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Model CFZY-XX Ozone generator

(with oxygen generator )

Operation instruction


Preface ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Summary of model CFZY-XX ozone generator-----------------------------------------------------------4 Part I Summary for ozone generating unit of model CFZY ozone generator

I Summary of model CFY ozone generator--------------------------------------------------------------5

1 Working principle-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

2 Structure characteristic-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

3 Fittings and spare parts-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7

4 Figure operation panel and kinds of functional keys and buttons--------------------------------7

II Requirement to user--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7

III Warning---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8

IV Installation----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

V Adjustment and operation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

VI Maintenance and nursing to equipment--------------------------------------------------------------10

VII Failure determination and resolution ---------------------------------------------------------------10

VIII Method to emergency of ozone generator occuring failure ------------------------------------11

. Electric Schematic diagram ----------------------------------------------------------------------------12

Part II Summary for oxygen generating unit of model CFZY ozone generator


I. Basic Parameter and Operation Method of FY-XB Oxygen Generator-----------------------------13

1. Basic parameter of FY-XB Oxygen Generator--------------------------------------------------------13

2. Operation method of FY-XB Oxygen Generator------------------------------------------------------13

(1)External view of the machine and instruction of starting up and debugging----------------------13 (2)Automatic alarm function--------------------------------------------------------------------------------15


Chapter Two Principle, Structure and Functional Specification of FY Oxygen Generator---------16




Principle and Flow Chart----------------------------------------------------------------------------------16

II. Structure, Name and Function of FY-XB Oxygen Generating Unit--------------------------------17

1. Outline and Structure Chart of FY-XB Oxygen Generator-------------------------------------------17

2.Name and Function of Each Spare Parts of FY-XB Oxygen Generator-----------------------------18

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of FY Oxygen Generator-----------------------20

I. Maintenance-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20

II. Trouble shooting-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21

1. Unusual indication of flow meter------------------------------------------------------------------------21

(1).No flow indication--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 (2).Over flowed fluctuation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 (3).Voltage abnormal alarm--------------------------------------------------------------------------------22

2. Oxygen concentration lowers obviously--------------------------------------------------------------- 22

(1). Detection method---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22

Chapter Three

(2). Reason and maintenance of oxygen concentration decrease--------------------------------------22



Thanks for using Model CFZY-XX Ozone Generator made by our company

This equipment uses air as gas source.

It is an industrial use equipment, and must be taken charged by professional on

installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance.

Before the installation and adjustment, operator must read this instruction book

attentively comparing with the equipment. For any confusions, please contact with

our company in time.


Summary of model CFZY-XX ozone generator

CFZY series ozone generators consist of CFY series ozone generator units and FY series

oxygen generator units. The ozone generator unit install above, the other below.

Using air as gas source, the fitting working and detecting environment is

temperature≤25 ,relative humidity≤70%. In case the condition is out of the range, the output of

ozone will reduce 10-15%, but attain the range, the output will comeback at once.

Due to installing oxygen generators inside, the products is required to place in dry and

ventilated room worked, for reason one: if split oxygen by using air indoor and putout nitrogen in

airtight condition long, the oxygen of air indoor will decline, and the concentration of ozone will

also decline. The second reason: molecular screen of adsorption tin in oxygen generator works in

humid condition will affect the nature life.

Our company produces three common series of CFZY ozone generators, i.e. CFZY-24B,

CFZY-36B, and CFZY-50B. The main parameters are as following:

Sheet I: Parameters for CFZY series ozone generator






Rated output





Rated consumption





Equipment fuse





Module fuse





Net weight





Ameter’s indication





Type of matching ozone generator





Type of matching oxygen gernerator





Rated flowrate





Note: Before operating, a, Take down the sealed nut of ozone outlet at first.

b, Take out the bubble shockproof mat under the air compressor in

oxygen generator.

