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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

TRAINING PROPOSAL for Software Accounting, Business Administration and e-banking/Online Banking

To All Great CRUTECH Students of Management Sciences, OUR STRATEGIC THOUGHT ON PROJECT TCI -TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCY INITIATIVES: BEING OUR INITIAL THOUGHT ON ASSISTING NIGERIAN UNDERGRADUATES TO BRACE UP TO THE HIGH ICT-SKILL DEMAND OF THE 21ST CENTURY LABOUR MARKET IN THE FACE OF LESSER EMPLOYER-DEMANDS FOR PAPER CERTIFICATES Through: A specialized human resources optimization training and capacity upgrade workshop on the effective use of Microsoft Certified Enterprise Resources Planning Software (ERP In Business Administration/Management)-Peachtree Complete Accounting Software (PCA) & Forensic Accounting/Auditing skills in the day-to-day administration of modern-day labour market institutions/companies especially in the critical areas such as initiating & sustaining real-life accounting life cycle, setting up companies account periods, maintaining companies chart of accounts, general employee management, effective payroll management, datadriven institutional administration (e-administration), effective job costing, electronic inventory taking, managing accounts payables & accounts receivables, financial statements, preparing real life forensic accounting/audit trail, accounting behind the screen, general ledger management, e-banking software application & effective budgeting among other wide applications of the Peachtree Complete Accounting (PCA) software as the worlds largest comprehensive accounting/ERP software application.

TRAINING PROPOSAL OBJECTIVES An effective and efficient financial management system relies on the availability of accurate, timely financial data. Usually, these data are provided by an organizations accounting system. Due to factors such as expansion, new reporting requirements (e.g. IFRS), the need to work towards sustainability, and the availability of relatively low-cost technology (IT), more and more organizations are putting in place a computerized accounting and e-management system that will provide them with the data they need, when they need it for prompt/timely managerial decision making. From the going concern, students who previously had little understanding of this trend in the industry will, at the end of the training be able to: Appreciate the functionality of accounting software packages and their wide applications in general Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Understand the principles and operations of electronic accounting system/e-banking software applications Articulate effective strategy to access the modern day labour market taking the ICT leverage of our era and excel in their chosen career. TARGET AUDIENCE Students in the Departments of Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Business Administration and Management. COURSE CONTENTS * Monitoring operations systems * Payroll analysis and control * Getting to Know Peachtree Accounting * General Ledger * Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable * Payroll * Inventory * Job Costing, Budgeting, Company Administration * Time & Billing * Labor Market/Job Market Access Guide-Beating the challenges of the modern day labor market/Strategic Career Guide Counseling/Mentoring Session DURATION 4 days (9:00-5:00Hours) PROJECT FUNDING 100% Trainee-funding Model; Cost Recoverable from the students of the participating faculty & departments. METHODOLOGY Instructor-led practical demonstration class using multimedia projector for real time life software accounting transaction and implementation, Videos & Case studies.

INTRODUCTION Every so often labour employers and human resources consultants give high preference to fresh graduates when recruiting for entry-level employment positions. However, it is most time unfortunate that most fresh graduates fail to acquire the proper practical work experience, work environment orientation, real life situation accounting, emanagement and Enterprise Resources Planning experience needed to secure such available jobs which might have been advertised with this ugly labour market clause, 3-5 years working experience needed The question here becomes, how then could a freshly graduated student or graduating student/potential accountants/prospective financial sector operators might have acquired 5 years working experience? Is it while undergoing training in school or while roaming the street in search of employment? By the foregoing, we all see how the above labour market clause of 35 years working experience needed has grossly eliminated the freshly graduated student from accessing the available jobs, thereby making him/her to become structurally unemployed and unemployable, not based on the fact that there are no jobs, but on the grounds of lack of adequate practical skills and real world accounting and financial management experience needed to deliver on the critical demands of the 21st century job market. This is just painfully the present truth about every economy as there is no investor or labour employer would like to experiment with his/her establishment, hence they go in search of prospective employees that have had the requisite practical skills and experience in order to minimize chances of operational errors and incurring some forms of careless losses in business. Such practical work experience/ethics/orientation and real life accounting/managerial experience such as the use of PEACHTREE COMPLETE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE (PCA) AND SOURCE-DOCUMENT- ORIGIN BASED ACCOUNTING/BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LIFE CYCLE could have

