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Inner Spark

November/December 2012

News, information and inspiration for members and friends of Unity of London

We appreciate our volunteers

Appreciating our Choir Our Choir is led by Jake Levesque, a wonderful and capable Music Man, who leads our Choir with such ease and grace. As I look into the face of each member of our Choir as they sing with such joy I can't help but smile. The Choir makes our hearts sing. Lets give a big applause for our wonderful Music Man and our Choir members as they give of their time and talent to uplift our congregation every Sunday. Appreciating our Counters "You Count!" I say this to our wonderful volunteers who give of their time after our Sunday Service to count and keep track of our abundance and prosperity. They provide a wonderful and honorable service and ministry. You truly do count in more ways than one. Thanks for making a difference for all here at Unity. In Appreciation, Mary Hagan Volunteer Ministry Co-ordinator

A Song for Rev. Lori

Carol Damen, left, sings a special song for Rev. Lori Hisson during a celebration September 9 marking the 20th anniversary of Unity of London and Rev. Loris 12th anniversary as minister and spiritual leader. Michael McDougall, who provides musical accompaniment on his guitar, and Carol wrote A Song for Rev. Lori. More anniversary photos on pages 4 and 12.

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Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

Inner Spark
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Our theme for this year is: Discover the Power Within. Unity of London is a member of Unity Canada, Unity World-wide Ministries, and affiliated with Silent Unity and Unity Institute.

Our Vision: Centered in God we co-create a world that works for all.

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

From the Editors Notebook

The second person was Rev. JoAnn Dubrouillet of Unity of Panama City, Florida, who made the heart and love the central theme of one of her two Sunday talks in September. Rev. JoAnn retired in 1983 after 17 years as minister at Unity of Panama City. (See her photo on page 12). She was in London for two weeks as a guest of Board President Larry Breau and his wife Kathy. Larry invited Rev. JoAnn, a special friend, to be guest speaker during the September 9 celebration marking the 20th anniversary of Unity of London and the 12th anniversary of Rev. Lori Hisson as minister and spiritual leader here. As he chaired the special Sunday celebration, Larry noted how much he appreciated Rev. JoAnn. She was of particular help to him spiritually when he attended Unity of Panama City for the first time in 1998. In fact, he said, Rev. JoAnn changed my life. A former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot stationed in Florida at the time, Larry said he had not been very interested in religion. However, his wife Kathy had been attending Unity meetings for some time and finally convinced Larry to come out to a meeting. After visiting Unity of Panama City and meeting Rev. JoAnn, Larry soon realized that this was what he had been

... Pat Moauro, LUT

looking for and soon became what he describes as a devoted Unitic - a slang term that some Unity people apply to themselves and fellow believers. I love Unity, Larry said with deep feeling and emotion. I love what it teaches ... That's why I'll always be a Unitic. As she started her first talk during the September 9 celebration, Rev. JoAnn said I didn't change his life. Larry changed his own life. She told members of Unity of London: Together you have built a spiritual home. So many lives have been changed healed transformed. There is no one here who is the same as when you first walked in here. She noted that we are in the midst of the greatest shift in consciousness in history. We're living in the greatest time in history to be alive ... we can create a world of love and peace that works for everyone. You are the people and now is the time. On September 23, Rev. JoAnn talked about the heart and how it has an intelligence of its own. The Heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. These signals from the heart are 5,000 times stronger than from the brain. We're energy beings.

Our heart has an intelligence of its own

Pat Moauro Editor

The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of ... We know the truth, not only by the reason, but by the heart.

- Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

ascals quotation helps to emphasize the importance of our heart - not only as a physical muscle and organ pumping lifegiving blood non-stop throughout our body - but as a source of our deepest emotions and motivations. Spiritual teachers and mystics for ages have taught that the heart is actually the seat of emotion and influences our behaviour and decisions more than the brain. Love is usually associated with the heart. Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore taught that Love is one of the 12 Powers, or Faculties, found in the body and Love is located in the heart area. Its colour is pink, and is represented by the apostle John. Interestingly, I encountered two individuals recently who spoke about the importance of the heart and love. One was Roger Gustafson, who has been attending Unity of London for the past dozen years. Earlier this year Roger had open heart surgery to repair a clogged artery. His profile and my discussion with him is on page 8.

