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Prophecies of a monk After a devastating war, The New Jerusalem will be in Romania

Brother Alexander has predicted the fall of the communist regime, the revolution from 1989, the terrorist attacks from 9/11 and the European currency, even since 1955.

Abducted in spirit
There are only four copies in the entire country, typed after the original manuscript of brother Alexander, the woman says, producing a pile of bound sheets of paper from a cupboard. Veronica Holhos, or sister Veronica as she is called, claims that in 1985, a copy of the prophecies written by the mysterious Romanian monk came into her possession. I wouldnt give this book even for a house! she confesses. The one whom she calls brother Alexander was a mystical orthodox and very little is known about him. During the communist regime he was politically imprisoned, and after his release he wasnt accepted any more in the clergy. It seems that he continued to serve, at home or in the peoples houses. He died around 1995, spending his last years of life in Bucharest in one room that a believer put at his disposal. In the first page of his prophecies, he relates that he was abducted in spirit in the 1st of June 19551, during the morning prayer. While being in this state, Saint Seraphime of Sarov revealed himself and told him that he had the mission of spreading a message to the entire mankind. The visions of brother Alexander could make one smile if some of his prophecies hadnt come true. Who would have dared, in the 50s, to say that Russia will fall as a power and the Russian people will release itself through faith? Or that the slashed flag will wave above Bucharest and the people will rise in arms?

The Earth will burn

The anticipation of the unique European currency is even more shocking: There will be a calamity which will shake America, then, after a few months, Europe will adopt the unique royal currency the monk writes. So it happened. Hardly 4 months passed after 9/11 when Euro became the European currency! All these signs precede, as brother Alexander says, a planetary catastrophe: Soon, the Earth will burn, by using the most destructive weapons in the world and a quarter of the mankind will perish () Most of the Turkeys territory will perish. Also Spain, and many of the islands on the globe will be searched in vain. The City of Vatican will be threatened, but not attacked. Palestine will be robbed, but not by the war.

No sorceries, smoking and drinking

After this chaos, a federation of the world states will be formed, whose headquarters, after many attempts, will be settled in.Romania! Its leader would suppose to be a man faithful, respectful, fair, working, humble, kind and understanding. Close to Bucharest , from

It is interesting to point out the year 1955, when Jesus Christ chose to send His word to the people through Virginia, who is known to be the trumpet of God (the sixth. See The Apocalyptic Trumpets (red. n.) 1

the remains of the past (Trgovite2) the first capital of the united world will rise, and its spiritual and administrative centre will be called The New Jerusalem. Romania will ban sorcery, smoking and drinking on its territory. The ones who swear on the holy will be punished by law, and Sundays and the celebration days will be rigorously respected.

The giant church

The headquarters of the new world order will be a circular city divided into four sections, belonging to the different nations, in order to see the equality and love fulfilled. The Church of the Nations Salvation will tower in the middle, a round church, like an emperor crown 300 metres high, in which 1,500,000 souls will enter. The plan of the city will be received through divine revelation. The church will be built of white marble only, by the Americans, and there will be even a small town under the huge cupola. The 51 dwellings of the priests innocent in spirit will be real bunkers. A huge mechanism will spin these dwellings in order not to be violated by the attckers. Maybe these are simple inventions. But the fact that many of the brother Alexanders predictions came true (the fall of the Soviet Union, the Romanian revolution and the unique European currency) must determine us to reflect harder.

Who was Saint Seraphime of Sarov

Saint Seraphime of Sarov was born in 1759. At the age of ten he cured miraculously, praying in front of a Holy Mary icon. When he was 19 he went to the monastery of Sarov, and 15 years later, he decided to retire into the woods. After he was hardly beaten by robbers, he prayed for 1001 days and nights, sitting on his knees on a stone in front of his cell. He spent 13 years in isolation and absolute silence. It is said that after that he received the gift of foreseeing. He died in 1833 and he is considered to be the protector of Russia.

The encounter with brother Alexander

Sister Veronica lives in Oradea, she is retired and she has dedicated her life to the faith. She says that she met brother Alexander at Timioara, in 1990, more than five years after she had read his prophecies. Then, the friar told her that her mission is to build a church. A few months later, he paid her a visit unexpectedly. He knew that I had discovered the site of the old monastery from Voievozi and he asked me why I had not started working. the woman remembers. He warned her that she is due to build the monastery, but she will not enjoy her work. So it happened. Shortly after building the first cells, sister Veronica was forced to leave the site. (After Bihoreanul magazine) See also: The prophecies of Sundar Singh about The New Jerusalem PROPHECIES about the SPIRITUAL MISSION of ROMANIA
It is also very interesting to point out that the city of Trgovite was a kings residence and capital between 1396 and 1714 and the city ownned for more than three centuries the status of the most important economical , political, military, cultural and artistical centre of The Romanian Country. (See also Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan red. n.)