been obtained alongside the conventional diploma and/or degree certificates as a critical vocational/technical skill necessary for every potential accountant, manager, and prospective financial sector operators. Peachtree Complete Accounting (PCA) is multi-featured accounting, bookkeeping and business management software program that allows users to create invoices, statements, pay bills, write checks, track inventory, manage payroll, do effective job costing, and perform other accounting and business-related services. Moreover, understanding the fact that it is only government establishments that employ certificates, and pay relatively lower, while the high paying private sector organizations and industries employ skills with little or no recourse to traditional paper certificates, and most of our modern day graduates usually have their eyes on the private sector where they actually deserve to be employed and have a means of earning decent wages. For those that will be daring to establish their own small/medium scale business, a good vocational skill on business start up and management using necessary accounting/management software applications will be a very good leverage for them to successfully catch up with the trends of time and live up to sustaining their businesses. In the light of the foregoing, BIP CONSULTING LIMITED, a human resources development optimization firm is offering a value-based world class proactive solution-focused partnership arrangement to tackle this identified problem from a global perspective approach starting from an in-house modular configuration whereby a synergy will be built between the department/school and the consulting firm to adequately train, coach and follow-up all the (interested) students of the concerned faculty and departments (Accountancy, Banking, Financial Studies, Insurance, Business Admin; & Management) to effectively get started with the Peachtree Complete Accounting Software application, which is the future of the accounting and

managerial profession and acquire a real life accounting work experience while still in school. THE SITUATION The world of business management and accounting today is fast becoming a computer-driven sector. Most companies have automated their corporate accounting systems. This requires that source documents are mainly electronic. Journals and ledgers are digitally prepared as postings are made which makes generating a trading, profits-and- loss account, balance sheets, and periodic inventory analysis a more regular routine. This automation now requires that accountants working in todays companies rise to the challenge. It is not surprising therefore, that companies now insist all applicants for their accounting and financial management posts be knowledgeable in the use of software for accounting and financial management. Accountants who dont have the requisite knowledge find it hard to compete in the job marketplace.

What the Potential Accountants and Business Administrators Need In view of the high demand for accountants knowledgeable in the use of software for book-keeping and accounting, you are better off equipped with this skill. You need to understand how to use the software to track inventory, make original entries, extract your trial balance, prepare your trading, profit, and loss accounts, balance sheets, and in fraud detection and prevention. You also need to be able to prepare your accounts as may be demanded by different companies or regulatory agencies. You should be conversant enough with the software to know how to adapt it to various real-life scenarios and accounting challenges. How We Can Help

There are several accounting/financial and business management software packages available for the accountant. Among them are Peachtree Complete Accounting, RandShake, MYOB, Intuit, QuickBooks, Tally, among others. Most of these are developed with several markets in mind. You are shown how to use the various software packages in automating a companys account. These include setting up charts of accounts, journal and ledger entries, and financial statements. We show you how you can use the in-built features to track inventory, run Trial Balance, Profits and Loss Accounts, and Balance Sheet; account reconciliation; fraud detection and prevention and internal control; asset depreciation; business and accounting ratios, etc. You learn with the aid of case studies of real company accounts and hands-on lab learning. Our methods have proven to be effective in making Nigerian accountants. You will benefit a lot from this methodology. We are excited to help you add to your progress and personal development. THE PROPOSAL In order to address the highlighted challenges and help implement an effective robust guide to efficiently accessing the labour market: Nigeria and Offshore, by our teaming graduates and beating the current wave of unemployment in the country and increasing their entry rate into the labour market, BIP Consulting Ltd will leverage experienced garnered over the time while working on related projects of preparing and packaging individuals for optimal performance and success with respect to career fulfilment, to adequately prepare your students ahead of their time of graduation upon which, they will join the labour market in search of job and employment options. To that effect, BIP Consulting Ltd is seeking a consulting and development partnership with your institution to strategically work out a FOUR DAY COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNTING/BUSINESS MANAGEMENT WORK EXPERIENCE AND PEACHTREE COMPLETE SOFTWARE ACCOUNTING (PCA) TRAINING FOR ENTRY LEVEL

JOB POSITIONS IN THE MODERN DAY LABOUR MARKET AND REAL LIFE ACCOUNTING WORLD. OUR UNDERSTANDING Today, the average unemployment life span or time spent searching for gainful employment in the Nigerian labour market is 4-6 years, while that of other economies swings between 2-3 years. Thats how long a typical graduate will likely stay unemployed. Dont you think it will be a wise use of time to set aside and invest 3 of these days of theirs now in school to figure out how to approach the volatile labour market and know how to gainfully access the labour market with the rest of the time ahead?

The major thrust behind this proposal is to evolve a system that will equip participants with practical accounting skills and competencies needed to be able to electronically process transactions from source documents to final accounts using the PEACHTREE COMPLETE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE (PCA), as well as the necessary interviewing skills needed to get adequately prepared for a real life accounting job. In order to effectively carry out this, it is then necessary to understand how the labor market has preference for experienced fresh graduates for immediate employment. Labor employers have higher preference for graduates that have the basic skills upon which they can be trained and built upon for performance, delivery and maximum efficiency on the job of their specialization.