Healing is Revealing the True You

Conscious Awareness Reveals Options

Dare to be aware, Claim the life you long for! Ria Caro 519-439-8558
Ria, a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, is an awareness counsellor, spiritual teacher, holistic nutritionist, and healer.

Our Purpose: We seek to inspire everyone to see and experience God in every face.

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

Spiritually Speaking
What do we need to become to end starvation, poverty, war and greed? Barbara Marx Hubbard states that we are at a dramatic moment of choice. She invites us to birth: New creativity New co-operation New wisdom New life Join us as we turn our focus to Birth 2012 for the world which can only be born from our own personal rebirth. Unity of Londons vision, creating a world that works for all, and Birth 2012s goal match up beautifully. I invite you to be a part of this focus knowing that together we can help unfold the world we want to live

... with Rev. Lori Hisson

in and the world we want to leave to our children. Blessed Holiday Love,

Birth 2012 for the world matches Unity vision

Rev. Lori

Rev. Lori Minister and Spiritual Leader

Read Rev. Loris daily blog. You can access it through her Facebook page. Just click on the posts titled: Random Thoughts.

ts hard to believe that we are on the brink of December and the Christmas celebrations. And this year may look different. The Mayan calendar ends December 21st and Birth 2012 is being marked December 22nd. Some believe it is the end; however, others, such as Unity, see a new beginning. I think we will be growing beyond our traditional birth story of Jesus for the most part and instead focus on how we can use his teachings to create a more enlightened humanity together. After all, his entire earthly journey was about us. He didnt live so that we could adore him. He was a teacher. He modelled his teachings. And He was a rebel who balked against those who took the spirit out of Universal Laws and lived by the letter of the law. Birth 2012, through the Shift Network, is asking us to be a conscious, committed, passionate, agent of change. Doesnt that sound like Jesus message? What would a new world look like?

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Unity of London Board President Larry Breau pays tribute to Rev. Lori Hisson during the September 9 anniversary celebration. Rev. Lori holds flowers presented to her by the Board.

Our Values: Love, Prayer, Compassion, Truth, Joy, Diversity, Integrity, Prosperity, Transformation.

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

The Presidents Report

running the recent Trunk sale. Although the weather did not cooperate on the scheduled day the intrepid leaders quickly reorganized and others pitched in to run the event the following week. Thanks for the hard work and the nice donation to the Unity operating fund. For those who missed Posipalooza all I can say is ... What a fantastic night of positive spiritual music and for only $20! In my opinion this is the best entertainment bang for the buck that Unity offers all year. I hope those who could not attend the concert Saturday night, September 29, were able to hear Mary Megon Margret McDonough bless us with her vocal talents the next day at Sunday service. Make a note to attend next year you will not be disappointed. The Prosperity Bank fund-raising initiative is off to a good start and thanks to all who have participated. My wife loves this fund-raiser because it is so easy and I have a place to put all my loose change rather than the table in the foyer, my bedside table, the dining room table, the desk or the bathroom vanity. I trust that Thanksgiving weekend was a great time of gratitude for all. Rev. Loris message of thanksgiving and believing was excellent get the CD if family events precluded your attendance and build on your gift of gratitude and abundance. Welcome back friends Welcome back to Lola Hache, who has returned to the flock from her trek across the mountains of Spain on her 840-km El Camino walk. Jack and Teresa Van Diepen

