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Facts & Figures for November 4, 2012 Attendance (159 and 184)...........................343 Sunday School........123 General Fund Receipts.........$11,295.00 Capital Fund Receipts.......................$2,622.00 Loose Offering/Sunday School..$117.67 Non-Budget Funds Receipts......$9,971.51 Preliminary Facts & Figures as of October 31, 2012 YTD Budget Receipts.........$390,901.41 YTD Budget Expenses...$377,418.90 Net Receipts over Expenses$13,482.90 Presented by Kay Smith, Treasurer,

Volume 2012

The Stillwater Christian

November 6

Wednesday Night Fellowship, Wednesday 6:00pm Menu: Mexican Spread - Pollo con Arroz (chicken & rice casserole), Announcements 1 Fajita Veggies, Salad, Refried beans, Tortilla Soup, Quesadillas, Chips Care and Feeding 2 and Salsa, and Crunchy tacos for kids. Dessert is Gingerbread with Of a Candle Lemon curd Children & Youth 3 Classes begin at 6:30. This week we will be taking a group to the HarBirthdays & 3 vest 2 warehouse to help sort canned goods, weigh them, and more. Anniversaries We will have both vans available, or you can drive your own car. Owen Facts & Figures 4 will also be teaching his Bible Study class, and Knitting with Jo Ann and friends will continue as well. In This Issue FCC Thanksgiving Service and Dinner, November 18th Come join us as we celebrate with thanksgiving all that God has done for us. Celebrate the holiday with your church friends and family on Sunday, November 18th. The schedule for the day is as follows: Sunday School at 9:30, Combined service at 10:30, and then Dinner served at 11:30. Blessed Are the Saints of Past Today we honor the Juanita Jackson Endowment, a restricted endowment fund. Through her will, Juanita Jackson established two trusts which provide scholarships for students in ministerial vocations at Phillips Theological Seminary. Over the past two years, this endowment has generated nearly $285 in scholarship funds for deserving students. Please keep the FCC managed endowment trust in mind as you make plans for your future financial gifts and asset allocations. Disciples of Christ Are Responding to Hurricane Sandy CWS expertise in the U.S. focuses on long-term recovery: helping the most vulnerable prepare for and recover from disaster. Week of Compassion partners with CWS to address crisis and long-term recovery all over the world. So far, CWS has sent material aid shipments to Hillside, NJ; Beaver, WV; Bethpage, Bronx and Hempstead, NY; and Allentown, PA. These supplies included 7,010 CWS Blankets; 8,100 Hygiene Kits; 6,030 School Kits; 4,420 Baby Kits and 1,574 Emergency Clean-Up Buckets. Thank You Note From Carmelita Bell I want to thank everyone from the church for the visits, sacraments, and the shawl. I am at home and in a wheelchair now and will learn how to walk again. Sincerely, Carmelita

Central Area Churches Praying for Churches This week we are praying for: FCC in Kaw City

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WE ARE CURRENTLY COLLECTING ITEMS FOR THE CHILDRENS CHRISTMAS STORE The Store will be open on Dec. 1st. If you have items youd like to donate, please bring them to the church office ASAP. Suggestions are jewelry, trinkets, toys, etc. All items will be priced at $20.00 or less.

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Join us this Sunday for Owen Caytons Message, Finding Your Place: Whose Are You? based on Mark 12:38-44 and Psalm 146 Traditional 9:00am Sunday School 10:10 Contemporary 11:10

