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Unit lV




The Bear the Fox and the Farmer

lack of agrarian culture Decline of folk tales and myths related to agriculture, Lack of

Relationshipwith the folklore tradition and farming TLM Teachers versions, Glossary Dictionary CD (Poems), Pictures of agricultural trade and croPs.

lnformal interaction:





Date from


To draw the picture and to describe it.

" Haifriends, Gqod morning, Have you had Your breakfast? What was it ? Ok, Basheer ate Dosai, But shYam had iddali, what aboutYou, Joshi? What do we use to make these ?

From where do we getflour ?

lnstructions related to the trigger (picture)

Let's rir"atch a picture

Please take page No:85 of your course Book What is the Picture about ? What do You think about it ? What is the farmer doing ? Are there any vegetables ? What are they ? Do you see anything in the water? What are the

otherthings in the Picture ?

Have you seen this type of tools in your locality?

What are the alternatives we use for irrigation? Can you make a comparison between the old

and new ? Do you want to listen to a story? I am going to tellthe story of a farmer.

a bear and a fox which was told by a Grandma to hergrand daughter, Megha

Presentation of Narrative

The village source Book Page 86

Megha and her mother got ready to go to her

Grandma's house taking all her toys in her green coloured bag


Where is Megha and her mother going ?



Responses with name

As a powerful rich i

Tr.may develop the interac-

tions to the form ofdialogu-

ing, reporting using tags,

seeking agreement etc.

How well did I perform the



OK, they are going to her Grandma's house

aren'tthey ?

ls she happy ? How do you know that ?

Do you visit your Grandma? why?

Are you happy with your Grandma?


Howwill they go to their Grandmas house?

ls it village or a town?

Narrative Gontinues:

Megha and her mother reached the village. They have

to cross a vastgreen

Who will be there in

field to reach homd.

Megha's village home ?


Who are thefe in your home ? Do you tike village ortown? why? They are crossing a vast field, arenlt they?

What might be the sceqes they watched on the way?

Responses withname

Don't you want to know'rnore about what Megha

watched on thevfay?

Shallwe read a passage? Can you guess whatwitl be in the passage

ls she happy or not ?

Let's go through the passage'The village' course Book page No. 78

lndividual Reading

(Don't forget to put a tick mark to the idea you got


, well, a cross mark you didn't understand and a star to the idea you liked most. Have you read the passage?

Do you have any difficulties?

Some unfamiliarwords are there, aren'tthey ?

Do you need any help? shallwe share in the group?

Let's sit in group, shallwe?

Collaborative reading

Nowyou are in the group, aren'tyou?

Eg:- Mujeeb, did you share your ideas?

Reena what about you ?

John what is your best idea?

Who takes initialtion in



soughthelp ?

Ramla, I hope you have ctarified your doubts, haven't

you ? Where have you reached now ?


Did you finish sharing, y.our ldeas and difficulties?

l' am curious to know you have completed your sharing of ideas.

(Extending optimal support to those who need) Follow some elements of graphic reading

Can you say names in the story?

Can you pick outthe word ripples? Can you say any sentence from the passage ? What happened first ?


Presenting some events orally Now can you draw the relevant pictures, that

striked in ygur mind ?

Take the first picture

? i


What,is the picture

Say your ideas

Can you write it underthe picture?

May lrhelp you ?

(Teacherwrites the event in English by giving the instruction to watch it carefully) ldentify the wordswith course Book (the words in the


How Ihelpedthe slow


Forming concept map with the picked words Now you know many words shallwe wr^ite it ?

Group 1 , do you want any help from the next group?

lf you want, you can

Group 2, has a problem who will help them?

Let's see what does group 3 think about it ?

Ayisha, doesn't have yourgroupto ask anything ? How about helping the group 4 Ramla? One child from each group read the passage for all

group members Facilitator reads out the passage with proper

articulatory features.

Scaffolded Reading


Were my question up ?

Facilitator exhibits the chart containing analytical

questions (taking one by one)

Mother prevented Megha from touching the paddy

leaves, why?


Megha enjoyed walking abng the paddyfield. lf

you were Megha, whatwould you do ? Are you friendly with paddy fields? why?

Megha is a city girl, tsn't she ? what does


she lack in the city ?

Ghance for creative writing

Whycantyou tryto ptrite yourcomments about

the questions including all the. points?

Can you write the criticalview of the passage

(Think about to give a chance to dramatize the scene) Shallwe act the situation? How can we perform it? What are the ideas we got from the passage? Can you say some actions? Shallwe make them in sequence?

Can you identifiTthe location, characters action etc. What will they talk each other ? (dialogues)

Ensure the whole group participation Planning for presentation Are you ready for the performance ? Let's see who is performing first?