... Larry Breau

are back from assisting apple orchard friends from the hectic pace of harvest; and John and Carol Damen have just wrapped up the bridal showers and wedding of their daughter Emily a very joyous occasion. We are now into the season of membership renewals, Board nominations and event planning for Christmas and winter months. Bill Tallman will be heading up the big fund-raising dance and silent auction again this coming year. If you have any great ideas for special community outreach projects for Christmas time this year, please contact a board member or Rev. Lori with your idea. Two members of our Leaders in Training Program have stepped up to Board of Director positions. We welcome Pauline Duncan-Thrasher and Sylvia Van der Hoek as new Members at Large, two very important positions on the seven-member Unity of London Board of Directors. Leaders in Training learn the Board processes and procedures, some of the specific duties and time commitments, then determine if they are interested in becoming a Board member. If you have some interest in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact me or any other Board members to become a Leader in Training. Thousands of people are looking for what our spiritual home offers they just dont know where to find us! Together we can transform lives. UNITY - A positive path for Spiritual Living, Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living.

Energy at Unity of London celebration off the scale

Larry Breau Board President

hat a busy late summer and fall we had at Unity of London! Unity celebrated 20 years as a spiritual centre in London and 12 years with Rev. Lori Hisson as our spiritual leader. What an awesome day September 9 when we celebrated all of the spiritiual growth and life changing transformations during the last two decades!

The energy here at our Unity centre September 9 was off the scale and it warmed my heart to see so many of our active members and many of our past members enjoying the festivities. I hope everyone enjoyed the guest speaker Rev. JoAnn Dubrouillet of Unity of Panama City, Florida. I am so blessed to have both Rev. Lori and Rev. JoAnn in my life. Thank you, one more time, to all who helped set up, mixed and grilled the pancakes, wrote and performed the songs and shared Unity history from their personal experience. Jake Levesque and Emilio Zarris performed to their usual excellent standard to help make this special celebration Sunday a memorable occasion. Thanks to Terry Dash and Sylvia Van der Hoek for organizing and


Our Vision: Centered in God we co-create a world that works for all.

Unity of London - Inner Spark November/December 2012

Rosemary Fillmore Rhea makes her transition

Rosemary Fillmore Rhea, the granddaughter of Unity cofounders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, and a bright light in the Unity movement, made her transition on October 11, 2012. In a communication to the worldwide Unity family, Unity Worldwide Ministries said: We see each of us comforted knowing that love eternally connects our hearts and strengthens us to carry on the good work created by our beloved Fillmore family. She was born Oct. 21, 1925, at Unity Farm. Her parents were W. Rickert Fillmore and Harriett Collins Fillmore. Unity Farm, now Unity Village, Missouri, was Rosemarys home for most of her life. Ordained a Unity minister in 1980, Rosemary served for decades as Unitys world ambassador of goodwill. She is best known for her television broadcast, The Daily Word which ran for twelve years in the 1950s and 60s, and then for a while in syndication. She also initiated, with the help of her late husband Ralph Rhea, the public service program called The Word which was on more than a thousand radio and television stations across the country and which starred many Hollywood stars and personalities. Rosemary also co-produced three documentary films, Around the World in Search of Faith; Charles Fillmore: American Mystic; and Unity, A School of Christianity. Her autobiography, Thats Just How My Spirit Travels, was published in 2003. In 1986 she founded the Myrtle Fillmore Center in Kansas City which eventually merged

This photo of Rosemary Fillmore Rhea is from a colour portrait hanging in the Education Building at Unity Village, Missouri. The colour photo had to be changed to black and white for this publication. - Photo by Pat Moauro with Unity Temple on the Plaza. In later years she was involved in raising funds to build the Unity Preparatory and Kindergarten School in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Rosemary traveled to Jamaica every year, and her friends there were an integral part of her life. Rosemary was listed in Whos Who of American Women. After a private family service, a celebration of Rosemarys life was held on Sunday, October 21 (Rosemarys birthday) at Unity Inn, Unity Village, MO. (This information on Rosemary Fillmore Rheas life was taken from her obituary published in the Kansas City Star.)

Our Purpose: We seek to inspire everyone to see and experience God in every face.

