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BCC Intensive English Program Grade 2 Course Syllabus for Semester 2 / 2012-2013

Course Objectives: This course is an outcomes-based, English language enrichment course designed to develop and consolidate students skills in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Specific course objectives include:

To encourage children to be active and constructive in their own learning, using English as a tool to do things and to create personally significant meaning. To integrate learning English with other areas of learning at primary school. To help children learn how to learn and to encourage them to begin to become responsible, independent, reflective learners. To promote an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration in class. Coursebook New English Parade 2 Teaching-Learning Materials and Resources: Student book, workbook, audio CDs, flashcards, supplementary DVDs, materials to complete projects and activities; scissors, construction paper, card, coloured pencils, markers, glue, video projectors, computers, Interactive whiteboards. Course Schedule:

Weeks Unit 6 My Day 1-3 Oct 29 Nov 16

Topic Unit 6


In this unit students will be learning to tell the time Student book p.52 - 61 and describe daily routines. They will also learn Workbook p.43 - 50 about morning, afternoon and night.

4-6 Nov 19 Dec 7 7-11 Dec 10 Jan 11 10 Dec 24 Jan 01 12-14 Jan 14 Feb 1

Unit 7 Food

Unit 7

Through activities in this unit students will learn to Student book p.62 -71 talk about food in terms of likes and dislikes. They Workbook. p.53 - 60 will also be introduced to a, an and some. Reading CAT = Week 6 Unit 8 At the Zoo Unit 9 In this unit students will be learning to identify and Student book p.82 - 91 describe animals. During week 9 students will also Workbook p.69 - 76 participate in Christmas activities. Writing CAT = Week 7 Christmas Break - Students return Jan. 2 Unit 9 Celebrations Through activities in this unit students will learn about birthdays and months of the year. They will also be introduced to adverbs of frequency. Listening CAT = Week 12 Speaking CAT = Week 13 Unit 8 Student book p.72 - 81 Workbook p. 61 - 68

15 Feb 4 Feb 8 16 Feb 11 Feb 15 17 Feb 18 Feb 22 18 Main School End of Semester Exams Feb 25 Mar 1 IEP End of Semester Exams Revision week for End of Semester Exams

Units 6 9 Student book p.52 - 91 Workbook p.43 - 76 Units 6 9 Student book p.52 - 91 Workbook p.43 - 76

End of Year Student Projects