Group 4, Canyou ? or shat! we take a lote?

(performing one by one)

Assigning the Discourse Task

(Teacher uses a hipnotic technique) Now, all of you close your eyes, you think

about your home. What do you see around?

Are there trees, plants fields etc? what are the other things you see? Are the flowers, smiling at you? what are the birds doing? ls your pet beside you? Open your eyes. What did you

see? can you draw the sketch of it?

Ithinkyou have completed the sketch, haven't


Don't you want to describe it?


Responses withname




Do you want to revisit Your sketch?

lndividual writing

What do you see in the Picture?

Where are theY ? (Position)

ls it big or small? ls anYbodY there?

Are there plants, flQwers, trees, fields

and birds? what are theY doing?

Do you


like to be thefe? whY ?

many of you finished the task?


Does anYbodY want more time?

Raju whataboutYou?

Ithink now it is over, isn't it?

Responses with name

shall we present it? Who will take the first chance?

Mini,Are you readY?

Random Presentation:

OK children, Mini is going to present' Please listen We want one or two more, who will present it?

(Allowthe weak performers also to presenteven though

it is incomPlete)

Group Refin'bhent


Shallwe sit in grouPs? Read yourdescription in yourgroup one by one

Discuss how do you startyourwriting?

Fixthe beginning, take one product and refine

it as group's Product.

(Teachervisits all the groups and makes sure that all the members have read their product and they are trying to

evolve a group Product)

Whatareyou doing now?



ls everybodY ParticiPating?

Raju, did you contribute Your ideas?

Do you have anY difficulties?

Does any group need mY helP? I am curious to know whether you have completed the

task or not

How many groups are there yet to complete?

Do you want more time?

Group presentation:

Now would you present your product?

Shallwe startwith the fifth group?


OK, nowlhe fifth group is going to present

Please lend your eirs Who will present next?

Did allgroup present?

Ithink allthe group products are very good.

Everybody did well.


Now Let's see another product Tr's version

Teacherhangs herve6ion of description on the

wall. I think all of you can see this can't you? Please read it carefuily.

ls there any idea which is not in my product

but it is there in your product ?

ls there any ideas which tacks in youi product?

ls it legible?

Do you want to add anymore idea which is not in both of our products?


Do you wantto refine your product?

Are all ideas have come in this product?

Anything can you notice as defects?

Which one?

what about the punctuations and capitals?

Are there any excess words?

Can you identify that ?

Are there any missing words?

Can you supply it ?

Do you want to change the order of these wgrds?


ls anything wrong with this word?

Howwillyou correct it? why?

How did I present


Responses with name

What about layout or format?

ls it legible?

Do you think the space between words and lines

are apt?

Do you want any other change? please locate?

What do you think about your language? Whyz. Are you satisfied with Your Product?


Did you get the confidence for making this type of


Would you please refine the other products in the

group ?

Big Book:

Allthe products are good, aren'tthey ?

Do you want to compile it as a big book? Where shallwe keep it ?

Willyou put acover Page?

Who willdraw a picture on it?

Does ls it look nice now ?

Do you want to assess Your Product?

What are the indicators of assessment?

Date from

MODULE lt (Story)



Cos. To develop loVe for folk tales and myths

To prepare narrative/ story in writing

lnformal lnteraction:

Where are you living? in village ortown ?

which one do you like? why ?


I think you like stories, lsn't it?


' You have read many stories, haven,t you?

Did you remembei Megha? where is she now?

Was she happy there? why ?

Who will be waiting for Megha in the village house?

Can you say anything about village?


Now you take page No. B0 of your course book

could yousee a picture there?

what is the picture about?

ls the picture say anything to you? please explain?

Can you guess whatwill happen next?

Who are there in this picture?

Why Ranga gotworried?

Don't you want to know more about it?

oK, I will tell you a story it was told by Megha's Granny to her about a farmer, a bear and a fox.


Willyou please listen?

Gist: Megha and Granny are enjoying the natural beauty and Megha is eagerly waiting for Granny's story


You like stories don't you? What kind of stories do you like? why ?

Who will tell you stories in your house?

lf you were with your Granny, what will be your need?

Can you guess, what kind stories will be told by Granny?

Grannies are very favourable towards children, Aren't they ?

How do they tell stories? will they use actions and gestures? Do you wantto know Granny's, story? You please take Page No. B0 CB'

Shall we read the passage "The farmer and the bear,,?

You please go through it ?

(Don't forget to put the mark


lnteraction:- Have you read the passage?

Do you have any unfamiliarwords? ordifficulties?

Don't you want to share in the group?

Shallwe sit in the group?