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

Prosperity Report

... with Jack Van Diepen, Treasurer

Financially, Unity has fulfilled all of its commitments we had planned for as your Board of Directors deals with the fluctuations of summer attendance. The property committee has been busy looking into another location for Unity. After checking into all the details, the property committee decided not to commit any more time to the project and suggested to the Board that we stay where we are for now. The more we look around the more we appreciate our present space. The perfect place is out there for us and any input from the memberOutflows $11,694.65 $12,812.34 $110,955.48 Difference - $4,468.23 - $476.62 + $21,567.77 ship is much appreciated. We have been blessed with some new members and together we will move Unity forward. The Unity Prosperity Banks are working well and add to the prosperity of all of us. Remember to deposit any loose coins you may have each day and repeat the prosperity affirmation printed on the top of the bank. This daily exercise develops your prosperity consciousness and your awareness of God's abundance in your life. Prosperity is a way of thinking and living and comes in a lot of different ways. I appreciate all of your financial commitments that make my job much easier and help to balance our books better. Thank you for all your support. ALL IS WELL,

Unity of London to stay in present space - for now

Jack Van Diepen Treasurer

all is here and, hopefully, everyone has enjoyed the wonderful summer we have had. We can now get ready for winter. Inflows August 2012 $ 7,867.49 September 2012 $12,335.72 Year To Date $132,523.25 Operating Fund Balance Reserve Fund

$ 7,828.23 $10,116.11


Restricted/New Home funds $12,020.12

Community organizations receive tithes

Each month Unity of London tithes part of its income to community organizations. Following are recipients of our tithes in August and September: The people in charge at My Sisters Place believe in womens resilience and welcome all women with dignity and respect.

August - My Sisters Place

My Sisters Place is a safe, supportive community for women facing homelessness or being at risk. Their programs address the underlying issues of mental illness, addiction, street involvement, abuse, trauma, health, and poverty.

September Salvation Army Ontario Great Lakes Division

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882 and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country.

Mary Anne Morris



Cell: 519-878-8090

Our Values: Love, Prayer, Compassion, Truth, Joy, Diversity, Integrity, Prosperity, Transformation

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

Personal Transformation

Roger Gustafson finds experiential Christianity in Unity

By Pat Moauro Shortly after Roger Gustafson underwent open heart surgery, he and I enjoyed a pleasant heart-to-heart chat in the leafy shade of a gazebo at London's Parkwood Hospital in July this year. As he was recuperating from his heart bypass operation, Roger recounted how two minor illnesses had led him to a doctor and to having an angiogram, which uncovered a clogged heart artery. This was a malady I didn't know about, he said, adding that he was grateful to Spirit that the clogged artery was discovered and that his required heart surgery at University Hospital was successful. Another obstacle popped up when he told the medical and nursing staff that he wanted to go to Parkwood Hospital to recuperate until he was ready to move back into his own residence. One of the nurses, he said, adamantly insisted that would not be possible, since he was not considered an appropriate candidate for Parkwood. However, Roger believes in the power of prayer. About a week before he came to Parkwood he meditated and prayed: God the Christ within me now finds a way to be in Parkwood Hospital and to train me for older life. On July 20, Roger was transferred to Parkwood, where he remained until he was well enough to move into his own apartment this fall. Roger noted that he has enjoyed his association with Unity for the past dozen years after meeting Cathy Granger, a Unity member who spoke to him about Unity and gave him some Unity magazines. Roger, who had been raised in Nordic Lutheran Churches since childhood, said: I was looking for experiential Christianity. After being introduced to Unity, Roger asked himself: Is this what I've been looking for the last 20 years? He recalls that Rev. Lori Hisson, minister at Unity of London, told him to have courage as he sorted out his new spiritual feelings and ideas. As Roger grew in his understanding of Unity's spiritual principles, he served as a Prayer Chaplain for a time, praying with others in need of prayer support. Walking through the door at Meadowbrook (where Unity of London meets), I recalled saying 'I'm home. I've arrived.' Bob (Hisson) enrolled me as a greeter. I told visitors 'Welcome home'.

