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Bicol, the philippines may 20-26, 2012 p 5.00

vol. xix, no. 47

Farmers want more rice importation privileges

tre Ka Silver Bonto told the Bikol Reporter in an interview here over the week. Bonto is president of the National Confederation of Irrigators Association and head of the Angat Ahon Magsasaka, a non-government organization with thousands of the countrys farmers groups as members. Philippines had three forms of rice importation and the first is the Minimum Access Volume (MAV) which is subdivided into the Omnibus Origin and Country Specific Quota (CSQ) of the WTO. This scheme requires importers to pay a tariff equivalent to 40 percent of the total volume of rice to be imported.
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LEGAZPI CITY Organized Filipino farmers are at the same time rice importers and they want to do the bulk of the transactions so that the control of the countrys supply of the staple grain is taken away from the cartels.
Since the Philippines must import rice not only because of the current production shortfall but because it is duty-bound based on the provisions of the World Trade Organization (WTO), reforming the importation schemes to make it favorable to the farmers, local consumers and the government is needed, Silves-

(L to R) DA Secretary Proceso Alcala, NCIA president Silvestre Bonto and DA Bicol regional executive director Jose Dayao.

Kite flying banned in some Albay areas

LEGAZPI CITY - For children and young adults, summer is kite-flying season but not in several areas of Albay or somewhere else in Bicol and across the country where it is banned by aviation authorities and power distribution companies. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) regional office here on Wednesday said it had asked officials of at least four local government units (LGUs), including this
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Survivor USA starts Caramoan filming

The American version of Survivor, a highly rated reality television show which is currently filming its 25th season in the lush greeneries of Caramoan, brings to the fore the provinces stature as a top tourist destination and favorite location site of foreign film producers. Jeff Probst, the wellknown host of the American version disclosed that the show will be called
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SURViVoR in caRamoan


Some of typical features of the reality TV show Survivor Series, taking up the challenges and games. Caramoan is once again the setting of another Survivor series, an American version which after completion of the episodes, will be broadcast to millions of viewers through a well known TV network, CBS. Gov. Lray Villafuertes innovative tourism development programs in Caramoan have served as attraction to tourists.

She iS coming . . .

to naga

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Bikol reporter

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAsDFK International is PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

may 20 - 26, 2012

Weekly Reflection


PHL Rural Banks

SPECIAL ROLE: The extraordinary birth of rural banking in the Philippines sometime in the early 1950s was made possible by a legislation reportedly requested by then Senate President Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. The solons felt then that our country needs banks that will cater to the financial requirements of farmers, small businessmen (and eventually cooperatives). From the beginning rural banks are expected to be small and only for rural customers. After sixty years of existence rural banks are now pushed to the wall by no less than the Monetary Board requiring said banks to merge with others of their kind, or go regional (with additional capital investments). Meantime, the same orders to go regional are issued by BSPMB to bigger banks. In effect, the rural banks are now being lined up against the well-capitalized and more popular commercial and universal banks. RECOGNITION: The worthwhile role of rural banks should be given proper accolade by our monetary authorities. Many of our former youths (now adults) learned about banking as they deposited their small savings with rural banks. So did our farmers and small businessmen who later on automatically shifted their transactions with commercial bank branches that were opened as erstwhile small community towns become commercial hubs. The management of rural banks has become problematical. Many depositors

Team God
In the past, from our house, on our way to school, we often pass by and see a group of people, who , practically, are making the streets their home sweet home. During the daytime, they are trash divers. They picked up refused and other recyclable items for sale to junkshops around. At night, with their few possessions, they camped out, eating and sleeping on cartons. What could they have possibly done with the choices that God has given them? For me, living in a decent enough house, eating on a table and still sleeping on a bed, while confronted with this stark reality around, I used to feel awkward and somewhat afraid of them. In the back of my mind, I am telling myself that they are different from me. I, sort of, felt guilty that they might even be blaming me, as one of the contributory factors, regarding the situation they found themselves in. So, I just shied away from them. Victim mind set-up. Everyday, good or bad, natural or human-made, many things come and happen our way. In recent days, we have seen, with our very eyes, the series of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, mudslides... which brought lots of havoc in the dear lives and hard-earned possessions of many of our neighbors. Sometimes, people caught up in these situations would immediately cry out to the heavens and in the speakers of our media, the fact, that they are victims mercilessly victimized. They deserve all the necessary help and assistance that our government, the church, the society... can extend them. Blame is dispense everywhere. We are really victims !!! , and so they claimed. On the contrary, are we really so? God has given us the necessary gifts. We can do it. Whatever happens, we can still stand on our two feet or even all fours, if ever it need be. We can work our way out in any material or spiritual tragedies that, one day, we might find ourselves in. We are in Gods team. We are not victims. Cry out for a day or two Then, on the third day, rise up and start again. Ascend the steps. Tell ourselves that we are not victims. Any blame, in this case, is totally misplace. It is just a waste of our time and energy. Be Christians with backbones. ... Go into the whole world and proclaim that gospel to every creature...

opinions unlimited
keep their excess funds with rural banks but the latter are unable to invest these properly so the alternative is to deposit these with nearby commercial banks that offer much lower interest rates. RBs quality loans are lost to the bigger banks offering lower rates and higher loan values. In fine, unless the government realizes the special importance of rural banks they may become extinct in due time. BUTTERFLIES: Politics is characterized by temporary alliances, changing colors depending on politicians perception of opportunities. As the midterm elections come to the fore, we see many pro-Administration allies suddenly shifting allegiances to the group of VP Binay, Senate president Enrile and former president Joseph Estrada. All these are preparatory to the senatorial and local elections next year with clear sights of the next presidential elections in 2016. The results of the senatorial elections will serve as gauge as to who will be the presidential candidate of the

Administration. That may also be the basis of who will run as vice president in 2016. The young leaders of Bicol like governors L-Ray and Salceda, and senator Chiz Escudero are personalities to watch. We can also add Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to that list. The respective performances of the incumbents in the months to come are critical for evaluation, QUEZON: The province of Quezon with its big voting population is up for grabs come 2013. People are periscoping the loose alliance between the Lucena city leader-family (Talaga) with that of the Suarez clan. The House minority leader is due to vacate his seat so he might run for senator (under UNA?) or take over the hold of his son Jay-Jay on the governorship. The elder Suarez is reportedly armed with legal funds sourced from the small town lottery of the government. On the opposite side the Alcala family has potential candidates for the key slots in Lucena City (Dondon is vice mayor to Ruby Talaga), the House seat of the 2nd district (Irvin Alcala is incumbent solon), and the gubernatorial plum (Kullit Alcala is vice governor and chairman of LPQuezon). Rumors are that if the Cong. Suarez runs for governor, P-Noy might convince the popular Prosie Alcala to run against the old man. With his spectacular record the DA secretary is a potential senator, WISDOM: The real essence of failure is not in failing as we try but more so, in having failed to try!

survivor usa starts . . .

