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James Thomas (408) 837-1037 jamesjoethomas@gmail.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology[Class of 2016, EECS major] Bellarmine College Preparatory[Class of 2012, GPA: 4.71 (4.0 scale), SAT: 2400, relevant coursework includes AP Computer Science and Data Structures]

Prior Technical Experience

Paid Software Engineering Intern, Thunder Wake Corporation (9/2012-present) At this MIT startup, using machine learning, including Bayesian network modeling, to build a better search engine for mobile phone apps Paid Software Engineering Intern, Cloudera (5/2012-8/2012) Added a wizard to Cloudera Manager a web-based tool for management of Hadoop clusters that allows users to much more easily add cloud nodes (e.g. from Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, etc.) to their Hadoop clusters Obtained experience with a number of frontend technologies (jQuery, knockout.js, Twitter Bootstrap), backend Java development within the Spring framework, and Hadoop Research Intern, Children's Hospital Boston (6/2011-7/2011) Internship was part of the Research Science Institute (RSI), a research program for high school seniors with acceptance rate around 5% Using the Java-based WEKA machine learning library, developed a Bayesian network-based model that can predict the onset of alcoholism with 92% accuracy given certain demographic and genetic information about a person Paid Software Engineering Intern, NASA Ames Research Center (6/2010-8/2010) Designed authentication wrapper around proprietary software (e.g. Symantec Endpoint Protection) distributed to NASA employees; wrapper limited installations to one machine by requiring users to enter a key prior to installation Wrapper was written in Visual C++, server that managed used and available keys was written in Java, and web application to allow IT department to monitor installations and modify the key database was written in PHP Paid Software Engineering Intern, Atypon Systems (5/2009-8/2009) Atypon manages the websites of several scholarly publishers, including JSTOR Designed a new template for customers' websites with YUI and Javascript Wrote a servlet-based web application that allowed employees to monitor the connectivity and load of each of Atypon's webservers

Skills Overview
Languages: Web[HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP], Native Application[Java, C, C++, Python, Bash scripting] Specific software/frameworks: Mobile[Android], Web[Spring, JSPs/servlets, Jamon (templating) jQuery, knockout.js, Twitter Bootstrap, YUI], Data store/compute[Hadoop, MySQL, WEKA], SCM[git, svn]

Awards and Honors

Regional Finalist in the 2011 Siemens Competition (top 30 of more than 800 entries) 2012 Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist (top 300 of more than 1800 entries) 2nd place in category of Mammalian Biology at 2012 California State Science Fair Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award at Silicon Valley Science and Tech Fair AIME qualifier National Merit Finalist, $2500 scholarship winner National AP Scholar (took 17 AP tests and received the maximum score of 5 on all of them) 4th place in Foreign Extemporaneous at 2011 California State Speech and Debate Tournament Eagle Scout