Owen Cayton, Senior Minister

The Care and Feeding of A Candle


Sondra Ladd, Children/Youth Ministry Director

A prayer for the church on November 7, 2012: God of the ages, through your Son Jesus you established your church and by your Spirit you sustain us in our work and mission. It is with grateful hearts that we approach you today. We are grateful for the life that you give us and we are grateful for the freedoms we enjoy. In this day after elections in the United States, we give you thanks for our opportunity to participate in the process of governance, that our voice is heard in the selection of our leaders. Yet in that process, the world around us seems to have become so divided and so many seem so angry and hurt. Accusations have flown from side to side, names have been called, people have been misrepresented, and some have lost hope in the process. We confess that as your church we have succumbed to that division as often as we have exhibited unity. Unite us in humility that we might be a reconciliation people made to continue Christs life-giving work. Open our eyes to your presence around us and empower us to do that work, even as we sit on different sides of the political aisle. Wherever people are hungry, dying, in prison, hurting, lonely, broken, sick, or brought low, let us be the hands, feet, voice, healing, and presence of Christ Jesus. Help us, O God, to always place our hope in you that we might be a movement for wholeness in a broken and fragmented world. You call us in all times and places to be faithful. Help us to answer that call. May we always be passionate for justice, life, healing, and hope. May we always listen to each other opening our ears to hear your voice, see your face, and know that those with whom we disagree also bear your image. May we put aside self-interest for the interests of others. And May we work tirelessly, energetically, and with all that we are to seek first your Kingdom. In Jesus name we dare to pray these things. Amen! Shalom, Pastor Owen A Meditation on Psalm 46 by Gene Wilson Psalm 46 proclaims God is our refuge and strength. Our faith is not intended to make life an escape from hardships, rather it should make us the kind of people who can turn difficulties into opportunities. Faith should make us feel at home in the universe. When we rise from our prayers, we know that we are not lost orphans, but rather sheltered in a world, in which God is the Guardian of our common lives. Faith can bring meaning and purpose to our lives in these days of broken promises and deferred hopes. There have always been wars and world upheavals; each of us need desperately the poise and stability which only faith can bring. Let the words of the psalm live within us, moving us to reform. God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in times of trouble.

Childrens Worship and Wonder this Sunday Lori Krase-Cayton will be the storyteller for Childrens Worship and Wonder. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU My first thanks goes to our pie assembly organizer, Sheri Gumm. I want to make sure everyone knows that not only is Sheri not participating in summer missions, or activities; she no longer has a child benefiting from those events. She organizes pie assembly because she has a gift of organization. So I have a HUGE amount of respect and admiration for Sheri. Yesterday, in worship we talked about Saints and I would have to say that in Williams Hall we had an example of what that means. The attributes Sheri exhibits during pie assembly are attributes I hope to acquire and imitate in my faith journey. There are not enough thank Yous for what she gives, hopefully our gratitude will suffice for now, combined with the knowledge that her efforts are a huge part of what enables us to do our work in Jamaica. THANKS SHERI! Another shout out goes to the large group of helpers who showed up to work on Saturday morning to help prepare the pie dough. Ronda Gregory, Laura and Aaron Sharp, Carrie and Jackson Meyer, Julie Angle, Alice Parker, Mary Ann Grimsley, and Amy Goad worked from early Saturday morning until late afternoon. They managed to make the work fun, and had incredible attitudes. They are an amazing blessing to this congregation and I am so glad to call each of them a friend. Next round of thank yous goes to the large group of volunteers. This is the first year since I have been involved that so many DADS were busy rolling out crusts and it was AWESOME! Everyone worked long and hard. We assembled more than 240 large pies and more than 40 small ones. We would have made more, but we ran out of shortening. Thanks to all of you. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated. I also want to say thank you to each of you who purchased pies. All we have left are those remaining in the freezer and Im fairly certain they will clear out by Weds. night. Please enjoy your pies and know that your contribution is helping our children, youth and adults during 2013 summer mission, camps and conferences. You may not be there, but you certainly played a part in getting us there. Blessings to you all. YOUTH RETREAT 22 participants will be heading to Anadarko this weekend for Quahal/Koinonia. We leave Friday at 5pm (for youth driving to the church, parking will be available on the street, but not the parking lot for football parking). Bring money for 2 fast food stops. Also pack a SMALL overnight bag and bedroll, towels and weather appropriate clothing. We will return to Stillwater on Sunday afternoon. Questions? Contact Sondra Ladd. Happy Birthday to: 11/7 Jacque Foster; 11/8 Carol Johnson; 11/10 Tom Dugger, Leona Herald, Bill Arrington; 11/13 Don Jackson, Alice Parker Happy Anniversary to: 11/13 Joshua and Diane Mires