In the following chapters, we’ll introduction the operation, maintenance, nursing and so on

of ozone generating part and oxygen generating part of ozone generator, the operator should be

read it carefully.


Part I Summary for ozone generating part of model CFZY-XX ozone

generator I. Summary of model CFY ozone generator

Ozone (O 3 is its molecular formula), is allotrope of oxygen. Its molecular structure is easy to change under normal temperature and normal pressure, swiftly decomposing to be oxygen (O 2 ) and single oxygen atoms (o) automatically. Ozone is a high-effective oxidant without secondary pollution, since it remains oxygen after it is applied. As a kind of strong oxidant and disinfectant, ozone is widely applied to such industries as water treatment (pure water, medium water and wastewater), foodstuff, pharmacy, chemical oxygenation and edible fungus, etc.

1. Working principle:

Industrial use ozone generator usually adopts principle of “effluvium synthesizes ozone” to produce ozone.

of “effluvium synthesizes ozone” to produce ozone. As drawing shown, when oxygen (or air) goes through

As drawing shown, when oxygen (or air) goes through alternation electric field which is excited by high frequency high voltage power supply, part of oxygen molecule decomposes to be two oxygen atoms through bombarded by high-speed electron. These oxygen atoms integrate with other oxygen molecules to be ozone molecules. During this period, oxygen is just partially


translated to be ozone.

Following figure is the principle block diagram of ozone generator

figure is the principle block diagram of ozone generator As figure shows, oxygen flowing through flowmeter

As figure shows, oxygen flowing through flowmeter is excited by high frequency high voltage electric field in ozone board to produce ozone. As seen, ozone generator mainly is composed of ozone generating parts, which is called as “Ozone board” and high frequency high voltage power supply, which is called as “Module”. Gas route and circuit inside the equipment are being system by themselves, without mutual interference.

2. Structure characteristic

Our company produces many series of model CFY-XX ozone generator, such as CFY-3 CFY-6 CFY-12 CFY-24 CFY-36 CFY-50 and CFY-75. All these model ozone generator consist of ceramic medium air-cooled and board shape ozone generating part (named as ozone plate), and high-frequency & high voltage power (named as module); It takes oxygen as gas source and cooled by air instead of cooling water. From the principle block diagram, we can know that Ozone plate and module are the core parts of various specifications of ozone generator. It is special for Ozone plate and module of model CFY-3 and CFY-6 ozone generator, however, for model CFY-12 and above is composed of repeating CFY-12B ozone plate and CFY-12B module. For example: Ozone generating unit of model CFY-12 ozone generator consists of one piece of 12B ozone plate and one block of 12B module, and model CFY-24 consists of one piece of 24B


ozone plate which composed of repeating 12B ozone plate up and down, and two blocks of 12B module. This kind of module combination type structure provides clear hiberarchy and function, which is not only easy for standardization production in batch, but also for operation and maintenance.

3. Fittings and spare parts:

After unpacking, please check following fittings and spare parts:

3.1 1 piece Three-core single phase power line; 3.2 10 m Transparent PVC hose(used for ozone outlet hose) 3.3 some fuse; 3.4 1 copy operation instruction book; 3.5 1 copy maintenance card; 3.6 1 copy maintenance manual;

4. Figure operation panel and kinds of functional keys and buttons

Place the machine on the stable operation desk or level ground. Get familiar with the figure, operation panel and functional keys and buttons of the ozone generator. Front view:

Ampere meter: indicate working current. (It shall record the stable current initial value after adjusting the machine. This current value is very important which used for compare when failure occurs.) Working indicating lamp: green, expresses normal working Failure indicating lamp: yellow, shown and given a alarm in case of failure of cooling system. Start-up button: green Stop button: red Flow meter: regulating the oxygen flowrate to control the ozone generating capacity. The rated flow of different devices should accord with sheet 1 of page 3. Side view:

Cooling fan: Air coming into right side and going out from left side. The inlet/outlet should not be blocked (during operation). Back side:

