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MassageFest 2012

Business Name ______________________________________________________________________ Contact Person_______________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code__________________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone_________________________________ Cell Phone _________________________ Email address ________________________________________________ Vendor Space is 12 x 12, please specify the number of spaces required__________________ Vendor Fee: (Please check one) ________$45.00 per individual _________$100.00 per corporation Silver Reef Casino will supply your booth table and two chairs. Description of booth display: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Governing Provisions: (Please read carefully) The number of vendor spaces at the Festival is limited and space will be assigned on a first come, firstserved basis; provided, however, that MassageFest, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to assign vendor spaces as it deems in the best interest of the event. MassageFest, LLC reserves the right to prohibit the service of any item or items not identified in the vendors description (above). Set up time will be from 8:00am to 10:00am, and must be set up and ready no later than 10:00 a.m. Break down of your booth must be completed by 3:30pm. Vendors must continuously occupy the assigned location and be open for service during event hours 10:00am2:00pm. . Registration fees are NonRefundable. The Silver Reef Casino & Spa Security Dept will patrol the event area; however each vendor is solely responsible for securing its equipment and other personal property. NO FOOD ITEMS OR BEVERAGES MAY BE SOLD! It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to obtain all permits, licenses, etc. MassageFest, LLC reserves the right to prohibit the sale or distribution of materials that may be illegal, pornographic, or those considered offensive. Please do not display any merchandise that would be inappropriate for children. This is a family friendly event. Any decision made by MassageFest, LLC officials is final. In addition, and not by way of limitation, by signing this form the vendor acknowledges andagrees, on behalf of itself and its employees, agents and volunteers, that neither MassageFest, LLC, the Silver Reef nor its officers, employees or volunteers undertake any duty, of any nature, to thevendor or its operations during the event. Registration Form and Payment must be submitted by December 1, 2012 Make check payable to: MassageFest, LLC Return this form and payment to: MassageFest PO Box 773 Bellingham, WA 98227 At this time the Silver Reef is unsure if electricity will be provided for any of the booths so please plan accordingly. Pease list any items you are selling or distributing:

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Waiver and Release The undersigned vendor, on behalf of itself, its employees, officers, volunteers and agents, hereby releases, waives and agrees to hold harmless MassageFest, LLC and the Silver Reef Casino & Spa, as well as their officers, employees, agents and volunteers, from and against any and all claims,losses, causes of action, judgments or damages (including consequential damages), of any kind or nature, arising out of or related to: the vendors use of casinoowned property as authorized herein;operations or activities conducted by or on behalf of the vendor or its agents, contractors,employees or others during the Festival; the terms of this form and release; or, the provision of goods or services to the vendor by any third party. I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this form and release and enter into it voluntarily and knowingly. This form and release is binding when signed by the vendor applicant and the waiver, release and indemnity provisions shall survive the conclusion ofMassagfeFest, LLC and the City the Silver Reef Casino & Spa.

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________________