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Ludovic at a glance :

Ludovic, it's the optimization of the TSE process and the product quality at the finger tips thanks to a tried-and-tested model based on the physics equations.

added services user's environment numerical layer Physics layer

Scheme of the different layers describing the Ludovic software structure

The numerical model and the user's environment bring advanced functionalities : the DOE to define functioning domain, a statistical tool to check correlation degrees between parameters and results and so on.
Opposite : sequence analysis of mean residence time depending on screw rotation speed and flow rate

The Licensing model

Simulation for

Different Ludovic licenses are available. The Ludovic Classic license is a permanent license which holds the Sequencer and the Optimizer modules (also available on an annual basis) LudovicNet is proposed as a SAAS*on European and US servers.
* Software As A Service

Twin Screw Extruder

Control the Process to Contol the Product Improve the Mixing Optimize the Screw Design Adapt Process Settings Enhance the Production

Ludovic Portfolio

Ludovic Classic
License Type Simulations License Duration One Shot Simulation Comparative analysis Sequencer/Optimizer Training Service Assistance Service Update Service SCC eSupport Site
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Internet Contact SCC for subscription Contact SCC for subscription

Single or Multi station Unlimited Permanent

Suitable for : All extruders sizes & brands All materials All TSE applications



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Ludovic Objective and Audience

For More Information contact : Laurent RATTE : Sciences Computers Consultants
10 rue du plateau des glires F-42000 Saint Etienne France +33 4 77 49 75 80 Ludovic : a numerical simulation software for corotating Twin Screw Extruders (TSE). The target audience : Manufacturing Industry Process or Research Engineers Process & Material Laboratories Engineering Schools or Public Research Centers

The Twin Screw Technology : for various applications Improving the Twin Screw Technology by Numerical Simulation

Ludovic : the software for the Product Development

All applications suitable

Ludovic : applications/services for a fast learning curve

Ludovic is suitable for all kinds of TSE applications. It allows the optimisation of the process which provides a strategic advantage on productivity and quality of the material.

Ludovic proposes to define all screw profiles, adapted to every TSE applications.

Analysing the process trends : application to the thermal regulation profile

Ludovic proposes a wide range of results to analyse the main process trends : material behaviour, residence time, energy balance...

Ludovic is a 1D software for corotating twin screws. Ludovic models the material flow and analyzes the thermomechanical history of the material during the extrusion process.

4 Tabs Technology

The 4 Tabs technology provides a fast path for the TSE modeling

Thermal regulation profile

In that case, we focus on the thermal regulation profile effect. To observe that, we compare the distribution of temperature profiles all along the screw for different configurations. With this application, we are able to rule out the configurations whose temperature exceed the material thermal capabilities.

Modeling of the TSE geometry Definition of the material characteristics Definition of the operating conditions Run the simulation (less than 1 minute for a One Shot simulation)

Testing the material/process sensitivity with the DOE All TSE applications and compatibility
The 4 tabs technology is suitable for all extruders models and brands On the picture : comparison of temperature distribution along the screw profile and special tab of the screw elements customization The DOE is used to plot the process/material sensitivity. In practice, the virtual DOE allows to check a complete functioning domain for a given configuration.

Screw rpm vs material flow rate

To analyse the material sensitivity, we make change in the same time screw rotation speed and material flow rate. This combination changes the material behaviour during the process. We observe the variations of mean residence time and dissipated energy on the opposite pictures. The green parts of the curve conditions which have been fixed. mean acceptable
Residence time variations Dissipated Energy variations

All screw elements are fully cusomizable

Added Services : a guide to the Analysis

On top of licensing Ludovic, SCConsultants provides responsive services.


Hot Line
Techincal hot line to support and assist you in the Ludovic use

Advanced Seminars
Organized by SCC, to provide tips and ways to efficiently use Ludovic

One shot Compare DOE

Ludovic provides qualitative data about the material behaviour, the mixing efficiency and information about the system global state :

To get used to the Ludovic functionalities and the results interpretation

Identifying the main results/trends for one studied TSE configuration Selecting criterions to check the best results Virtual Design Of Experiments (DOE) for testing the process/material sensitivity

Specific developments
Developments of models for customer needs : on demand

Ludovic is available for studies or consultancies

Customer engineering
SCC provides engineering resources together with software as on-site support