Power socket: Three core single phase power socket, for power Input(230V,50/60Hz)

Fuse box:

Ozone outlet: for outputting ozone. Grounding nut: used for the machine shell grounding.

containing 5X20 fuse


II. Requirement to user

1. Gas source: Because of installing oxygen generator inside, CFZY series ozone generator can change

air into oxygen with PSA principle, and then takes this oxygen as it’s source, therefore, the air around

the equipment is gas source. It is required that the environment of equipment should be: clean, dry, ventilated

2. Power supply: 230V 50Hz AC is required by ozone generator, distribution panel board shall be

equipped with air switch (or knife switch) and three-hole single- phase socket which rated power consumption shall be higher than that of relevant different ozone generators shown as Table 1. Grounding foundation of three-hole socket must be grounding, and connecting method of fire line and zero line must be correct.

Note: Required power supply is , stabilized voltage power supply is

additionally mounted for which is above 250V or below 210V, otherwise, it is easy to damage the

power module for long-term running under super low voltage or high voltage.

3. It is required that machine room must be dry, cool with good ventilation (moisture room easily

causes ozone board’s high voltage power crossing, to damage the ozone board). Using condition:

environment temperature: 5~45 ; relative humidity 90%.Ozone generator can run continuously under the above condition.

4. Grounding: Grounding point of equipment must be strictly grounding (Note: “zero” line can’t be

regarded as “ground” line).

III. Warning

1. Laypeople is prohibited to disassemble the machine shell without authorization, for ozone generator

is under high voltage.

2. This machine is metal shell. In order to ensure safety, it must have reliable grounding (absolutely

prohibit from taking “Zero” line as “Ground” line).

3. Power must be cut off when replacing fuse.

4. It must strictly prevent water back flowing into ozone generator from the ozone outlet.

5. The combustible (solid, liquid, and gas)is prohibited strictly be kept in machine room.

6. It is strictly prohibited that using this machine to deal with any combustible liquid or gas, otherwise, possibility of explosion will occur.

IV. Installation

It must read this instruction book carefully before installation and adjustment.



Place the machine at proper position, ventilation sides can not be block off, above 50CM space is

better to be kept for both sides.

2. It must do preparation for electricity, grounding as per “III requirement for user”before installing the


3. Take down the sealed nut of ozone outlet and screw down the underside door of machine’s face view,

then take down the face panel of oxygen’s noiseproof box, take out the bubble shockproof mat this shockproof is use for preventing intense shock of air compressor in transportation. Ozone outlet hose shall be connected until the machine start up and produce ozone and be connected check valve (fitting followed with the equipment).

V. Adjustment and operation

1. Start up the machine (1)Switch on the power using single phase three core power line. (2)Push the green button, the green indicating lamp turn on, and ozone generator start to work.

Check if the indication of the Ampere meter matches corresponding one on the indicated value for ozone generator of table 1 in this instruction book. If they basically match and the current is stable, and ozone can be smelt from the outlet, it shows the unit is working well. Record the current value for future reference. Please record the working initial current value of this unit is A. (3) That three seconds after pressing green button is the prepareing phase of ozone generator for reserve gas. After this three seconds, oxygen generator start to pressurize and discharge pressure normally and periodically. Equipment start to run in normal. (4) Distinguish normal working sound of oxygen generator When oxygen generator runs in normal, it will send out two regular sounds after turned on:

sound of compressor’s motor and

Recurrent switching sound:

cylinder’s piston runs is “ululant”in regular.

The switching sound is very regular in cycles. Users shall be familiar with the normal running sound of oxygen generator, for it is very important to distinguish the failure. Every day, turn on, and listen silently for a while. After distinguish the sound is in normal, then read the value of flowmeter and working current value of ozone generator. If all are in normal, it can affirm that oxygen generator and ozone generator and ozone generator run in normal. (5) Regulate the flowmeter of ozone generator panel, so that the float of flowmeter reach the

requiring number of rated flow, and feel at the ozone outlet by hand, it can be felt that the air is blowing out.