Survivor: Philippines
and after completion of its shooting in Caramoan it will be broadcast on American televison network, CBS starting September 2012 until December, 2012. According to Governor LRay Villafuerte the staging of this reality show in Caramoan is sure to perk up tourism and spur local businesses in the area. Caramoan is well noted for its unexploited and exotic islets, fine sand beaches, crystal clear waters, lagoons, underground cave, rock formations and greeneries, natural features which have attracted producers to shoot complete episodes of the Survivor Series. The hit television series have millions of loyal viewers throughout the world and surely they had a good view of the gem that is Caramoan. That is why, thousands of tourists, foreign and domestic keep on coming to the peninsula. Caramoan is among the towns of the province which benefitted from the innovative tourism development thrust of Governor Villafuerte which is essential in the attraction of tourists. Undoubtedly, the flourishing tourism in the province has immensely contributed to a much better life in the area in terms of generating employment and putting up of businesses. Among the Survivor series filmed in Caramoan were : Koh Lanta, Frances 8th season and the first to be shot in 2008; Israel, Bulgaria and Serbia in 2009; Israel (two seasons), Sweden and again Serbia in 2010; Denmark, Norway, Belgium/Netherlands and India in 2011 and this 2012, United States. -STEVE T. NIEVES

A stranger in ones birthplace

RIP Van Winkle in the Dutch folklore went hunting one morning and came face to face with small men who rewarded him with tasty wine for his help in getting their barrels of the stuff up the mountain. He gulped down the wine and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found his surroundings different, his gun rusty, his pet dog gone.The folklore said he slept for 20 years. But he believed it was only one whole afternoon. I have an almost similar experience but unlike Rip, I did not sleep for years. When I came home to Caramoan after a l7-year absence, I was greeted with a totally unfamiliar sights at the town proper. Nobody recognized me, not even my close high school friend, Kekoy San Pablo, whose big store was a stones throw from the jeepney stop. He stared at me for minutes and then exclaimed, Old boy, you are back. It was my first visit. The buildings housing the big stores were different, the streets, the jeepneys, even the people seemed total strangers. The old stone church defied the years but the high school where I graduated was almost dilapidated. It is said the years can wreak havoc on people, places and emotions.I missed many things and felt a gnawing emptiness. Two weeks ago, I again came home to Caramoan with my Catandunganon wife for the 60th foundation anniversary of the United High School and grand alumni homecoming. Excited at the prospects of not only renewing friendship with my old classmates but of seeing my birthplace and the people I once knew, we hired a tricycle to Paniman. While it traversed the highway to my barrio from the town proper, a flood of memories came rushing by. In my high school years, I would hike the over three kilometers road from Paniman to Oroc Osoc for the bus to the poblacion every Monday. And every Friday after classes, I would hike back. There were no tricycles before.

a QUeStion oF pRiVilege

salvador d. flor

One late afternoon as I was hurrying to Paniman, a sudden downpour came and with it a blast of strong winds.A typhoon was pounding my town, I told myself. I crawled from where I was overtaken by the typhoon to my barrio a kilometer away to avoid being blown away. I have other exciting adventures.That stretch of highway is a mute witness. In Paniman, nobody recognized me except the owner of the hotel where we once stayed. Sensing my discomforts, my wife said,They dont know you now because you have been away for years. After lunch, I looked for my old friend, Badong Alarcon. He was at home and happy to see me. He seemed much older. We talked about the days when we were both cashiers of gas stations owned by a Fiscal Cruz in Blumentrit, Manila. We both felt happy recalling those days of youth and adventure. I told him I felt like a total stranger in my barrio. Wherever I went , people stared at me. I saw in their eyes no hint of recognition. I searched for familiar faces.There were very few. In my early years in Paniman, I was the recognized leader of the youth group as president of the Paniman Youth Club for many years. I managed all important social activities. Paniman was known more in those days for its tough guy image.The young men were not trouble makers but they could not be bulldozed into doing what was not right in their eyes.They chose

me perhaps because I could do more for their benefits. **** Congratulations to United High School on its 60th Foundation Anniversary celebrated May 5-6, 2012. And congratulations to the people behind its six decades of fruitful service to our people. The first school principal was the late Mr. Eusebio Balcueva whose wife, Mrs. Balcueva was our wedding ninang. You know, my wife and I tied the knot in Caramoan in a civil wedding. The next school principal was Mr. Victorino Padua. During his tenure, I guested as commencement speaker, a great privilege and I think a recognition of what I have achieved. Mr. Jose Sancho followed. In high school, he was our Math teacher.I fondly remember him for the song, As Time Goes By, he dedicated to a pretty fellow teacher. The present school principal is Mr. Ernesto P.Balcueva. It was a little unfortunate that I did not get to meet other classmates and friends during the homecoming except Kekoy San Pablo and Roger Reyes. I did not know that Uncle Pablo Delloro, my late mothers youngest brother, graduated in l952. The school started in l952.My uncle who prospered as a trader in Goa died years ago. The late Doming Alarkon, a fellow newsman, graduated in l958. When he published the Peninsula Monitor,he invited me to write a regular column,Good To Be Around.Writing is both our passion. Another friend from my barrio is Coroy Morano, a teacher. Coroy and I went fishing one morning in sitio Omang at the mouth of a small cave and witnessed a strange thing. A tapayansize boulder fell on him while he was diving. I could see it very clearly. I was only five meters away. But he said he did not see anything falling on him. The area was known for human noises coming from the cave.

may 20 - 26, 2012


Bikol reporter

82 school buildings NGCP invests P355M project to readied for occupancy expand South Luzon Substation
The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Bicol Region completed 82 school buildings in time for the opening of SY 2012-13. Concerted efforts were really exerted by our District Engineers region-wide to finish these projects before classes start, said DPWH 5 Regional Director Danilo E. Dequito during a radio interview. It will be recalled that almost all parts of the region experienced bad weather condition from frequent heavy rains, tropical storms and typhoons last year and early part of 2012. Only on the second quarter of this year that good weather condition started to prevail in provinces of Bicol. Of the 82 newly constructed school buildings, 16 are for Albay, 8 for Camarines Norte, 26 for Camarines Sur, 2 for Catanduanes, 20 for Masbate and 10 was allotted for Sorsogon, Director Dequito said. Allocation was based from the Department of Education (DepEd) CY 2011 Infrastructure Program in the total amount of P57.138 million, he added. Aside from accomplishments made on its school building projects, DPWH 5 is also rushing the completion of its regular maintenance work which involved the repair of potholes and repainting of pavement markings along national roads near school sites. This will ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists, the director said. In related matter, DPWH Secretary Rogelio L. Singson recently issued Department Order (DO) No. 29 directing all DPWH field officials to strictly enforce existing orders on the removal of obstructions and prohibited uses within the road

right-of-way (ROW) of national roads. Clearing our national roads from all obstructions will mean better quality and safer roads, said Director Dequito. There are really road shoulders and sidewalks that have illegal encroachments leaving pedestrians no other choice but to use the carriageway. In the said DO, the DPWH Secretary required the submission of reports on the inventory of all illegal structures and obstructions including utility posts along sidewalks and shoulders on or before June 15, 2012 and status report and inventory on the removal of these structures/ obstructions on or before July 3, 2012 and every end of the succeeding months. Our Secretary is very determined to recover the road right-of-way for the safety of pedestrian and general public, Director Dequito said. To those concerned entities, please consider this news as a notice for you to vacate or clear the road ROW. This is for the well being of everybody, he added. Identified as obstructions within the ROW are: buildings, houses, shanties, stores, shops sheds, posts, canopies, bill-

LEGAZPI CITY -- The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is investing on a project worth P355 million to increase the operational capabilities of the firms South Luzon Naga Substation. NGCP press statements bared the project involves the installation of an additional 100-MVA transformer, nine units 230-kV and three units 69-kV power circuit breakers and substation accessories. The installation of additional equipment is expected to ensure efficient, stable, and reliable delivery of electrical power to its load center. Likewise, additional substation capacity will help to avert overloading of the existing transformers. The project is under NGCPs Luzon Substation
boards, signage, advertisements, fences, walls, railings, basketball courts, garbage receptacles, plants and plant boxes, driveways and ramps occupying or protruding to the sidewalk, humps, construction materials (gravel, sand, cement, lumber, steel bars, waste materials, etc.), and vehicles and equipment that are junked, parked and occupying or protruding to the sidewalk or shoulder. Prohibited uses within the ROW include vending, repair of vehicles, disposal household/ commercial/industrial wastewater and sewage, raising of animals within ROW, washing and drying of clothes, crops and other similar items, sports and related activities.