This in-school training/workshop being proposed by BIP Consulting Ltd is designed to introduce both students and some staff members to Peachtree Complete Accounting (PCA), the worlds most popular accounting and bookkeeping software program available today. The core value driving the need for this workshop is hinged on its central design to give the students with little or no knowledge of the

programs capabilities a basic skill set in using the software accounting and banking program as the future of their career. Peachtree Complete Accounting is a terrific program to learn, as the skills learnt in PCA can save valuable time and money in organizations, corporations and institutions by automating, organizing and structuring the general basis for the smooth operations and day-to-day running of the organizations business activities. The proposed 4-day training system when fully deployed would enable your students to have had their career skill and value grossly optimized and enhanced with respect to the following key areas of the accounting software application. The Core Values/Targets of the training include but not limited to the following areas: Complete Guide to Peachtree Complete Accounting software installation/upgrades, single user, multi user & network user guides Setup tasks: creating a company, setting up company information, running a company and analyzing company business Setting up company accounting methods, posting methods, dates and accounting periods, account aging, finish window and completing setup Setting up company general ledger: Beginning balances-account segments Setting up companys customer database, customer beginning balances and customer maintenance Setting up company vendors and management Setting up inventory and maintaining price levels Setting up employees database and maintaining employees management Payroll management Setting up job costing modules And successful initiation and completion of the following basic tasks using the Peachtree Complete Accounting software: customer transactions, vendor transactions, inventory transactions, payroll transactions, general journal and banking tasks Preparing and generating, modifying and previewing automated reports such as financial statements, forms, cash flow analysis management and end of year reports.

THE BENEFITS Here, we present the benefits accruing to you from acquiring the training Speed It is considerably faster to use computers in the preparation and analysis of books of accounts than using the manual approach. Understanding how to use accounting in carrying out your daily routines as an accountant will improve the speed with which you work. This leaves you with a lot of time to do other things. Peachtree removes the drudgery of accounting paper-work by automating data capture, account set-up, ledger postings, and the preparation of financial statements. Efficiency The training will equip you with the skills required for efficiency in accounting. Efficiency and accuracy comes from not glossing over details. Peachtree enhances book-keeping efficiency by tracking all your postings and grouping them as appropriate. Shorter report period The preparation of financial statements can be quite a daunting task. Peachtree makes it possible for periodic reports on the companys standings to be made. Management can view daily reports, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. Comparisons can be made against basis periods and can be analyzed by item or group. Brighter Job prospects Many employers today will not agree to hire an accountant who does not demonstrate a certain level of competence in computer-based accounting. This then implies that the acquisition of this knowledge can be as important as your degree certificate in securing a job for you. International Competitiveness

You cannot compete well in the international market place if your skills are limited to orthodox accounting principles. You are required to keep up with your contemporaries abroad. These days, countries are increasingly yielding to the forces of globalization. This means companies have to adopt a more global outlook in their books. You are better off equipped for this transition.


The project cost will cover the 4-day training and digital training materials, certificate of proficiency and Peachtree Tutorial Guide (i.e. e-manuals). The total cost of this project will be borne directly by the trainees/participants so that, the school management/administration will not have to incur any cost to this effect. This financing model will be such that the beneficiaries of the training will pay 100% of the training fee, while the trainer, BIP Consulting Ltd enters into mutual agreement with the departments or school on partnership arrangement for effective execution of this laudable project. A onetime training and consulting fee of NGN 4000.00 (Four Thousand Naira Only) per trainee is being proposed for each student, and payments will be collectively made through the department or the overseeing faculty for the Peachtree Software Accounting training. BIP Consulting Limited will also seek the opinion of the faculty heads to make a general payment for all the students on roll call and encourage them via advice and counsel, for every student to see the benefits of this training, and be trained for the gains. In that approach, the overseeing faculty and department will then device an effective means of collecting the money back from all the students either during regular school fees payment or through the payment of their regular departmental or faculty dues, levy (ies) or fees. In this approach, the faculty is expected to spread the payment in such a way that the board will have a return on investment for the time and resources being invested to properly equip the students. A 70% sum of the total training fee is expected to be made and confirmed through the trainers partner financial institution before the training commences, while the balance of 30% will be completed through the same trainers banking partner

before the issuance of certificates of proficiency to the participants at the end of the training session.

CERTIFICATION At the end of the course, a certificate of proficiency/completion is issued to every successful participant. Each will be assigned a unique identification number and an online profile is created for easy verification of certification by employers. The successful student becomes a certified Computerized Accounting Systems Associate THE BIP CONSULTING ADVANTAGE BIP CONSULTING is a company committed to your advancement in your chosen career. Under BIP CONSULTING services, we undertake executive, corporate, and batch trainings as a means of helping our clients acquire the much-needed information technology skills to advance their professional careers in the modern market place.
We are very confident that this training/skill acquisition will really put your students and graduates edges above their peers out there in the labor market as it will really enhance their skill enrichment in the career of their choice. We will be proud to associate our consulting services with your great institution and render your students training and post training services that is second to none in its category in the industry. We are ready to be called upon for further details and explanations for fruitful project execution such that it will be recorded among the strides of your tenure in the office.