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Ma Kali the Symbol of Knowledge Swami Ishatmananda

On 13th of November, 2012 Hindus all over the world will be performing the worship of Goddess Kali. Ma Kali is considered by the Tantra Shastra as the Goddess of Shakti (power). The power of human being is not in his physique but in his brain. The humans conquered the whole world with power of knowledge and wisdom. The nature is the repository of all wisdom, the mother of all knowledge. To bring this truth home to the ordinary people the great thinkers of India introduced the image of Goddess Kali. She is black indicating unknown, things we do not know. Our ignorance is symbolized as dark, black. She is without any cover, indicating the all pervading nature. To cover anything we need some thing bigger than that. Since nature is the biggest, there is nothing to cover it. The uniqueness of the Image is the garland of human skull. Many are afraid to see this image. Some are apprehensive and majority make wrong interpretation. The real meaning of the human skull is some thing wonderful, depicting the importance of knowledge. Human skull is the symbol of knowledge and intelligence. And knowledge is most precious hence the Goddess is wearing it as a garland as if to say that the power and the wealth of humanity is knowledge.
Through the image of Goddess Kali, the symbol of nature, ordinary people were taught that the nature is the repository of all wisdom

Human skull is the symbol of knowledge and intellect. And knowledge is most precious hence the Goddess is wearing it as a garland.

She is holding a sword in her upper left hand symbolizing knowledge. Knowledge should be used to remove ignorance. In her lower left hand she is holding a human skull as if inviting the human being to receive knowledge. Both of her right hands show Baraha and Abhaya meaning offering grace and assurance. Among all the creatures of the world human being is most important because of his thinking capacity. When humans use their intellect for the betterment and development of all, they receive divine grace and protection. Siva lying at the feet of mother Kali is the symbol of knowledge without action. When the same knowledge become active (creating, preserving, destroying) it is known as Kali. According to Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna Deva, Shiva and Kali are one and the same. Kali puja is also celebrated by many as Deepabali (the celebration of light). Light again is the symbol of knowledge. As light removes darkness, similarly knowledge removes ignorance. Through the worship of Goddess Kali the people are inspired to inculcate knowledge because knowledge is power. .. May the divine power, Ma Kali, bless us all.