2. Turn off the machine


(1) Push the red button to stop ozone generator. (2) Close the air switch (knife switch) of the distribution panel board. 3. Operation:

The Operation procedure of ozone generator of daily using is the same as adjustment. Operation of turning on the machine:

(1) Turn on the power and air switch. (2) Push the green start-up button, and the machine start to work. Check if the indicating lamp and current value of Ampere meter is normal, and listen if the oxygen generating part works as per normal working sounds, if not, stop it and check it at once. Check if the output of ozone is normal, if so, user can start to run the machine. Operation of turn off the machine:

It shall operate as per the counter-procedure of turning on the machine.

VI. Maintenance and nursing to the equipment

Any equipment shall have periodical maintenance and nursing. Since Model CFY ozone generator uses air-cooling, air from outside blows into inside of the equipment ceaselessly, as time passes, a mass of dust must be carried into the inside, attaching on the ozone plate, two kinds of hazard are brought about from the above as following:

(1) Lower the efficiency of heat dissipation, therefore, affect the ozone output capacity of ozone generator; (2) Lower the isolating power of each insulating layer, without nursing for long time, possibility of coming out electric- crossing and breakdown insulating layer will occur. Therefore, the equipment must carry out periodical nursing. Method and content of nursing is as following:

(1) Cut off the power; (2) Screw down the side panel of both side of machine with screwdriver, and unplug the inset of fan and take down the grounding nut of fan. (3) Blow off dust in the machine with high-pressure air, especially the dust on ozone plate. For the dust cannot be blown can be removed by dry brush (toothbrush), then blow. Please note that ozone plate cannot be washed with water. (4) Wipe off accumulated dust on the fan blade with dry cloth, if it can not be removed, please use dry brush (toothbrush) to get rid of it; (5) Keep record of nursing content: time, period, signature of personnel who does nursing and person in charge carries out inspection and give signature. (6) Periodical nursing shall be carried out one time per half year generally.


VII. Determination and Resolution of Failure

Variety of current value of each ozone generator’s ammeter is the main means to find and determine the failure. During the equipment in operation, working current value is very stable, it seldom changes unless power supply voltage has some change. In case working current value of Ampere meter lowers exceed 0.5A, it shall check whether there is any failure on this machine. Please refer to the first chapter of maintenance manual for the method of examination and resolution.

VIII. Method to emergency of ozone generator occuring failure

If oxygen generator in model CFZY-XX ozone generator occurs failure, which can not be removed at short time, while ozone generator at upper side runs normally(working current value is normal) and users requires the ozone urgently, thus, oxygen bottle will be the best choice to this situation. The method is as following:

(1) Remove back cover board, pull out power socket(white) of oxygen generating unit, stop the oxygen generating part of ozone generator. (2) Hire a industrial oxygen bottle(used for welding) from oxygen station, deploy a reducing valve, and connect gas outlet of reducing valve and gas inlet of flowmeter of ozone generator using transparent PVC hose. (3) Two pieces air pressure gauges are available on the reducing valve, high pressure gauges shows pressure in bottle, and low pressure gauges shows outlet pressure of reducing valve. Please note that general reducing valve used for welding which low pressure gauge’s full range is 2.5Mpa,but this machine required oxygen low pressure gauge’s indication only is 0.05 0.1Mpa, only 0.5~1 minor meter is shown.

(4) Turn the screw of reducing valve counter-clockwise, then open the angle of oxygen bottle, now, the high pressure gauge of reducing valve shows the oxygen pressure inside of the bottle(the oxygen pressure in a newly filled bottle is normally 12~14Mpa).Then slowly turn the screw of reducing valve clockwise to make the indication of the low pressure gauge’s finger only 0.05~0.1Mpa(Note: only a small metre on low pressure gauge, and don’t open too much).