Roger Gustafson Roger added that 'Welcome home' became a trademark for me. I feel comfortable there. Viewing the Christed one ... I now understood what Deepak Chopra wrote when he said that 'Jesus pointed the way. Jesus came to earth to point to something better a different way.' Before discovering Unity, Roger Gustafson enjoyed a varied life, starting with a distinguished career as a musician and music history teacher at the University of Western Ontario in London (now Western University). Born in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, in 1939, Roger attended St. Olaf College, a Luthern music school in Minnesota; Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, where he was a piano performance major. Continued on page 9

Our Vision: Centered in God we co-create a world that works for all

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012

From the Volunteer Ministry Coordinator

sistant, experienced audio visual service, and greeters and ushers hospitality. Add to the beauty of Unity and enter into our bountiful flow of energy and love.

... Mary Hagan

I am watching you. And I see you. In beauty and bounty,

Volunteers at Unity display beauty and bounty

Mary Hagan ... continued from page 8

Roger Gustafson

Mary Hagan Volunteer Ministry Coordinator

ts a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Its a beautiful day at Unity of London. What makes Unity beautiful? You do. All our wonderful volunteers who give of their time, talents and treasure make Unity the beautiful and welcoming place that it is. What flows out of beauty is bounty. So how can we make Unity even more bountiful? When I arrive at Unity each Sunday and our volunteers are on duty, there is such a bountiful flow of love and energy. I would love to increase our bountiful flow of love and energy even more here at Unity. I would love to see an abundance of volunteers using their gifts and talents in one of our Volunteer Ministry positions. Come talk to me and together we can find that right and perfect ministry for you to serve in as a volunteer here at Unity. We have some wonderful opportunities for you to serve. Check these out and let me know what feels like a fit for you. We need kitchen help, before-service and after-service help, as well as Childrens Ministry teacher and as-

In his third year at Oberlin, Roger was in a class of 120 that spent a year in Salzburg, Austria, studying classical music. In 1962, in his fourth year at Oberlin, he worked as a graduate assistant, later moving to Kent State in Ohio for two years where he obtained a Masters degree in music. At the University of Wisconsin Roger taught piano and music, later earning another Masters degree in music history. After working as a graduate assistant and a personal assistant to a teacher and mentor, Roger had two job offers one in Wichita, Kansas and one in London, Ontario. He chose London, Ontario. In 1970, he moved here and for the next 13 years taught music history and worked seven of those years on a PhD in music history. Roger left in 1983 when his contract was not renewed. He went into sales, selling Apple computers to school boards, as well as holding other jobs and positions. Married in 1964, Roger has been separated for 13 years. Roger, 73, advised all men and women to have an angiogram at least once a year, especially as they age. He is grateful that as a result of an angiogram his clogged heart artery was discovered in time. While physical health is important, he also stressed that one's spirituality is of prime importance. My life in Unity is experiential Christianity, Roger said. I have been able to experience God's grace a gift of Spirit. I continue to pray that Christ consciousness be implanted (in me) that I may use it for service.

Our Purpose: We seek to inspire everyone to see and experience God in every face

10 Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December


Coming Events
NEW PROGRAM How to Speak Unity in Your Life: starts Jan. 14
If you are seeking a deeper understanding of life and your spirituality, Unity can help. Studying Unity philosophy helps us to look at the world from a different perspective, one that broadens our appreciation of how universal Unity really is. The world is longing for compassion, direction and oneness. Unity offers all of these. After you take part in this program you will have a deeper understanding of How to Speak Unity in your life. Your willingness to speak Unity and to share Unity will help Unity to fulfill

our vision to create a world that works for all. Unitys message is needed globally - as near and far as you can possibly imagine. In a small group, over seven weeks starting the week of January 14, you will study: How to Speak, Live, Share, Discover, Grow, Pray and Be Unity Sign up for a home study group or be a part of the group that meets at Unity during seven Wednesday evenings. We are looking for people to host a group in their home. Pick the day and time that works for you. Facilitator training is available ... a chance to grow and expand your talents. Sign-up sheets are in the Fellowship Room. Thank you for participating as either a facilitator or a participant.

