Raster Documentation File ArcGIS Report Document File IDRISI Raster Image Reference File Garmin Regional Map File Reduced Resolution Dataset File IDRISI Raster Image Street Atlas USA Map File GT-31 Binary Data File ESRI Spatial Binary File Spatial Data Format File Spatial Data Modeling Language File MrSID World File ESRI Shapefile Map Manager Schema File IDRISI Palette File NGS SP3 File Trimble Standard Storage Format File Streets & Trips Map Template ArcGIS Style Manager File Survex Cavern Data File ArcScene Document MapInfo TAB File Tape Image Format Requirements Document World File for TIFF Therion Data File IDRISI Vector Image IDRISI Vector Documentation File Wayfinder Map File ESRI World File MapSource Web Link File MapInfo Workspace File Swiss Map Overlay

Common Common Rare Average Common Uncommon Average Average Uncommon Average Uncommon Average Average Average Common Uncommon Common Common Rare Average Common Rare Uncommon Uncommon Average Average Average Average Average Common Average Average Uncommon Average Average Rare Average Average Average Average