IX. Electric Schematic Diagram

IX. Electric Schematic Diagram Note: This diagram is used for model CFY-24, which needs increase or

Note: This diagram is used for model CFY-24, which needs increase or reduce the amount of module comparing with the diagram of other models.


Part II summary of oxygen generating part of model CFZY-XX ozone generator Chapter One Operation Instruction of FY Oxygen Generator

I. Basic Parameter and Operation Method of FY-XB Oxygen Generator

1. Basic parameter of FY-XB Oxygen Generator Table 1



















output g


































FY-32B 32 2600 150
FY-32B 32 2600 150



FY-32B 32 2600 150
FY-32B 32 2600 150

Note: 1) FY-6B and FY-8B are composed of single set of oxygen generating unit respectively; 2) FY-12B and FY-16B etc. are made of two sets or more oxygen generating units by parallel connected.

2 Operation method of FY-XB Oxygen Generator (1) External view of the machine and instruction of starting up and debugging. External view

instruction of starting up and debugging. External view External View of FY-8B Oxygen Generator External View

External View of FY-8B Oxygen Generator

up and debugging. External view External View of FY-8B Oxygen Generator External View of FY-16B Oxygen

External View of FY-16B Oxygen Generator


Instruction of starting up and debugging

Place the oxygen generator on the flat ground, keeping above 0.5m space by all

around. Turn on power and switch, oxygen as required will come out continuously. Before

operating, adjust the floating ball to the rated oxygen flow rate listed on the Table 1, and

please note the conversion as: Unit for rated flow rate listed on the Table 1 is NL/min, while

unit of flow meter of ozone generator is NL/h.

Distinguish to the sound from normal running of oxygen generator

When the oxygen generator works normally, there are two kinds of sound when it starts


Sound from motor of compressor and piston of cylinder, which is regular sound as

“Woo… … …”.

Periodic switch sound as “Woo… bo… qi”

… …”. Periodic switch sound as “Woo… bo… qi” It is very important to distinguish the

It is very important to distinguish the fault through checking the sound of normal

running, users shall note whether the sound is normal or not after turning on the machine. (2) Automatic alarm function

Normal working voltage of oxygen generator is 200~240V, when the voltage is above

240V or less 200V, the compressor will not work normally, and the machine will send alarm

as buzzing automatically, at this time, user must turn off machine immediately. Where the

voltage is unstable, manostat is required to be fixed to ensure the oxygen generator work


(3) Notice

Room for the oxygen generator located shall be kept ventilation, clean and dry,

inflammable goods are not allowed to be placed.

Layman is not allowed to disassemble the machine without permission. If change

the fuse or maintain the machine, it must cut off the power supply.

The machine shall be grounded correctly and reliably.


Principle, Structure and FunctionalSpecification

of FY Oxygen Generator

I. Principle and Flow Chart

FY-XB oxygen generator adopt advanced physical oxygen generating principle, separate oxygen and nitrogen of air directly through the function of molecular sieve’s pressure swing adsorption (PSA), to get high concentration oxygen and provide oxygen persistently.

Chapter Two


Flow Chart of FY-6B/8B PSA Oxygen Generator Principle of pressure swing adsorption: when pressuring, molecular

Flow Chart of FY-6B/8B PSA Oxygen Generator

Principle of pressure swing adsorption: when pressuring, molecular sieve adsorb Nitrogen (Nitrogen molecular is adsorbed in the micropore of molecular sieve), while oxygen molecular is few adsorbed, most of oxygen molecular pass through the particle surface of molecular sieve; under normal pressure, desorb (exhaust the nitrogen from the micropore of molecular sieve) and backlash it to the air with part of oxygen. Run in cycle, it can reach the purpose of separating the oxygen from the air continuously. In order to separate the oxygen continuously, two adsorption tin are usually used, one is for pressuring, adsorbing and generating oxygen, the other is releasing, desorbing and exhausting nitrogen. With such cycle running, continuously come out oxygen with above 90% oxygen concentration. (See page 10 for details of outline structure )

II. Structure, Name and Function of FY-XB Oxygen Generating Unit


1. Outline and Structure Figure of FY-XB Oxygen Generator

1. Outline and Structure Figure of FY-XB Oxygen Generator 18


Outline and structure figure of FY-6B/8B oxygen generator Note: Except for the adsorption tin is

Outline and structure figure of FY-6B/8B oxygen generator

Note: Except for the adsorption tin is different, external and internal structure of FY-6B is totally same as that of FY-8B.