SoUth lUzon naga SUbStation

Expansion I, which includes Naga Substation and 6 other substations in North Luzon. The Luzon Substation Expansion Project aims to accommodate load growth and N-1 contingency of various substations. The project components prioritization was based on the latest update on the substation loading forecast.

Senate sits on 2 bills asserting PH territory

By BeN R. ROSARIO QuEZON CITY --- Members of the House of Representatives who swiftly approved two bills that could bolster the countrys territorial claim over islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) are hoping they are fast-tracked in the Senate. Ako Bicol partylist Rep. Rodel Batocabe said the two bills are included in the list of urgent priority measures identified by the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC). This means that House Bills 4185 and 4153, which were approved and transmitted to the Senate about five months ago, require swift passage in both Houses of Congress, said Batocabe, a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Congressmen unanimously approved on third and final reading HBl 4185 on Dec. 6, 2011. Authored by Paranaque City Rep. Roilo Golez, the bill describes the maritime zones of the Philippines as the following: internal waters, archipelagic waters, territorial sea, contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. As such, the passage of this proposed legislative measure has for its aim the provision of the necessary flexibility in the enactment of subsequent laws pertinent to the rights and obligations that the Philippines is entitled to and should exercise over its own maritime zones in accordance with the UNCLOS, Golez said. On the other hand, HB 4153
establishes the archipelagic sealanes in the Philippine archipelagic waters, and prescribes the rights and obligations of foreign ships and aircraft passing through. Authored by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., HB 4153 is titled The Philippine Archipelagic Sealanes Act, which prohibits the passage of military aircraft and ships containing nuclear and chemical weapons and substances. Batocabe said the enactment of the two bills further strengthens the Philippines claim over the disputed territory in the West Philippines Sea. This is an international requirement and we should meet this to further boost our territorial claim in the contested islands, said Batocabe. However, the neophyte solon admitted that approval of the measures would also further enrage China and contribute to more tension between the Chinese and Philippine governments. Batocabe stated that HB 4185

and HB 4153 are still pending before the Senate foreign relations panel. leaders led by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile after Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III delivered a scathing privilege speech decrying the speed with which the DFA had given three conflicting positions on the diplomatic immunity of Erick Schcks Bairnals, the Panamanian, and the fast dismissal by the Makati Regional Trial Court of the rape complaint against Bairnals last April 30. In his privilege speech, Sotto questioned the release of, and the immunity accorded to the Panamian. This is about the crime of rape. It is not a small matter. Are we so helpless or too kind to foreigners in grievous matters such as these? Sotto asked. They say that diplomats enjoy certain privileges and immunities. Ang rape ba ay isang (Is rape a) privilege to enjoy? Ano pa ba ang mga crimes na kasama sa mga privileges and immunities na ito? he asked further. For his part, Enrile said, I dont even know Panama has an embassy in Manila. What is the importance of Panama to the Republic of the Philippines? Why do we value our relations to that country to the extent of sacrificing the rights of a humble (19-year-old) Filipina? Sottos privilege speech was referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chaired by Sen. Loren Legarda who said that Philippine laws and international agreements on human rights should take precedence over international agreements on diplomatic immunity. Enrile, Sotto, and Legarda are in agreement that Bairnals, a tech(Turn to page 9)

DAR Bicol regional director Maria Celestina Manlagnit M. Tam formally announced Friday that the Department of Agrarian Reform would now open its Landowners, Womens and Public Assistance Coordination and Complaint Unit Desks (PACCU) at its provincial and municipal offices starting Monday, May 14, 2012 to expedite the movement and give careful attention to the ever-increasing number of agrarian related cases being brought daily in the office. On the other hand, Camarines Sur B agrarian reform chief Ramon B. Fuentebella said that the assistance desks will be available to the public on work days from Monday to Friday and there would be appointed DAR personnel from legal and operations division to assist and attend on clients concerns. Fuentebella explained, the Desks would serve as a facilitating element directing the clients to the proper units/sections of the DAR and other CARP partner government agencies that can give in-depth study and precise resolution to their cases or problems. Shown in photo, Tam led the ceremonial cutting of ribbon during the program launching held at Crown Hotel, Naga City, May 11, 2012. Assisting her are Atty. Victoriano D. Caubang III, register of deeds of Camarines Sur; Atty. Miguel S. Gracilla, DAR assistant regional director for operations; and provincial assessor chief Felix G. Morandarte, Jr. Also attended the activity (not in photo) are Atty. Greta F. Paraiso, Naga City register of deeds; Mr. Rolly de la Pena of Land Bank of the Philippines, Legaspi City; and a representative from Womens Desk of the Philippine National Police, Naga City. -GCBuensalida/DAR

DA spearheads Farmers Feast in CamSur

By ANALIzA S. MACATANGAy PILI, Camarines Sur-At least 27 barangay food terminals (BFTs) participated in the recently concluded Farmers Festival and Regional Food Terminal Summit cum Agricultural trade fair held at the Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Office compound here last May 14 to 16. The three-day affair showcased variety of agricultural stuffs, organic harvests, and handicrafts produced by various agricultural organizations. The fair was highlighted with the day to day event that capped the essence of the celebration; the Agri-Tiangge, which featured agricultural produce such as fresh vegetables, fruits, sea foods, recycled products, dried fish, other organic products on the first day; a Corn Cluster Mobile Conference and Regional Corn technical working group meeting where update on the Agri-Pinoy Corn Project was held on the second day, while the third day was declared as DA Employees Day and Livelihood Sector Day. Other activities include the Farmers Forum on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, DA-5 Funwalk and Summerfest celebration and the Farmers Training on the Sustainability of BFTs. Anchored on the theme Sapat na Pagkain, SamaSama Nating Kamtin, the activity endeavors to celebrate the significant leap that the farmers and fisherfolks have achieved in increasing their productivity while strengthening their roles as active partners of the government in ensuring sustainable food production and ascertaining stable food sources in their respective communities. DA Regional Executive Director Dr. Jose V. Dayao lauded the BFT for introducing innovative products to the consumers. This, he said, was also due to the technology updates and program advocacies that the department is pushing, particularly concerning market linkages and promotion. The establishment of BFTs aims to develop an alternative

Bikol reporter

may 20 - 26, 2012

Ribbon cUtting

Photo shows (L-R) Adelina Losa, Chief of the AMAD; eduardo Lomerio, Chief of the Operations Division; Dr. elena delos Santos, RTD for Operations and extension; Director Dennis Del Soccoro of BFAR; Regional exec. Director Jose V. Dayao and Dr. edgar Madrid, RTD for Research and Regulations. The ibbon cutting ceremony marked the opening of the trade fair and exhibit.

market for the farmers, where they can have access to direct consumers while providing employment opportunities to community members through

the various livelihood components like the establishment of satellite outlets, rolling stores, packaging and processing centers.

Dayao added that currently there are already more than 100 BFTs actively promoting the said program all over the Bicol Region. Partakers are given free technical assistance while farmer beneficiaries also undergo training. Provision of freezer chiller, weighing scale, coconut shredder, mixer and other equipment used in selling agricultural products are provided by DA to the accredited farmers organization. Since 2007, a total of P10 million were already devoted to the food terminal projects involving the six provinces of

the Bicol Region. Based on the record of DA, acceptance rate of the said program is high in the provinces as compared to the greater Metro Manila area. BFT terminals serve as food depot and distribution outlets in the community offering affordable, safe and quality food products like meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, and basic commodities where not only the farmers are benefited but also the consumers who both enjoy the fresh agricultural products as well as its affordable price.

