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Zomi Messenger: [Mimal tangthu] Col. H. Kam Pum (The advisor of Zomi Mono Association)

[Mimal tangthu] Col. H. Kam Pum (The advisor of Zomi Mono Association)
Col. H. Kam Pum (Rtd) Phawkna photo leh Biography The Advisor of Zomi Momno Association Memorandum.... Memorandum... Memorandum... ...The great Nationalist...In Loving Memory of Col. H. Kam Pum

Photo: Col. H. Kam Pum Col. H. Kam Pum (Rtd), kum 69 M.C.S, M.A, M.Div, D.Min (Candidate) Born - July 4, 1939 Died - August 19, 2005

Zomi Momno kum 6 cin kikhop leh Laisiamte pahtawina ah MOMNO makaite leh pahtawina ngah Zomi laisiamte tawh Col. Kam Pum man kizaihna.(April 24, 1999)

Zomi Momno Kipawlna makaihna tawh a kibawl AD kum 2000 kikhoppi (Col. H. Kam Pum - Sitting - veilam pan a nga na hi)



Zomi Messenger: [Mimal tangthu] Col. H. Kam Pum (The advisor of Zomi Mono Association)

Zomi Momno Kipawlna makaih Zomi Soccer kidemna (Yangon) Pu Col. H. Kam Pum(MNO Thudotpi) leh Nu Dim Khan Niang te in A nihna ngah E.B.C Teamte Letsong a Piak laitak( Oct 30, 2002)

Zomi Momno Kipawlna Kum 10 cin kikhop leh Siamsinte pahtawina pawi ah Col. H. Kam Pum Zomi makaipi te tawh. Tualai ah Col. H. Kam Pum in Thu genna leh Letsong piakna hong nei sak hi. (Sitting veilam pan a nga na) (2003)

MOMNO kum 10 cin bawlna ah mipite tawh muh khopna

Biography 1. Family Background

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-Colonel H. Kam Pum was borned on 4 July 1936 at Phunom village, Tedim Township of Pa Kai Kho Thang who was the

25 generation form Zo and Nu Ngoih Hau. The prefix H. stand for either Hezekiah or Hau Nung who was the eleventh generation form Zo and is also the name of the clan(Nam min). He married Lia Thuam Uap, daughter of Pa Suak Za Kham and Nu Tel Dim, a native girl of the same village, and raised a brood of one son and four daughters. 2. Education -1 to 4 standard at Phunom Government Anglo / Vernicular Primary School. -4 to 6 standard at Phunom Private Middle School which was founded in July 1949 by Rev. Mang Kam and village elders. -7 standard at Thuklai State High School in 1951-52. -8 standard and matriculation class at Tedim in 1953-55 but passed his matriculation from United Christian High School, Yangon (now Ahlone State High School No.4) in 1956. -Studied upto second year of Intermediate of science and then joined the army in1960. 3. Other skills training -University Training Corps - 1956-58 -Junior Assistant Teacher ( Special Science) at Kanbe, Yangon, 1959 th -Officer Training School, Bahtoo, 27 Batch, 1960 January to October -Basic Military Intelligence Officer Course, 1963. -Field Engineer Junior Officer Course, 1963 -In service Political Course, 1968 -In service Political Organization Course, 1971 -Field Engineer Senior Officer Course, 1971 -Company Commander Course, 1973 -In service Organization re-orientation Course, 1978 -Military Law Course, 1983 4. Promotion and Designation Rank Designation Palace Year 2
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Lieutenant Platoon Commander 5 Buregt, Nongtung 1960-62 Leutenant Platoon Commander 5 Buregt, Toungoo 1962-66 Captain


Company Commander 5 Buregt, Pyu 1966-74 (June) Captain Company Commander 18 Buregt, Henzada 1974, Oct Major Company Commander 106 LIR Mingaladon 1974-80 Major XO(G2), T.C.C. 66 L.I.D Prome 1980-81 Major 2nd in Command 20th Buregt, Sittwe 1982-84(Nov) Major Commanding Officer 79th, Burget, Meiktila till Feb 89 Lt. Col. ASO(1) Northeast Command 1989 Lt. Col/Colonel T.O.C 88 Ligth Infantry Division 1989-1991 Colonel Regional Command Northeast Command 1991-1992 5.Operation (excluding outpost duty and patrols) Name of Op. Rank & Duty Place Year Mekong Op 2/ Lt. Pl. Cdr Burma/ Thai border, Shan State 1960 Combing Op Lt. Pl.Cdr Burma/ Thai border, Shan State 1963 Pyikyaw

