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Your Weekly Source for Kimberleys Past, Present & Future April 9, 2012 Volume 2


We at Kimberley Chronicle would like to thank those kind folks who pointed out that people were ski jumping at the Blarchmont Hill later than 1938. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. In this second edition we have a hockey story to commemorate the start of the playoffs. Wed also like to thank the Nitros for a great season. The Kimberley Chronicle website is still under construction, however if anyone would like a digital copy of our last edition, feel free to email What does Def Leppard have to do with Kimberleys Hockey Club in 1926? Well, both organizations managed to be quite successful while having a key person on their team missing an allegedly important part of their anantomy. Rick Allen, the drummer for Def Leppard has managed to be an integral part of a hugely sucessful rock band with only one arm. Jim Peever managed to take the 1925-1926 Kimberley Hockey Club all the way to the Coy Cup Championship with only one arm as well. To watch a goalie win a provincial championship with only a blocker and stick must have been a sight to see. Not much is known about Jim Peever and his time spent in Kimberley. If any of our readers have any information we would love to hear it. This story shows that athletes in Kimberley have a long history of overcoming seemingly impossible physical adversities to compete in their sport. We can only hope that continues into the future.

Pour Some Sugar on... The 1926 Kimberley Hockey Team

Kimberley Hockey Team, 1925-26; Left to Right: Peever, Rochon, Musser, Slawter, Jones, Peever, LaFortune, Gill. (mystery person in the background) Photo courtesy of Kimberley Heritage Museum Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records. William Arthur Ward

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Excerpts from Fort Steeles The Prospector - Courtesy of UBC Librarys Historical Newspaper Collection www. prospector April 11, 1903. Boy Heroes Upon the mountain one thousand feet above Kimberley and four miles away lives the Esterbrook family. In the family are three boys aged nine, eleven, and twelve years respectively. At Kimberley is the nearest school and every day these boys go this distance to attend. All the way is through the woods with no house or habitation along the way. From early in October til April snow falls every day and attains a depth from four to eight feet. Sometimes the storms are terrific, yet those little heroes, with their dog as guide and philosopher, start out for school every morning and return every night. It is a long hard climb and a lonely way, but the freedom of the mountains, the vasntness of the snow, and the silent solemn grandeur of the scenes about them fill them with the inspiration and the courage to do. It is this sort of experience in early life that tilts the man in years to be, to meet the urgencies of occasions that leads to success. And it is to a lack of this to which may be attributed the incompetency and failures we see around as by those who have undertaken to do something at a time when they feel the responsibilities life imposes. Not withstanding their years they are babes in the woods. Make sure that the beer - four pints a week- goes to the troops under fire before any of the parties in the rear get a drop.

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1) Americans buy approximately how many Easter Cards every year? A)50 million B)165 million C)210 million 2) What is the name of the dance commonly done at Easter? 3) Rabbits with long floppy ears cant hear as well as ones with long upright ones. True or False? 4) What are street lights in Hershey Pensylvania shaped like? This puzzle represents an expression we use. Solve by noticing the position of the words and pictures. Are they under, over mixed-up inside or a certain size? 5) DICE DICE 6) KNEE LIGHTS 7)DKI

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1925-26 Coy Cup Champions

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Back row from left: Ted Nagle (manager), T. Smith, Doc Hoffman, J. Rochon, G. Musser, E. Lafortune, Boyd Caldwell; Front row from left: H. Blumenaur, J. Peever, H. Blumenaurs son, C. Gill. Ive been gifted. The world is full of people who not only havent been gifted, but have had something taken away from them. All I have to do is see one of them, some little girl who cant walk, and then I dont think Im such a hero anymore. I think that compared to them, Im a very small article. Bobby Orr

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Trivia Answers: 1)B - 165 Million 2)The Bunny Hop 3)True 4)Chocolate Kisses 5)paradise 6)neon lights 7)mixed up kid

The Easter Egg Role, held on Easter Monday has been a White House Tradition since 1878. Colouring Easter Eggs dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Persians, who practiced the custom during their spring festivals.


What is the connection between Blarchmont and the Manhattan Project?

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