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Trojan black box 6 volt

We have Trojan black box 6 volt 210AH batteries for only $75.00 apeice and Trojan black box 8 volt 150AH batteries for only $85.00 apeice. These are black box batteries. They are manufactured by Trojan here in the U.S. they just don't have the Trojan name on them. If you want batteries with the same specs as the brown box Trojans we have Global Yuasa 6 volt GC2105 225AH batteries (same specs as a T-105) for $85.00 apeice and a Global Yuasa 8 volt GC8875 170AH (same specs as a T-875) for $95.00 apeice. We also sell the Global Yuasa 12 volt GC12-1275 150AH battery (same specs as the T-1275) for $140.00. Prices are with core exchange. These are great deals, anywhere else you will pay over $100.00 per battery. We also now sell 36 and 48 volt chargers! Company is Batteries Unlimited and we are located at 105 W. Fullerton Ave. in Addison IL (only about 1 hour 30mins north of Michigan City IN). Our number is 630-543-5554 if you have any other questions. Call or stop by today and mention you saw us on PandaHi! Ask for Derrick if calling in regards to golf cart batteries.

This is part 2 of my series of videos pertaining to reviving old car batteries. In this video I will show you where I got the schematic for building the desulfator and once again show you my finished desulfator circuit up close. Here is the part list for : IRF9Z34NLPBF - P channel mosfet - 1 MR856RLG - Fast recovery diode - 1 1N4148 - switching diode - 1 MCMF0W4FF3301A50 - 3.3kohm resistor - 1 CMF1/41101FLFTR - 1,1kohm resistor - 1 MCMF0W4FF6802A50 - 68kohm resistor - 1 MCMF0W4FF1004A50 - 1mohm resistor - 1 ELXZ350ELL101MF15D - electrolytic capacitor 100uf - 2 MC0805N102J500A2.54MM - ceramic capacitor 1000pf - 1 MCMLR100V103KX7R - ceramic capacitor 0.01uf - 2 MC0805B473K500A2.54MM - ceramic capacitor 0.047uf - 1 2100HT-102H-RC - inductor 1000uh - 1 PM2120-221K-RC - inductor 220uh - 1 MF-RX110 - ptc reset fuse - 1 DILB8P-223TLF - 8 pin dip socket - 1 SA555PG4 - 555 timer chip - 1 Here is the link to part 1 which is the main overview of the desulfator: Here is the link to part 3 which shows how to connect the led to the circuit to show you that it is working: Here is the link to part 4 which shows some basic troubleshooting points on the circuit: Category: Science & Technology License:

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