Sunday Soloists
November 4 - Pam Gerrand November 11 - Emilio Zarris December 9 - Emilio Zarris December 23 - Cameron Carver

Unity Community Outreach

Sunday, November 25, from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Rev. Lori invites our Unity Choir and others to help with a Sunday service for residents of Glendale Crossing Long Term Care Facility (south side of Southdale Road, between Wonderland Road and Notre Dame Drive). The service is followed by refreshments that we help serve. Please arrive by 1:45 p.m. to help hand out hymn books and help the residents find seating.

Change Incongruities in the Brain and Feed your Cells What They Need

Bookkeeper for Unity of London

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Bill Tallman - Author, Life Coach, 3rd Degree Reiki Master 519-349-2252, or 519-643-8255 Email:

Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December 2012


Spirit Matters

... Victoria Withenshaw, Bookstore Manager

yourself with positive affirmations and warmth. Only two left at $29.99. There will be an awesome selection of 2013 Calendars. Several new inspirational childrens books, includingTo Sleep With The Angels and In Every Moon There Is A Face. Unity has two new publications The Lazarus Blueprint and Rants to Revelation. With Christmas around the corner, browse our shelves for stocking stuffers or gifts that are a little out of the ordinary, such as pet paw mitts and meditation cushions (I use mine at yoga). Our RED DOT sale continues until Dec. 25th. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible without taxes, saving you $. Spirit Matters announces a new Bookstore Babe, Sylvia Squair. Please stop to say welcome. I thank all the Babes and you for continued support and requests. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas as 2012 comes to a close. In Love and Light,

Book Store RED DOT sale continues until Dec. 25

Victoria Withenshaw Bookstore Manager

Victoria Withenshaw Bookstore Manager

Prosperity Banks due last Sunday of each month
Our Canadian pennies will no longer be minted in the New Year. We ask that you collect them and place them in your Prosperity Bank, speak your affirmation and watch your abundance flow! We invite you to bring in your banks or the monies youve collected and empty them into the bucket on the last Sunday of each month. REPEAT and allow the cycle to continue again next month. Thanks so much everybody. So far we have raised over $300 from the Prosperity Banks. We are prosperous! Monies are dedicated to our New Home (Fund) which we envision in a neighborhood, on a bus route and centrally located in London.

s the end of 2012 approaches, are you still afraid? My only fear is that this winter may be brutally cold. So just to be sure when you are feeling the coldness of our Canadian winter, wrap yourself in one of our Afirmawraps to comfort

Join us for a potluck meal following the Sunday service on November 18. You are also invited to stay for our annual Christmas Potluck and talent show following our Christmas service December 16. See Jake Levesque to sign up for the talent show.

Christmas Outreach
WATCH for details of our Outreach for Christmas in coming weeks. We live in an abundant Universe and giving to others is sharing from our abundance. We are always grateful to share and to be of service to the community as we feel called to do so.

You will love our subs and wraps!

4026 Meadowbrook Dr. South COLD PLATTERS Unit # 115 - London, ON SUBS & WRAPS Phone: (519) 652.8294 Email:

12 Unity of London - Inner Spark - November/December


Our Unity Family Album

In photo above, at left, Mary Hagan poses with Ann Brinkman of London, who attended the 20th anniversary of the revival of Unity of London and the 12th anniversary of Rev. Lori Hisson as minister and spiritual leader on September 9. Ann Brinkmans association with Unity goes back to 1969 when she opened her home to a study group. In photo at upper right, Board President Larry Breau and Blanca Morales pitch into to prepare pancakes for the September 9 celebration breakfast. Below, at left, Rev. JoAnn Dubrouillet, guest speaker for two Sundays; and audience members and four visiting musicians sing during the Posipalooza concert at Unity of London September 29.

Our Purpose: We seek to inspire everyone to see and experience God in every face