2. Name and Function of Each Spare Parts of FY-XB Oxygen Generator

Please refer to the photos and flow chart to know each parts’ name and function of this

series oxygen generator.

Take FY-8B as example, carry out description from airflow direction. Other FY-XB series

oxygen generator is connected in parallel based on FY-6B/8B oxygen generator, with

same principle and maintenance, no more comments hereafter.

(1)Filtrating cup

A high-effective filtrating cup is fixed on the FY-8B oxygen generator, which can filter

dust in air, to keep the molecular sieve of adsorption tin. It shall be changed termly as

working environment required.

(2)Air compressor

It is the main parts of FY-XB oxygen generator, which function is to compress the filtered


air to be 0.2±0.01Mpa compressed air.

(3)Air tube

The material of air tube is silicon rubber. Since oxygen generator vibrates during running, there will be crack and air leakage occurs when air tube bumps against other objects. Please choose spare parts from our company or heat resisting silicon rubber tube when change the air tube.


It carries out cooling down the high-temperature compressed air output from the compressor, which shall be cleaned dirt retention termly. (5) Fan It is applied to cool down condenser and compressor. (6) Air-water separator It is applied to separate compressed air and condensate water. (7)Control board Control board comes out timing signal of adsorption switch. There are two luminotrons with green color and red color on the board turning on and off alternately and continuously, indicating switchover timing. Its output controls two 2-3 solenoids’ on and off, so as to control adsorption tin’s adsorption and desorption. The board also has function of alarm for over voltage and under voltage. (8) Transformer It supplies power to thecontrol board. (9) Adsorption tin A and B Adsorption A and B are the core parts of this machine, inside of them are molecular sieves. When 2-3 solenoid A turns on, compressed air carries out pressurizing the adsorption tin A and adsorbing nitrogen to generate oxygen through the 2-3 solenoid A. At the same time, adsorption tin B carries out releasing, desorbing and exhausting nitrogen through 2-3 solenoid B. During this period, high-concentration oxygen is come out continuously. (10) Two position three–way(2-3) solenoid A and B 2-3 solenoid A and B carry out pressuring, adsorbing nitrogen to the adsorption tin under the control of control board, so that the oxygen flows the adsorption tin smoothly, at this time, 2-3 solenoid B carries out reducing pressure, desorbing and exhausting nitrogen to the adsorption tin under the function of spring since there is no signal from control board.


Timing chart from control board to 2-3 solenoid A and B is as below:

from control board to 2-3 solenoid A and B is as below: (11) One-way valve Its

(11) One-way valve

Its function is to prevent the oxygen in the oxygen tank not backflow to the adsorption tin

when the adsorption tin reduces pressure.

(12) Oxygen storage tank

Its function is to accumulate oxygen and stabilize the output pressure of oxygen.

(13) Bridging

It is a transparent hosepipe, restriction chock is built in. Little oxygen from the adsorption

tin A flow into adsorption tin B through the bridging to backlashes nitrogen.

(14) Pressure regulating valve

Pressure regulating valve and oxygen store tank are connected by the screw thread with silicon

oxygen, which

rubber sealing ring in the middle. The valve can regulate the pressure of output of

regulating range is 0.06-0.08Mpa. Pressure increases by clockwise, while decreases by anticlockwise. Value of output pressure is relative with the oxygen concentration, normally it is not regulated by large range.