Veterans Bank nets P519 million in 2011

Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) reported an audited net income of P519.07 million for the year 2011. Bank officials said the net income was mainly derived from interest income from lending, trading gains and strategic management of its foreign exchange and investment portfolio. The 2011 yearend income is about the same than the reported net income of P519.59 million in 2010. Based on audited financial statements, Veterans Banks total resources were pegged at P57.38 billion while capital funds stood at P5.68 billion. Total resources slightly dipped by 3% from P58.24 billion in 2010 to P57.38 billion in 2011. Capital however moved up slightly by 5.5% to P5.68 billion from the previous years P5.465 billion. The Banks capital adequacy ratio (CAR) stood at 16.15% under Basel II, still well above the 10% minimum requirement of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. PVB President Ricardo A. Balbido Jr. said that The Bank was able to generate substantial results in 2011 inspite of the historical low interest rates and intense industry competition brought about by the excess liquidity in the system. PVB is a private bank, but it has the advantage of an authorized depository of government funds. PVB officials said that they have been offering banking services that fit the growing needs of both government agencies and private businesses. Philippine Veterans Bank is a private commercial bank owned by some 400,000 World War II veterans, widows & their heirs. The Bank is also committed to providing 20% of its annual net income to the Board of Trustees for the Veterans of World War II (BTVWWII) which manages programs for the benefit of the WWII veterans, widows & their surviving families.

may 20 - 26, 2012

Bikol reporter

Bikol reporter


may 20 - 26, 2012

jokee BOTOR-ReyeS

Improving PhilHealth benefits for our elders

For many, life really only begins upon retirement. With many years of hard work now behind them, and their grown children already busy with their own respective families, senior citizens can finally relax and enjoy life as doting grandparents and actively engage in personal passions like dancing, gardening or civic causes that have been relegated to the background in past decades. Unfortunately, the 60and-above age bracket is also the period when people become predisposed to a lot of diseases, one of which is invasive pneumococcal disease. Certain living and lifestyle conditions such as residing in crowded environments and cigarette smoking have been identified as risk factors for contracting pneumonia and complications that arise from it. But advanced age, by itself, is a known predictor of pneumococcal illness, the elderly being among the primary and vulnerable targets of the disease. The elderly years, when complicated by underlying medical conditions such as congestive heart failure, alcoholism, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure and diabetes, make patients even more susceptible to serious infections. Acutely aware of the need to enhance healthcare service for the older population, global healthcare company MSD and PhilHealth have launched 60+ na ako at OKs ang bakuna ko laban sa pulmonya. MSD, through this public-private partnership with PhilHealth, is offering significantly discounted pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination to PhilHealth lifetime members exclusively. PhilHealth lifetime members are those who have reached the age of retirement and have made at least 120 monthly contributions to Medicare / PhilHealth. All lifetime members can take advantage of approximately 60% discount on the pneumococcal vaccine beginning June 1, 2012 in PhilHealth-accredited hospitals. According to the 2010 report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, invasive disease from Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) is a major cause of illness and death in all age groups in the United States. The same report, citing a 2009 study in the US, reveals that an estimated 84% of invasive pneumococcal disease cases and most deaths occurred among older persons. Thankfully, there is a silver lining to this medical issue: the most invasive serotypes are covered by the vaccine to be used in PhilHealths anti-pneumonia drive for elderly Filipinos. Grandparents do not want to be a burden to the family, which is why the vaccination program offers them an empowering opportunity for lifesaving benefits and cash savings. Instead of being resigned to frequent hospitalizations and diminished quality of life, the elderly are urged to optimize the use of their PhilHealth membership so they do not miss out on the delightful possibilities that are still very much open to them. The pneumonia vaccination program is aligned with PhilHealths mandate to give Filipinos financial access to quality health services. Through the years, PhilHealth has been a driver of reforms in the countrys health care system by helping cover medical expenses, ensuring improved processing of claims, providing a range of medical and surgical procedures covered by the membership, and other enhanced benefits that bring much needed relief to patients and their loved ones. The only way our elderly family members can retire in comfort and security is when they are not threatened by invasive diseases like pneumonia that have potentially fatal complications. Accompany them to a PhilHealth-accredited hospital near you for the pneumonia vaccination. Find out today how to be a PhilHealth Lifetime Member by calling the PhilHealth call center at 441-7442.

A Tete-a-tete with Ruben

He is one of the most prominent and familiar faces in the local government unit of Iriga City. I sat down with him for some five minutes and discovered why he is a very likeable chap. One, he does not have airs; two, his sense of humor is oozing; three, he is very knowledgeable; and four, he is friendly. His name is Ruben Delos Santos, Secretary to the Mayor of Iriga City, the Hon. Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen. For the length of time that he is occupying his position, he has learned a lot about running a local government, pushing it to progress, and getting it to its goals of providing the best for constituents of the locality. And that makes him ready for the highest position in the municipality where he comes from. He knows the answer to the needs of the people of Nabua and aware that the municipality needs a change of leadership. For many years the Simbulans have been running the municipality. And this man whose experience can speak for itself feels he is in the best position to give the people of Nabua, the a new political experience that would give them the chance and the opportunity to have access to government services with ease and get results. Ruben Delos Santos vows to give his fellow Nabueos a new kind of governance that is truly for the people. Having had worked with a political leader who has improved the lives of her constituents, shown that the place can be the best place they dream of. If Iriga City has shown tremendous improvement because of a political, Delos Santos has that same political will that will work for the people he vows to serve as Chief Executive. This simple man in his early forties brings along with him the experiences derived from his previous position, namely: a legislative staff of the office for four years of the late Congressman Ciriaco R. Alfelor, a legislative staff of Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur for two years, the operations officer of Quedancor in Quezon City, president of the Board of Directors of Casureco III, consultant of St.Mark Agri-Industrial Corp. and todate, the Secretary to the City Mayor of Iriga since 2004. A devoted family man with two children to spouse Ma. Richilda Posugac, he holds an AB Political Science degree, a bachelor degree in Laws and a Master in Public Administration degree, all these would be contributory to running for public office and managing the same with competence. His sense of humor could be his best weapon for making people at ease with him and can be a potent tool for making his constituents come to him without difficulty. Running for public office and winning can be the best thing that can happen to a local government that needs a new mandate.

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K-12: From the Standpoint of Parents

By ANITA A. NOVeLA, Teacher III Iriga Central School, Iriga City At no time but now is education faced with a big challenge the challenge of change. To many, change is not easily acceptable. While it is true that change can make the best of many things. But somehow, change can be a big deterrent to many who bank on the goodness of what is and what was. With the opening of classes this school year, starts the implementation of a new curriculum that goes by the moniker K-12 or K + 12. It means seven (7) years of study in the elementary grades and five (5) in the high school level. These, beside two or three years in pre-school. Whew! If these means long years of stay in school, what is it all about that many are talking about it? Adding one year of study in the elementary grades and another one year in high school can be very rewarding, if parents have to look at the new curriculum positively. Who is that parent who does not want the best education for his children? But parents are not thinking of the length of stay in school alone. As parents, and I mean ordinary parents and not the moneyed ones, have started to think ill of the new curriculum. Dont blame them... they have very good reasons. Of course, keeping the kids longer in school can be very rewarding. It means there will be more inputs and eventually, more learning. On the other hand, what about other consideration? The additional years will naturally involve additional expensesfor transportation, baon, uniforms, books, etc. It does show in studies that there are many, many parents who could hardly send their children to school because of poverty. We all know that public education in the country is not truly free (as mandated?) and if the government claims it is, they why are parents saddled with contributions like, for the scout movement or PTA dues. And think how many children go to school on an empty stomach, without slippers to protect their feet and even some have to walk a mile before they could get to their school. And this situation will be replicated with the new curriculum. But as fate would have it, sige na, let the DepEd roll its carpetwelcome the K-12 curriculum. Tara na, parents, lets welcome the new curriculum and hope for the best for our children.