Op Lt. Coy Cdr Shwegyin/Kyaukyi area 1965 Mohein Op Capt. Coy Cdr Delta Area 1968 Thurein Op Capt. Colun Cdr Triangle area,



Zomi Messenger: [Mimal tangthu] Col. H. Kam Pum (The advisor of Zomi Mono Association)
Op Lt. Coy Cdr Shwegyin/Kyaukyi area 1965 Mohein Op Capt. Coy Cdr Delta Area 1968 Thurein Op Capt. Colun Cdr Triangle area, Kachin State 1969-70 Minlwin Op Capt. Coy Cdr Karen State 1969-73 Yemanhung Op Capt. Cy Cdr Northern Shan State 1970-73 Yeyan-aung Op Capt. Coy Cdr Mongyawng area, Shan State till 1974 june Aung Soe Moe Op Capt. Coy Cdr Pegu yoma Nov.1974 to April 75 Yemin-aung Op Major 2i/c Northern Shan State Sept 76 toSep 79 Yantaing-aung Op Major/Ltd.Col Karen State Nov.84, 89 Feb 6. Other Particulars (a) Suppressed insurgency in Mongtung/ Monghsat areas in 1963-64 in the capacity of a commando platoon commander. (b) Forced Min Din the notorious Pegu Yoma BCP area commander to surrender in 1967. (c) Won the first battle against the BCP, who threatened Kentung in November 1973 and again in February 1974 against the same BCP who almost captured Mongyawng. (d) Captured a big gun and the KNU stronghold of Umuhkinorth of Metavaw in the summer of 1986 and got wounded there for the second time; the first time in a battle with BCP in northern Shan state. (e) Pacified Naga animists and Naga Christians conflict within a short time in the early year of 1992. 7. Other activities 1.In 1983, when the ZBC Mission Department Started CCOC Revival group in Paletwa township, he supported and helped with his best effort. 2. In Kamamaung village, of Karen State he donated CGI (Corrugated Galvanized Iron) for the Church building. In Sawlon of Naga region, he guided and helped the church building and donated one gas-light to the church. 3. In his native, Phunom village, he donated CGI sheets for the Phunom Baptist Church building 4. For the Lahe region believers he donated 100 copies of Myanmar Hymn book in 1993. 5. He is a founder of Mingaladon Zomi Baptist Church. 6. He had translated three of Dr. Osborns books in to Burmese and in Tedim.7. He is an honorary President of the Zomi Literature Uplift Society (ZOLUS) since it was established. 8. He is an advisor of the Zomi Momno Kipawlna in Yangon. 9. He is also an advisor of the Zomi Baptist Convention of Myanmar (ZBCM).He is a Deacon/ Elder of Agape Zomi Baptist Church, Yangon, and the chief Editor of Agape Tongdam (Agape Courier). Religious Studies -Earned M.C.S degree in 1999 under American Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary Programme from Asia Baptist Theological Seminary. -M.A Theology degree in 2004 -M.Div degree in 2004 from E.B.S. -D.Min (Candidate) from Christian International School of Theology. -In 1997, He attended International Military Christian Fellowship Conference, held in Canberra and Brisbane, Australia. Motto: Perseverance, Honesty and Charity Family: -Nu Thuam Uap (Wife) -Nu Hau Khan Man (J.A. T) & Pa Thawng Khan Mung -Sya Thang Suan Mang (B.Th, Buntain Theological College, Calcutta, India) & Syama -Cing Lam Do Niang (Asst. Supervisor, AWB) -Lia Dim Lun Cing (M.Sc, Environmental Studies, D.U) -Lia Kim Tul Cing (M.Sc, Biotechnology, YU) -Lia Thang Sian Huai (Late: 27. 10. 2000) Grand Children -Tg. Nang Khan Pau -Lia Uap Sian Hon Siam A sleep in Jesus On 19 August, 2005 (Saturday) 10:30 A.M he left his wife and his family at the aged years of (70) to rest into glory from his residence at Shwepyitha, VIP Quarter, Yangon, Myanmar. Funeral Service: -Myanmar Baptist Convention Hall Min Yee Kyaw Swar St., Lanmadaw Tsp., Yangon -Time : 10:00 A.M -Date : August 24, 2005 Note: The first part of this data is written by Col. H. Kam Pum himself

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