Oxygen Generator









I. Maintaining

1. Room where oxygen generate is located shall be kept ventilation, clean and dry.

2. Clean each parts termly, such as compressor and condenser, etc.

3. Replace filtering cup termly. When carrying out replace, draw out the inside filtrating cup

by force, and replace with new cup. The period of replacing cup is fixed as per operating

environment; normally it is 2-12 months.

II. Trouble Shooting

There are three kinds of troubles may occurs on the oxygen generator, which is stated as following one by one. 1. Abnormal indication of flow meter (1)Non flowrate indication

The floater of flow meter does not floating up after normal starting up.

Refer to Table 3 for Trouble phenomenon, trouble reason and trouble shooting.

Table 3




Trouble reason


Trouble shooting







(1)Repair or replace jack socket or supply power directly. (2)Check the fuse.



compressor is not contact well, no power supplied.







Capacitance is damaged.


Replace the capacitance.


Compressor is damaged.


Replace the compressor.

Control board is damaged. (can

Power light on the board is off.

(1)Check whether the 15V transformer is normal or not. (2)Replace the control board.

hear compressor’s running sound, but

Switching light on the board is off.

Replace the control board.




Main pipeline inside the oxygen generator is crack seriously. (can hear running sound, while other leakage noise also exist)





Replace the main pipeline, use silicon rubber as material.








compressor leaks air largely.

(2)Over fluctuation of flow rate

When the oxygen generator works normally, the indication fluctuation of flow meter is

very small as normally is ±10%. When the fluctuation value is 30%~50% of the normal


value, it shall be judged as trouble occurs on the oxygen generator.

Refer to Table 4 for Trouble phenomenon, trouble reason and trouble shooting. Table 4

Trouble phenomenon


Trouble reason


Trouble shooting












damaged, one switching


compressor’s running



on, the other






sound is abnormal)


















Replace the pressure regulating valve or replace the diaphragm.

adsorption tin leaks. (switching sound and compressor’s running sound are both normal)





diaphragm inside valve is damaged.

Oxygen storage tank breaks and leaks.







The bridging leaks.


Replace the bridging or remove the leakage pipe.

(3) Alarm of voltage abnormal

On the control board, there is set supply voltage alarm line. When the AC voltage value

is higher than 240V or lower than 200V, the alarm send out harsh sound as “screech”

When hearing the alarm, user shall check the supply voltage, if the voltage is unstable,

the user shall equip a manostat. 2. Oxygen concentration lowers obviously. Oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator under normal going shall be equal or greater than 90%. (1) Detecting method

Adjust the flow meter to the rated oxygen flow rate, so that the outlet of oxygen

generator has oxygen output, at this time, take a oxygen analyzer to test whether the

oxygen concentration meets the required standard or not. (2) Reason and maintenance of oxygen concentration decreasing

Air leakage

Any section of air circuit of the oxygen generator occurs leakage will result in under

pressure when the adsorption tin pressurizing, bringing decrease of oxygen concentration.

Check the leakage point and remove it.

Abnormal switchover


When the switchover is abnormal, though the change of air flow rate is not large 15% 20% , oxygen concentration may also lowers. Check the control board and 2-3 solenoid whether sometimes is normal and sometimes is abnormal, so as to replace the damaged accessories. Compressor ageing The pressure always cannot be up, normal output pressure of air compressor is about 0.18 0.22Mpa, since the compressor is aged, the pressure cannot be raised even if the piston’s snap ring looses. Replace the compressor after confirmation. Molecular sieve inside adsorption tin ageing Service-life of molecular sieve is about above 5000 hours. After two years’ operation, if the oxygen concentration lowers, it shall replace the adsorption tin. Pressure regulating valve is damaged If air pressure is regulated incorrectly, the produced oxygen concentration will not meet the standard. If sealing silicon rubber ring inclines, it shall align and screw it; if the sealing ring ages and breaks, it shall be replaced.