may 20 - 26, 2012

The 4Ps and Its Impact on education
By LIzA P. ARROyO Teacher III San Juan elementary School, Iriga City It is a blessing that the PPPP was conceived and now being implemented although theres still much to be desired if the government is truly serious in uplifting the plight of the common tao. The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, better and briefly known as the 4Ps, is a poverty reduction strategy that provides grants to extremely poor households to improve their health, nutrition and education. This three pronged program on, namely: health, nutrition and education is certainly a very welcome thing to the marginalized sector in society. But as an educator, I am more focused on the impact of the program on education. Naturally and without doubt, the program has a lasting effect on education. It is a fact that many children of school age could not avail of our so-called free basic education because of poverty. Parents could hardly send their children to school because they simply cannot afford it although how they wish they could, fully aware how education can improve their lot. The PPPP provides monetary aid to poor beneficiaries with the hope that this would lessen the great financial burden of many depressed families. The wonderful thing here is the condition imposed on the recipients to send their children of school age (maximum of three children) for a total of three hundred pesos support monthly to the child who should go to school. The child should likewise visit the health center for regular medical check ups and treatment. This added imposition is just as wonderful since this will guarantee that the child can attend classes because he is healthy. The implementation of the PPPP is a great breakthrough in education and somehow it would be timely to claim that we will not have kids roaming the streets peddling just about anything and facing the risks that could affect their life and limbs. That school children are in school because the PPPP program imposes that parents should put upon themselves the obligation of sending their kids to school is a very obvious impact to education. Certainly something to be happy over. Now. parents would not have any reason to keep their children in their homes since they are provided with government assistance. The Conditional Cash Transfer (CCP) program that provides cash assistance to poor families provided the child regularly goes to a public school, visit the health center for regular medical check ups and treatment as well as conceiving women also receive financial grants could be an indication the country will have a better picture with faces of healthy and educated children as well as healthy mothers. It is going to be a beautiful picture of persons with full smiles in their faces and probably in their in their wacky pose, why not?

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masbates bontod reefs, Bicols new tourist spot

LEGAZPI CITY ---Bontod reefs in Masbate City are fast becoming an ecotourism destination in Bicol because they had been found to be the second most resilient reefs in the Central Philippines, an official of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Bicol said today. DENR regional director Joselin Marcus Fragada said sprucing up the Bontod reefs has made the marine sanctuary a showcase of resiliency by exhibiting its ability to recover and return to its desirable state from ecological ruins. Fragada quoting a study from group of marine scientists,that among the 18 reefs assessed in the Central Philippines the Bontod reef ranked second in terms of resiliency; the reef is located in the Masbate Pass, southwestern coasts of the Bicol Peninsula. The Bontod Marine Sanctuary is located at the western portion of Brgy. Nursery, Masbate City. It is a shoal with an approximate depth activities for the past five years, that led to the abundant presence of parrot fishes and surgeon fishes that fed on brown algae. The protection measure also produced brown algae or Sargassum that lives in coral cover. The reefs proximity to deep water in Masbate Pass, and declared as a protected area, makes it a deterrent to growing fishing activities commonly occurring in shallow municipal water. In the context of local fisheries and how it is affected by disturbances the extent by which we can anticipate fisheries decline and therefore prepare for what lies ahead is largely hinged on the resilience of its coral reefs. Masbate City Mayor Socrates Tuason fully supporting the Bontod Reef protection, acknowledged the ecotourism based livelihood assistance extended by the DENR Integrated Coastal Resources Management Project (ICRMP). Fragada said the livelihood assistance would support the communities that were once dependent on the Bontod Marine Reserve for their sustenance. To carry out the Bontod Marine Sanctuary ecotourism based livelihood enterprise, a memorandum of agreement (MOA) was recently signed by the DENR, the city government and the Samahang Mangingisda ng Puro-Sinalikway (SAMAPUSI). The ecotourism-based livelihood enterprise would offer travel packages that suit the budget and the needs of both local and international tourists. Part of the tour packages are activities like swimming, snorkeling, boating, and a trek into the mangrove forest. It will also showcase the reef adventure which will enable tourists to enjoy viewing the thriving helmet shells in their natural habitat.

-Pamela Lhene Navarro

BONTOD SHOAL in Masbate City is considered the second most resilient coral reef in Central Philippines owed to having recovered from being a brown algae dominated reef to what is now having 30-40 percent live coral covered swarmed by algae-feeders surgeonfish and parrotfish.

of 10 meters and the gradual slope of up to 30 feet, occupying 52 hectares (ha) of core zone and 100 ha of buffer zone. A variety of marine life forms inhabit the sanctuary including hard and soft corals, target species (e.g. coral breams, parrotfish, snappers, goat fish, among others) and green sea turtle. Tito Velza, Masbate City Coastal Resource Manage-

ment Chief Bontod said Bontod marine reserve was cited by the study for three reasons, these are: the thriving of Conch Shells locally known as Budyong, a widely acknowledged predator of crown of thorns sea stars that thrives on coral reefs. As a marine sanctuary it has strictly enforced the no fishing order where it protected the area from fishing

education is for Life

By LALLIe AMOROSO JARDINeL zeferino Arroyo High School San Agustin, Iriga City No parent would not want the best for his children. Parents nurture their children from birth till maturity forever hopeful for their childrens well being and success. They send their children to school with the best reason. To prepare them for lifethe good life, the best that they can give their children. They are optimistic of their childrens successhope for them to live independently. Become financially stable. And become responsible members of society. Being educated is not a matter of being able to read and write. It is more than just that. Getting educated means knowing practical skills to children for life. It means not just academic excellence. It means spiritual development as well. Education aims to make the child value life. He is taught to have respect for fellow menthat women and the grey-haired are to be respected and cared for; that love of country is innate in him; and that care for his environment. Mother Nature is an obligation. All parents have one big dream for their children. To be successful. But success is more than just financial security, a nice home, good social standing. The measure of success is not the visible material things around a person. Material things do fade. And they could even cause troubles in life. Education, the kind that parents wish for their children is that which raise children to express their greatest gifts and talents throughout their lives. It means their potentials developed and they excel their particular field of endeavor. Could be in math or science or language or the arts. Some children are by birth gifted and education should develop and enhance these gifts and talents not for their self aggrandizement but for humankind to benefit from. So, the musically inclined, the emerging Chopin or Beethoven entertains and the born artist makes other see the world as beautiful, paints the world a la Picasso or Van Gogh while the child come up with discoveries and inventions and widens the boundaries of the human mind. Those who excel in mathematics can use their knowledge to sow honesty among corrupt leaders. Teach them correct computation of assets and liabilities and networks or the simple income tax returns and raise the coffers of the government. Education for life makes good leaders of the future. True leadership begins among the youthelementary pupils who have idealism already in their young minds. Education for life teaches self-understanding and resilience and not just academic achievement. Education for life makes the learners lead life of joy, happiness, fulfillment and meaning. It makes the learners understand self and his limitations; they learn how to balance his body, feeling and intellect. He lives in harmony with others. He dreams not just for himself but for his fellow being. These are achievable, why not, if education is pursued to mean for life.

