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A performance management questionnaire is an essential instrument for collecting data. This data can be used to enhance management performance.

By carrying out a survey on performance management, companies are in a better position to identify areas that require improvement and implement ways through which improvement of performance can be achieved.

Sample Performance Management Questionnaire

Company Name . Industry . Number of employees . Company position . Rate the following using this key: * Unsatisfactory *Average *Good *Excellent Efficiency in the use of resources Assurance of quality performance .. Employee satisfaction .. Employee training and development .. Customer service . Quality of products .. Quality standards Safety standards .. Rate of product delivery .. Staff punctuality .

Corporate social responsibility . Environment conservation .. Standard compliance . Management quality by managers .. Evaluation and discussion of my performance by my supervisor I know how my work contributes to overall company objective . Personal objectives are different from organizational objectives Target dates are clearly communicated to employees .. Missed target dates are not addressed until the end of the company year . Feedback is received on good performance . Feedback is received on poor performance . Personal development plans are highlighted to staff .. Personal support is accorded to staff . Exceptional performance is recognized by the company . Staff morale .. How often are performance assessments carried out? . Please give a detailed description of how performance goals are structured Who is responsible for quantifying performance goals? . At what level are performance goals assessed?