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Business Bank of Texas

Using outsourced solutions to streamline operations while providing customized service Theres an unwritten rule at Business Bank of Texas: the phone cannot ring more than twice. Thanks to full-featured solutions from Fiserv, the bank runs its operations online while providing prompt, personal service to its growing customer base.
Business Bank of Texas is practically a virtual operation. With just one location and six on-site staff members, the bank serves commercial customers throughout Texas and in Colorado who conduct their business primarily online. Every time we place a remote deposit capture scanner in a businesss office, that becomes a branch, says Mary Ann Hebel, executive vice president and chief financial officer. We dont need the traditional branch bank. Flexible Operations When Business Bank of Texas chose a technology partner, it turned to the Precision bank platform and a wide range of solutions offered by Fiserv. The bank employs Internet Banking for Precision, Cash Management for Precision and other fully integrated solutions to give its customers the ability to make deposits, transfer funds, pay bills, make loan payments and manage their accounts online. Business Bank of Texas runs Precision in an outsourced environment, which reduces its staffing needs. Lower overhead enables the bank to pass savings on to clients. The banks model from its inception was low to no fees for customers, Hebel says, and Fiserv solutions are helping the bank keep that commitment. Outsourcing also gives the bank disaster recovery assurance. Thats a big deal for a bank like us, Hebel says. I dont have to be

Client Profile Business Bank of Texas, N.A., has grown significantly since its founding in 2007 as a de novo, and was allowed off the de novo status at its third anniversary. The Austin-based bank, which serves commercial customers, takes a unique approach by offering all of its services online. It has no branch locations, no teller lines and a lean staff of six. This business model is working. The bank has almost $80 million in assets, and average total deposits are $42.4 million, an increase of 76.8 percent from the previous year. In addition, the bank has posted $14.1 million in commercial loans, up 65.9 percent since 2010.


concerned about moving core processing someplace else if something were to happen to this building. I could run the bank from my home office if I had to. Old-Fashioned Service In a time when many banks have curtailed commercial lending, Business Bank of Texas is thriving in this area. Hebel attributes the banks success to a conservative approach, an experienced staff and personal service. The bank doesnt just make loans; the staff works individually with customers to educate them on efficient business methods. Weve gone back to that old-fashioned way of sitting down with the customer and saying, Show me what you think you need, and let me make suggestions. Maybe we cant make you a loan today, but if you follow these suggestions, in six months or a year we might be able to, explains Hebel. To further educate its customers, the bank maintains a Business Resource Center on its website. Customers can read articles and blog posts, view webinars and listen to podcasts about a variety of business topics, such as employee benefits, social media and risk management. Customers also receive helpful information in a monthly e-newsletter. Growth Through Technology Business Bank of Texas looks forward to taking advantage of new technology to expand its market. No matter which solutions the bank chooses, it will remain committed to offering cutting-edge technology with old-fashioned service. So when customers call the bank, they shouldnt be surprised if they reach the top executive. Phone calls dont go to an automated option, Hebel says. If the people who normally answer cant do so, someone else will. It may be me; it may be the president. Thats the kind of customer service we give.

Challenge The establishment of Business Bank of Texas coincided with a severe downturn in the U.S. economy. The bank needed innovative technology to run its operations virtually, contain costs, and free its seasoned, knowledgeable staff to provide one-on-one, customized service. Solution The bank chose the Precision bank platform in an outsourced processing environment, as well as a number of solutions, such as Internet Banking and Cash Management, that enable online banking. Proof Points Partnering with Fiserv has enabled Business Bank of Texas to do the following: Move off its de novo status in just three years in an era when making that transition typically takes at least twice as long Streamline operations and pass the savings on to customers through reduced or no fees Conduct a thriving commercial loan business Provide service tailored for each customers needs Guide business clients through a difcult economy and educate them about best practices