UNeP marks death anniversary of Iriga ex-Mayor Manny Alfelor

A year after his demise, things were not the same for us anymore, but we remained united as what Dad conveyed to us before he finally joined our Creator, and we are doing just that-we are getting strength from each other and that bond remained tightly embracing us up to this very moment. These were the nostalgic words uttered by Hon. Emmanuel Nonokoy Alfelor Jr, eldest son of the late and former Iriga City Mayor Emmanuel Manny Alfelor Sr. on Sunday after the Eucharistic celebration in commemoration of Sir Mannys death anniversary. On Sunday, May 13, political allies and supporters, family and close friends, all joined together in prayer in front of his tomb to reminisce his legacy and pray for the eternal repose of his soul. Fr. Glen Paul Gomez, the invited celebrant, the said occasion is meant to remind all of us that the moment of mourning is over since in commemorating his death anniversary, we also remove the sorrow as a result of his passing. Sir Manny is now enjoying the eternal life in Gods kingdom. Now, we pray that as we celebrate the first year of our beloved brothers death anniversary, let us ask that he continually guide us from above, that his spirit hover close to each one of us and continue to feel the Emmanuel effect- the love and service that he has unselfishly shared to all of us when he was still alive, Fr. Gomez said in his homily. Sir Mannys grandchildren tearfully recalled how they missed their Daddy Lolo. Each one of them has more words of endearment as they vividly recall all the good moments they shared with him. Unknown to many, Sir Manny was not only a political figure. While serving his term as Chief Executive of Iriga City from 1995 to 2004, he was also sharing his vision in the promotion of quality education at the Felix O. Alfelor Sr. Foundation College in Sipocot where he served as President. He was also one of the active members of the Board of Trustees of the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP). Sir Mannys physical presence might have left a void that nobody can fill up, but he also left a memory and lessons that will remain forever in the hearts of those whose lives he has touched.

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RUben c. pili
Municipal Vice Mayor
Bato, Camarines Sur


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farmers want more rice . . .
Both farmers organizations and private importers are allowed to participate in this scheme. The second scheme is the Private Sector Financed (PSF) wherein the volume to be imported in a particular transaction is determined by the National Food Authority (NFA). In this scheme which is also open to FOs and private traders, the importers do not have to pay taxes for their imports but required to bid for a service fee equivalent to the volume to be imported. However, since the FOs do not have the capacity to finance the payment of service fees, performance bond and all other financial requirements, they are used as dummies in the bidding process by the private importers particularly the Binondo rice cartel, Bonto said. In the bidding for the MAV and PSF importation of the 380,000 metric tons of rice conducted by the NFA last March, he said almost all of the volume went to the cartel even as it appeared that 250,000 metric tons of it was won by 101 FOs and only 130,000 metric tons by the cartel. It is because 95 of the winning FOs are cartel-financed bidders and only six are bona-fide FOs, he explained. Apart from these 380,000 metric tons, there is another importation scheduled this year which is under the third scheme, the Government to Government (G2G) arrangement wherein the Philippine government through the NFA entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with other rice importing countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for the supply of 120,000 metric tons. In reforming the private importation schemes, Bonto said he recently sent a letter to Pres. Benigno Aquino III recommending that the MAV be strengthened and made exclusive only to bona-fide FOs to prevent them from being used or exploited by the cartel. In all three modes of importation, I am humbly recommending that the NFA disregards any PSF importation (if there would be another in the next or succeeding years) where private rice importers use their huge financial capabilities to materially exploit FOs and cooperatives, Bonto said in the letter to the President. On how FOs would be able to finance MAV importations, he said I am recommending to the President that a tripartite Memorandum of Undertaking be entered into among the FOs, NFA and Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) wherein the bank provides a special window for loan equivalent to the amount of importation to be undertaken. Upon completion of the importation, the imported rice will placed under the custody of the NFA and the proceeds from its sale will be remitted directly to the LBP to ensure that the bank is paid accordingly and the farmers get their commensurate share from the profit, he said. This way, the benefits from rice

may 20 - 26, 2012

importations go directly to farmers and the government is not cheated by the rice cartel in taxes by way of technical smuggling, he added. In technical smuggling, Bonto was referring to the scheme of recycling of the importation authority being given to private rice importers to escape the payment of service fees and customs duties. Under the recycling scheme, he said a single importation authority is used several times but payment of government dues is made only once. This is done in connivance with some corrupt Bureau of Customs officials. On the forecast by the Department of Agriculture (DA) that the country will be self-sufficient in rice by next year, Bonto said that is attainable because of the massive support being given by the Aquino administration through DA Sec. Proceso Alcala to the agricultural sector, but just the same, we will continue importing rice because of the WTO. WTO is the only international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk of the worlds trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers conduct their business. Asked if engaging in larger importation transactions will not deter farmers from producing more rice out of their farms, Bonto replied in affirmative saying the FOs can invest the proceeds from rice they imported in producing more. With such proceeds, we can buy more farm inputs and equipment and become more productive, he added. DANNY O. CALLEJA

The K to 12 basic education Curriculum (BeC)

By ROSeLLe T. CAAyAO-JeBULAN Teacher-II zeferino Arroyo High School, City of Iriga Early last year, the implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) this school year 2012-2013 was one of the hottest topics among the Public School System teachers. Many voiced out their views and opinions, and this was mine: I would suggest that the Dep Ed maximize to the fullest the present curriculum that we have. Make sure all the students have the newest books, upgraded laboratories, adequate classrooms, enough desks, more schools especially in the provinces, and get good teachers by continuously re-educating them and more importantly, increasing their pay. Put up one Government University in every province. Fund it from the pork barrel of each congressman/senator. I also asked these questions. What is the real objective to meet INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS and make it easier for our graduates to land a job and pursue post graduate studies here or abroad? How do we improve our educational system? The governments major concern on education at present should not be the years of basic education, but how to reduce the student dropout rates in public elementary and high school and make education more accessible to all Filipinos, especially the poorest of the poor and reach out to the remotest part of the country. Currently, we have a problem on the increasing student population especially in public elementary schools, and the lack or classrooms and teachers to make their learning experience more EFFECTIVE. If one more year is added to grade school, will it solve the problem, or add more problems? In addition, data from NSCB will show that students being admitted to schools are increasing annually. But comparing elementary vs. high school data, it consistently shows that for some reason, a big bulk of students who went to elementary do not get high school education. How much more will high school enrollment drop if another year is added to basic elementary education? The thing is if they just want to be at par with other countries where most of our graduates who look for foreign employment go, it will be beneficial mainly to those with college diploma. The cost of adding more years wouldnt probably matter much to those who can afford sending their children to school, yet to those who simply want their children to complete high school so they can help the family earn a living, I guess it does. On the other hand, if the quality of education is the main issue here, there are still a lot of areas for improvement at present books, teaching environment, methods, etc. If DepEd would like to add more years, this has to be studied well. If they still decide on following that recommendation, Id rather see another option and that is adding pre-college years to prepare students who would like to pursue tertiary education. There they can probably dump all the not so important college courses like Philippine Lit, Philo, Pol Sci etc.; add some higher math and science subjects, and English proficiency instructions, so that the years our students spend at the university will be dedicated solely for more vital foundational and core courses related to the college degree they would like to take. After all, its the tertiary education that is most expensive and students pay every unit at the same rate. When we have done this, revise the curriculum to meet INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, grade school, middle school, high school and University. That way, our graduates education will be of global standards. Do we need to increase the number of years in school to achieve this? I dont think so, at least not right now.