Gollaborative readino

Did you sit in the group? Did you get all members?

Now you start sharirirg what did you understand, ? Rafeeq, I think you have shared your idea, lsn't it?

D id you d iscu ss you r do.r bUd ifficu lties/not u nde rstood ?

would you please share your best idea? John, What is yourfavourite idea? Did you share it?

Did you explain why you liked it?

Where have you reached now? is it over?

Did you finish yoursharing?

Have you got anything to ask to the other group?

I think this group can help you

Group 2 has a problem, who will help them?

Don't you want to refer the glossary?/ dictionary?

I think glossary can help you.

Do you have anything to ask me?

lam here to help you please share your problems?

Did you enjoythe story?

Can you connect the story with any story you already heard ?

One pupilfrom each group reads the passage

Teacher reads the passage

Scaffolded reading

"Animals are very cruel" Do you agree? Why ?

ls bearjustifiable, why ? Whatwould you have do, if you were Ranga?

Farming is a tough job, what do you think?

Give chance to writing (creative)

Will you please write your idea about the questions You can analyse the passage and write yourviews

Are you ready to dramatise the scene?

I think it is more useful to us, if we enact the scene, isn't it?

(Paste from lst module)

Assigning the discourbe task

Now Ranga is in the field, lsn't it?

Will bear attack Ranga? why? What will Ranga do then?

Will anybody come to help the farmer? Who are they?

'would you please write whatwill happen next?

(Can you complete the story? please try. Do you want to add any new characters?

Will Ranga escape? or not? How ?

lndividual writing

Will you please

write individually the next part of the story?

* Paste from the t"t Module

Group refinement


Take turn and read outthe event in the group. lf anybody hasn'twritten the events

fully, or hasn't written anything, say what the first event is.

This can be even in mothertongue.

I think all of you have presented. Don't you ? Now you select the best starting of the event.

Willyou please write it in a separate page? Now it is the second turn, isn't it?

Can you saywhatthe characters are saying? Which dialogue is the best? Won't you select it? Why can'tyou complete allthe events like this?

Can anybody readout the whole narrative forthe group?

Do you wantto make any change?

Don't forget to write it on a chart . (Give chance to all members to write if possible) Won'tyou present it in the whole class?

Group * presentation

(Paste from the first module)

Exchange your products with other groups and write your feed back.

Presentation of Teacher's Version.

* (Paste from the first module)


cos: writes diarogues suitabre fordifferent contexts.

lnformal interaction

Ask questions suitable for context.




What happened to Ranga ?

Yesterday all of you wrote nice stories, didn,t you ?

Where is Ranga now


* How do you feel if you see a bear ?

* Whatwiil be your response ?

Have you

Don't you want to hear Now I am going to tetl you the


a bear ?

the next part of the story?

story tllat the bear wanted half the crops





Presents Narrative. ,,The decision,,(SB page No.

Gist : The bearthreatens that he will kill RJnga,

if he dehied to give half of the crops.




The bear has a condition,

What was it?

of Ranga.



* What will Ranga do now? Why is Ranga worried?





Who wilt hetp him?

Whole side is correct ?


the bearcruel?

Do you think Ranga willgive half of his


Do you agree with the bear's condition? rs it feasibte?

What will be Ranga's reply? Can we justify this bear? ,

Do you want hear more about this story?

Let's see what happened to our Ranga. Wiil you take (page No. g2.CB)

Reading "The decision,'CB page No. g2.

lndividual reading

Let's start reading

* (Paste from the first module)

Collaborative reading

*(Paste from the first module)

One pupil may read the passage in the group'

Teacher reads the Passdge

Scaffolded questions

ls Lakshmia loving wife? How do you know? Why did,Ranga stare to darkness? Whatwill darkness saY to him?

' Whom do You suPPort? WhY? lf you were Ranga,

Assigning discourse tasil<,:


Whatwill Ranga saYto hiswife?


What will be her attitude?


Will she helP her husband ?


Will theY get anY idea?


Can you guess, what will be their conversation?

Task: Write the dialogue between Ranga and his wife?

lhteraction '!rj




Whatwillbethe reply?


Will Ranga's wife console him? How? Willshe PlaY anYtrick?

lndividual Writing

* (Paste from the first module)

Reshma, do You want anY helP?

Random Presentation

OK, your Presentation was nice Let's see Manju's Presentation

Yes, allthe presentations were excellent

Refinement in GrouPs:

Who wrote the fine starting? What will be the second dialogue? How will Ranga express his feelings?

First you select the first and best exchange'

Select the rePlY. Don't worry Niyas if you can't express it in English You can express

your ideas in Malayalam. Yourgroupfnembers can make it in English'