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11.11.12 Sunday V1 10:57 PM Fixing the Ubuntu 12.10 left mouse click doesn't work anymore bug by placeholder.

txt by <currently> placeholder <will be replaced soon> Since I had serveral problems with ubuntu 12.10 after a , I mean a lot of fresh installs. The so called “serveral problems” I had are not plural, it's one and only one I had to fight with. Its this oh-my-gosh-my-left-click-isn't-working-anymore-and-i-dontknow-how-to-fix-this-problem-becausenobody-can-tell-me-how-to-fix-it.problem , shortend to OMGMLCIWAAIDKHTFPBNCTMHTFIP.problem. If you came across this textfile just by accident and you don't even know about it: It's a common bug since ubuntu's 9th release which made it impossible to left click on the launcher, when you were able to click on windows like Mozilla's Firefox-Window or you were able to click on the launcher and the top bar, but not on windows on the “desk”. Since Ubuntu was my favorite OS and I had to make it work ( it was a mystery I simply had to lift ), I went to google and searched for keywords like “ubuntu”,”left_click”, ”problem”,”doesn't_work” and I found serveral forum-post's which described the problem like I would do. There were some workarounds with repositories, .deb files, buying-new-hardware-trolls, and some xinput/xev/xorg workarounds. Finally I got it working by trying out stuff I got it working, even after a restart and not only for some minutes or window-movements. I will list some of these ways in this textfile here and also the way, which worked for me. I wont explain them to you ,because I'm a newbie One of these way will sure help you, hopefully. 1. open terminal and enter this: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:raof/aubergine sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade each line represents one command. If it doesn't work next try. 2. open terminal and enter this: xinput list you will get a list of input-devices. Play around with disabling some of these ,especially these which are listed twice using this: xinput set-int prop ID “Device Enabled” 8 0 using you list you can find out the id's you need to enter. The 0 at the end of the commands means disable. A 1 would mean enable. It worked for me when I disabled the “Virtual core XTEST pointer” with this command. It simply worked for me. I don't know why it

worked or what I did, but it worked. I got one error but it worked and the error didn't come back. Sometimes moving windows still bugs it but changing to another window and back fix it. 3. There is also a way with a .deb file. Since I'm a newbie and I'm okay with a workaround, which works most of the time I didn't even tried. Just google for “xserver-xorg-input-evdev”,”0ubuntu0ricotz”, ”.deb” with the search-keywords, which I listed in the introduction. In my case I found this file: xserver-xorg-input-evdev_2.7.0+git20120716.f5ede9800ubuntu0ricotz_i386.deb

I hope these workarounds work for you. Since I'm a newbie, what you shouldn't forget, I did not explain it nor know how it works. My one and only goal was to list some ways to help you and also save time. Criticize me as much as you like, I don't care. I will put it in my ToDo-list for later to find a better way to fix it, but im okay with it … for now. Thank you for reading it, it's my first textfile styled how the textfiles in the 80's were styled, I hope somebody reminds it. I do, even when I weren't born this days. Thank you and have phun <from someone who wants to do things and be like in the old school days> And now to the real strange shit i found out today 12.11.12 Monday: it started bugging again so a tried around clicking different buttons like alt, ctrl etc and i also deplugged my rat3 mouse and thst were the strange shit begun, how i would can it. While my mouse and my touchpad are enable and plugged in ,it bugs. Deplugging the mouse deactivates the mouse but also makes the Touchpad completely usable. Gonna try finding drivers for synaptics , deactivating stuff and playing around with the configs.