eXTRAJUDICIAL SeTTLeMeNT OF PARCeL OF LAND NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate heirs of the late Sps. CLARO G. DeL VALLe and MARCeLA M. DeL VALLe who died on April 6, 1970 at Alaminos, Laguna and June 28, 1992 at San Jose, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, respectively; without any will and with no known debts, left a parcel of land situated at Sitio Calabuyan, Libmanan, Camarines Sur, the parties all of legal ages with full civil capacity to contract hereby agree to adjudicate among themselves the described parcel of land, as stated in the Extrajudicial Settlement of Parcel of Land signed by the parties, acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Renato P. Cacmed, Doc. No. 196, Page No. 41, Book No. XIII, Series of 2012.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: MAy 20, 27; June 3, 2012

eXTRAJUDICIAL SeTTLeMeNT OF PeRSONALITy AMONG HeIRS WITH WAIVeR Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving wife and legitimate children and sole heirs of the late ROSeNDO C. BARBOSA SR. who died on April 04, 2004 at La Anunciacion, Iriga City without any will and with no known debts; the deceased left a certain motor vehicle particularly described as follows: makeSuzuki, Type of Body-MC, year Model-01, Motor/ engine No.-F14-224304, Serial/Chassis No.-GP125306661, Plate No.-MC-0516-5034, MV File No.051622925, CR No.61671093, the parties being all of legal age and with full capacity to contract hereby divide and adjudicate among themselves the described Motor Vehicle in EQUAL SHARES; the Heirs hereby Waive, Renounce and Quitclaim their Shares, Interests, Ownership and Participation over the described Motor Vehicle in favor of RICHARD N. BARBOSA, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Aldrico Abao., Doc. No. 309, Page No. 62, Book No. XIV, Series of 2012.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: May 6, 13 and 20, 2012

ADJUDICATION By SOLe HeIR OF THe eSTATe OF MACARIO AVILA PORTIN AND eLIzABeTH PORTIN NOTICE is hereby given that the GERALDINE A. PORTIN, of legal age is the surviving grandaughter and sole heir of the late MACARIO AVILA PORTIN and eLIzABeTH PORTIN, who died on May 18, 1939 at Libmanan, Camarines Sur without any will and with no known debts, left a parcel of land situated in Bahay, Libmanan, Camarines Sur, the party of legal age adjudicate unto herself the described property as stated in the Adjudication by Sole Heir, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Reynaldo L. Herrera, Doc. No. 277, Page No. 57, Book No. 55, Series of 2012.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: MAy 6, 13 and 20, 2012

High Malnutrition Rate Among School Children

By zORAyDA A. CHAVez Officer-in-Charge Agay-ayan National High School Division of Camarines Sur, Philippines Nutrition of every school children greatly affects their performance in school. Malnutrition is one of the factors that contribute to the low quality of education in one locality. Malnutrition is just a result of poverty being experienced in a community. Poverty yields malnutrition, and malnutrition contribute to the low quality of education. Education and proper nutrition contributes to the well-being of every individual and it helps them to become productive citizens of the community. Hence, every issue related to these problems should be properly addressed to improve the living conditions of the society. Local officials should do something about these problems. Involvement of every member of the society will help a lot to lower the case of malnutrition and improve the quality of education.; On the case of local government, they may initiate feeding program to the school children involving non-government organizations and private institutions. Aside from government funding, local officials may solicit from the private companies. Private companies especially those who produce nutritious products may donate their products for the purpose of enhancing nutrition status of the beneficiaries. The Department of Education may also help by identifying malnourished children in every school. By having these data, local government units will know what area should be given more focus. They may also help on the monitoring and to measure the effectiveness of the program. Evaluation of every program will help a lot to improve its implementation concerns of the program. To save manpower services on the implementation of the
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eXTRAJUDICIAL SeTTLeMeNT WITH WAIVeR Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving heirs of the late ANTONIO qUIeN who died at New Jersey, USA on September 5, 2008, without any will and with no known debts; left parcels of land situated in Concepcion Grande, Naga City covered by TCT No. 38781and TCT No. 38979, that pursuant to Rule 74, Sec. 1 of the Rules of Court, the parties with full capacity to contract divide and adjudicate among themselves extrajudicially the described land in pro indiviso, the mentioned heirs hereby WAIVE their rights and participation and interest over the described properties in favor of their co-owner CHRISTINE QUIEN-SUA, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Florencio R. Rosales, Doc. No. 715, Page No. 43, Book No. 25, Series of 2011.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: May 6, 13 and 20, 2012

eXTRAJUDICIAL SeTTLeMeNT OF eSTATe AMONG HeIRS NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties are all of age, children and legal heirs of the deceased JUAN U. DeL GALLeGO, who died on January 24, 1980, at Mandaluyong City, without any will or testament, and with no known debts, left a certain real property situated in Bgry. Mansalaya, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur, that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court, the parties with full capacity to contract agree to DIVIDE and ADJUDICATE among themselves in thirteen (13) equal shares and the share of the deceased coheir, JUAN R. DEL GALLEGO is hereby divided equally between his two (2) surviving children, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Cleto R. Suarilla, per Doc. No. 1027, Page No. 106, Book No. III, Series of 2012.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: MAy 13, 20 and 27, 2012

KASULATAN NG PAGMAMANA NA MAy PAGBABAHAGI AT MAy PAGTALIKOD SA KABAHAGI Ipinaalam sa lahat na ang mga nabanggit na mga pangalan ay mga anak at tunay na tanging tagapagpamana ng namatan na sina BARTOLOMe B. PeRez namatay noong October 14, 2005 sa Brgy. Tulo, Batangas City at DIONISIA CLAVeRIA PeRez na namatay noong Agosto 19, 2011sa St. Lukes Medical Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, na walang anumang pagkakautang at wala rin namang Huling Habilin ay nakaiwan ng apat (4) na lagay ng lupa at isang (1) bahay sa Brgy. Tulo, Batangas City; ang nabanggit na mga ari-ariang minana ay napagkasunduan na bahaginin ng mga tagapagmana naayon sa kasulatang kanilang nilagdaan; at bilang PAGTALIKOD at PAGPAPAUBAYA ng kanilang karapatan sa lupa na may TD No. 024-29-019-04-093 at bahay na may TD No.104-03673 na nabanggit kina LOURDES P. AVILA at RAMONCHITO C. PEREZ, sa harap ni Notaryo Publiko Quirino P. Clemeno, Kas. Blg. 490, Pahina Blg. 99, Aklat Blg. XXVI, Taon 2012.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: May 6, 13 and 20, 2012

eXTRAJUDICIAL SeTTLeMeNT AND PARTITION AMONG HeIRS WITH AUTHORITy TO SeLL NOTICE is hereby given that the named parties: Anastacio C. Nem Singh, Alfredo C. Nem Singh, Helen NS. Sahurda, Sheila I. Maralit, Devi I. Baduya, Lal Antonio NS. Idnani, Kishkor NS. Idnani, Editha P. Idnani, Sita NS. Ednani, Mohan NS. Idnani, Bernardino F. Consulta, Gloria F. Consulta, Gabriel F. Consulta, Lourdes C. Abrillo, Rosario F. Consulta, Ricardo F. Consulta, Alberto F. Consulta, Celia F. Consulta, all of legal ages are the legitimate heirs of the deceased HeReMIA CONSULTA who died in Manila, Philippines on April 14, 1958 without any will and with no known debts, left certain real properties at Barrio Ayugan, Ocampo, Camarines Sur, the parties all of legal ages with full civil capacity to contract hereby agree to adjudicate and apportion the entire hereditary estate among the heirs with intestate succession Extrajudicial Settlement and Partition Among Heirs with Authority to Sell signed by the parties, the parties hereto, in order to effect the Extrajudicial Settlement do hereby name, constitute and appoint CHARLES P. BADUYA to be their true and lawful Attorney-In-Fact, for them and in their name, place and stead to do the acts and deeds stated in the Extrajudicial Settlemenet, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Leoncio M. Clemente, Doc. No. 10, Page No. 3, Book No. 120, Series of 2006.
BIKOL RePORTeR Published: MAy 13, 20 and 27, 2012

