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A symbolic analysis of Die Antwoords new hit single: FATTY BOOM BOOM

This video is totally next level! At first I was like what the @#$@ is going on! But then I watched it a couple times and besides obviously giving the middle finger to the music industry, I think they've got some serious religious undertones that portray a cosmic battle between good and evil forces. In the front cover ( the one on you tube) Yo landi is standing in front of a mural thats titled "evil thing". The evil thing mural has desmond tutu holding a bible that is shooting fire at this monster thing that has the heads of lady gage, kanye west, pitbull, nikki manaj, and akon shitting on the black peas. So like wtf is going on here besides just saying @#$@ you to the corporate music industry? In the beginning ninja's chest is painted with the words 'chosen one', so maybe christ, not sure but maybe? And then you've got the Lion devouring lady gaga at the end. This one I'm more certain about. So the Lion of zion, Lion of Judah that bob marley always sings about is a direct reference to the house of judah. The lion was basically the symbol for the tribe of judah (israelites) who both king david and jesus were descendants of. So this might reinforce the 'chosen one' arg. But then who does lady gaga represent? I think die antwoord is portraying her, as the entire music industry (?), but also theologically as the whore of babylon. The whore of Babylon's from the book of revelations is described as, "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth." Take the scene when Lady gaga gives birth to the locust (clearly the mother of an abomination) Revelation 18:4 ...'And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.' Plagues in egypt were locusts! It's also important to consider other versus in the new testament. The great whore who sits upon many waters (nations; peoples, see Rev.17:15) represents the Little Horn (latter day Babylon) that arises in Dan.7:8. The Little Horn SPEAKS GREAT THINGS and blasphemes against the LAMB (christ) and Chosen Vessel. The MOUTH (SPEAKER) of the (Babylonian) Beast is the one head (or the GREAT WHORE; Great Christian Nation [america]) of the seven heads (leading Christian nations) that are upon the Beast. The head speaks great things against the Truth and influences the other heads and horns upon the Beast. I apologize for being long winded but stay with on this one. So if lady Gaga represents the little horn or mouth of babylon (with her other fellow satanist') that are speaking against the truth, it would seem that the Little horn could very well be the deprave occult corporate driven music industry. Just Think about all the little girls who look up ro lady gaga and nikki m as fuckin role models? So they listen to one of her songs like 'bad romance' which depicts LG Right away seeking a love that Gaga is seeking is wrong and sick. Shes a sex slave and apparently, she likes it. She knows that the industry is ugly but she still wants in. There is an obvious sense of sadomasochism, as she seems to know that this love (of success in the music industry) will hurt her and treat her badly, but shes up for it. Its obviously about submitting to the dark, satanic side of the music industry with strange occult imagery. In other words, the song is also about submitting to evil and the imagery of the video corroborates this fact. Lg and everyone else that has become willing participants in the corporate santatic music industry are promulgating fornication and debauchery instead of the love a man and women share in a relationship or even intercourse, and thus alter societal norms of sexuality with a sickening ethos. So Die Anterwoorp is clearly portraying the music industry with LG in their video as agent demonic forces. I read that during the making of their second album Dieantrwp said fuck off to their corporate backers, as they were attempting to influence their music, that if they submitted to darkness, it would be rife with occult illuminati symbols and imagery.Take this stance for instance, "NOWAWAYZ ALL DEZE RAPPERZ SOUND EXACTLY DA SAME IT'S LIKE 1 BIG INBRED FUCK-FEST! SIES! NO I DO NOT WANNA STOP, COLLABORATE OR LISTEN JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY, HOLD ON 2 YOR CHING

I'M TAKING OVER AMERIKA, BLOWING UP EVERYFING PHYSICALLY FIT DAT NINJA VERY ENERGETIC IF U HAVEN'T GOT IT BY NOW, YO U NEVER GONNA GET IT But their video is clearly the antithesis of LG's shock factor style videos, but instead of illuminati subliminal brain washing, they clearly provide symbols and imagery of righteousness triumphing over the forces of evil. So when the Lion (lion of Judah, Tribe of Judah; who jesus and king david descended from) eats lady gaga it appears that the whore of babylon (who spreads fornication amongst the nations) will ultimately pay for her wicked crimes against the peoples of earth. I would put all the revelation citations to back this last point up but the chorus seems to sum up my point, FAT POCKET CLINKING, DOLLAR EYE TWINKLING (illuminati pyramid on back of dollar bill ALL-SEEING EYE) JEEZ DA BEATS SO CHUNKY, ME'SA (message?) GETTING FUNKY. So instead of giving into the corporate music industry they send a clear message that what the corporate music industry stands for is evil and satanic, with their subliminal imagery from agents like LG, Nikki, seems to be getting weirder and weirder, and IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT IT BY NOW, YO U NEVER GONNA GET IT! Well I think I got it, what do you think, to much conspiratorial analysis?