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For Immediate Release: November 2, 2012

Contact: Daniel J. Voorhees,

Local Union Response to DOL Lawsuit

(LORAIN)USW Local Union 1104 has received notice of a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Labor seeking to void the election of local union officers that was held on April 4, 2012. The position of the Local Union is that the election was conducted in full compliance with the Constitution, By-laws and election manual of the United Steelworkers International Union and Local Union 1104. The Local Union held a nomination meeting on March 4, 2012 as is required and a large number of members were present at this meeting. The Local Union Executive Committee brought forward the recommendation of upholding the Local Unions meeting requirement for eligibility to run for office. This recommendation was voted upon and unanimously approved by the membership in attendance. The member who filed the complaint with the Department of Labor was in attendance at this meeting, which was the first meeting he attended in two years, and did not voice any opposition or did not even ask a question. The complaining member filed a charge within the Local Union which was considered and denied. On appeal the USW International Union conducted an internal investigation, and ruled that the nomination and election of Officers was properly conducted. The purpose of the meeting requirement is a safeguard to ensure that members who assume the tremendous responsibility to represent the membership are as qualified as possible and have a working knowledge of the procedures and know-how in order to best represent the membership. The Local Union believes that the fact that this member has gone to the press is further proof that his motivation is personal against the officers of Local Union 1104. The Local Union believes that if this member truly was concerned about the membership he would have shown that concern by attending meetings and making himself eligible to run for office. Also the position within the Local Union that this individual sought is not part of the Department of Labor suit. As a result of the lawsuit, the Local Executive Committee has sought legal advice internal and externally and is currently weighing its options moving forward. It is an unfortunate circumstance that the Local Unions attention from best serving its members is hampered by these events. Local Union 1104 prides itself on its historical and ongoing fundamental premise as a union based on credibility, integrity, and dignity; the same principles upon which the Local Union was founded. These principles will not be diminished by the actions of any disgruntled members or by the recent suit from the Department of Labor. Please see the attached document which was the local unions initial response to the DOL Investigation. Sincerely Daniel J. Voorhees USW Local 1104 President