may 20 - 26, 2012

Mathematics Can Be Fun
By eLSA A. MALAPO Master Teacher I Camarines Sur National High School, Naga City A big percentage of students find mathematics a difficult subject. Every now and then, students would come to me after examination and complain and saymaam and hirap ng test nyo. I am not, in the least, surprise. This keeps me thinking what could be wrong? Was it the examination? I expect it after having been teaching mathematics for quite some time. But I have not lost my patience in dealing with students with negative attitude towards mathematics I am, in fact, challenged and have not stopped formulating ways to make my mathematics teaching some kind of fun. I have been studying how my students can find responsive to mathematics. I started by finding out what are the difficulties they are acing. I discovered that they did not have encouraging perceptions of the subjects. Even during their elementary formative years, they already thought and felt mathematics was difficult. So, I started from there. An intimate with them worked. I worked on their enthusiasm by establishing close rapport with them. I encouraged them to ask questions and they did. First base, effective. Then, I make it a point to come really prepared for the lessons of the day. I would use a couple of motivations like talk on how mathematics can work on their everyday life. I told them to apply mathematics when they do marketing and the likes. I devised games to apply their mathematical inputs. There are games available in the internet that I use to get my students interest. Games have always been interesting to students especially when they work collectively. I can see how much enjoyment they are deriving and personally, I feel a similar sense of enjoyment because I discovered how effective the games even also as they learn mathematics. I also explain the problem to their comprehension. I look at students individually and do not encourage competitions. I make it a point to discuss the results of examination of students who hardly pass the exam. And do I get a good response? I do. When the next examination is given, I am happy because the students do better. As a teacher, I had always felt that there is no difficult subject if the teacher uses everything within his reach to make the students responsive to the subject. I know it works because it does with me. I realize that the students are enjoying mathematics and naturally, deriving fun from out of it.

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senate sits on 2 Bills . . .
nical officer of the Panama Maritime Authority, does not enjoy immunity. Moreover, Legarda said that the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Immunity is not absolute as this does not allow a foreigner who has diplomatic immunity to rape a Filipina. Both Legarda and Sotto agreed that the crime of rape is outside the official tasks of diplomats, ambassadors and officials of international organizations residing within the signatory countrys borders as defined by the Vienna convention. Legarda said the DFA must explain why it issued three conflicting positions on whether or not Bairnals enjoy diplomatic immunity. Last April 25, Felix de Leon, head of the DFA security division, issued a certification to the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that Bairnals has no diplomatic immunity. Two days later, the DFA privileges and immunity division issued a certification that Bairnals holds the position of a technical officer, and is covered by diplomatic immunity. Lastly, the DFA issued a certification that the subject Panama-

kite flying Banned . . .

city in Albay province, to institute measures that would prohibit kiteflying in several barangays they cover. The three other LGUs are the municipalities of Daraga, Camalig and Jovellar that are all within the flight route of airplanes to and from the Legazpi Domestic Airport here. Judaline Martinez, the CAAP regional administrative officer said that kite flying along these areas posed danger to incoming and outgoing aircraft. We have received complaints from pilots of the four commercial airline companies serving the Legazpi-Manila and Legazpi-Cebu routes through the Legazpi Domestic Airport on the sightings of kites being flown along the approach and take-off sites and they were apprehensive over the hazard it poses to aircraft, Martinez said. When a kite gets entangled with an airplanes engine of propeller, something worse could happen, she said. In at least three instances, CAAP personnel have been able to confiscate kites in three areas, particularly in Barangay Cruzada here, Barangay Binitayan of Daraga town and Barangay Cotmon in Camalig, according to Martinez. We appeal to town and barangay officials to impose the kite-flying ban in at least 39 sites covered by the four LGUs we have identified to be within the no kite-flying zone, she said. These sites, she said were Washington Drive, Vel-Amor Subdivision, Dapdap, Buragwis, Binanuahan, Guevarra, Rawis, Bonot, Bitano, Oro Site, Pearanda, Gogon, Cruzada, Barangay 24, Baybay, San Roque, Calle Siping, and PNR Site in this city. In Daraga town kite flying is barred in 19 barangaysTagas, Balaguer, San Roque, Market Site, Maroroy, Binitayan, Sagpon, Bagtang, Sipi, Bagumbayan, Kimantong, Balinad, Tabontabon, Gabawan, Gapo, Peafrancia, Inarado, De la Paz and Dinoronan. Kite flying was also disallowed in barangays of Cotmon and Comon in Camalig and in the entire area within Jovellar town, the CAAP official said. CAAP is the government agency that promulgates and adopts aviation safety rules and regulations and is committed to enhance air traffic environment by ensuring safer aircraft operations and guaranteeing safety of each flight, Martinez said. In this city, mayor Geraldine Rosal said a local ordinance that bans kite flying in the areas identified by the CAAP was in effect and imposing a penalty of imprisonment or fine of P5,000 or both. We have been repeatedly reminding local enforcers including barangay officials in these areas about this ordinance and as far as I know, they are on alert against this pastime particularly this summer, the city mayor said. The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) at the same time warned against kite-flying in areas near its high voltage installations like transmission lines and sub-stations. One major concern of the NGCP is the possible occurrence of accidental electrocution that may be encountered by kite-flyers especially children who are making kites as their pastime this summer. A statement released here over the week by the NGCP said that kite strings getting entangled to the conductors and insulators of the switchyard have been recorded in its substation in Naga City recently. Such occurrence, it said, might cause brownouts or power interruptions due to the tripping of transmission lines. Apart from kite-flying, NGCP also prohibits building fires, tree planting, and building construction. -DANNY O. CALLEJA

nian is not immune from civil and administrative liability, Sotto said. Sotto then asked: Who among the DFA officials is authorized to officially issue certifications on diplomatic immunity and which office has custody of the official list of those afforded diplomatic immunity? The charge of rape, filed at 2 p.m. last April 30, was dismissed by the Makati RTC 50 minutes later based on a motion to withdraw filed by the prosecutor of Makati city. The victim, whose real identity is still being withheld, was allegedly raped on the night of April 23 after the respondent had befriended her during a book fair. Sotto said the Panamanian then allegedly forced her to sniff a drug and later on raped her.


Location: MONTe CIeLO I Lot Area : 284 sq meters (near Clubhouse) 50% Downpayment, 50% balance payable in 12 months / no interest CLeAN TITLe Please contact: 0921-4409-207/ OR 475-62-62

high malnutrition rate . . .

feeding program, the help of parents of the schoolchidren may be sought by letting them prepare the foods for the program. By doing this, funds for manpower services will be served and can be utilized to a more important concern of the program. Non-government organizations that have expertise and knowledge when it comes to nutrition may be asked to provide series of seminars and lectures about the ways to avoid malnutrition, participants on these should be both the parents and the students. These will contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of the program. School children should be educated on how to avoid malnutrition. They should also be informed of the consequences of this problem to their life. Proper education of the parents is equally important on this matter. Parents are the one who can really extend big help to eradicate malnutrition in every community. Their knowledge of safety food preparation, responsible parenthood, and selecting nutritious foods for their children will help a lot to lower the malnutrition case. This information can be delivered by concerned non-government organization through a series of lectures and demonstrations.

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may 20 - 26, 2012