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The third Eye

Prof. Dr. Thomas von Wedenland

Galaxy Health Council

How to end your poor robotic subsistence or The real manifestation after the governance of the dark forces or The Liberation and Healing process

Galaxy Health Council


picture 1

The physiological meaning of the pineal gland / glandula pinealis

Since thousands of years dark priests were anxious about how to rule over mankind and came to the conclusion that they can succeed, if they only were capable in artificially reducing the thinking speed of human minds and so to create empty 3

Galaxy Health Council biological robots of men instead.

In other words, the dark priests developed ways which led mankind to impair themselve by providing them several toxins. But oneself they kept the knowledge of the Wedrus (white race), whereto the Celts and later the Prussia accounted for, confidential to others and developed a coded language in pictures and speech. The Egyptian hieroglyphics are all based on Old High German letters attached and alternated in their order. Compare them to the decoding teaching from researcher Erhard Landmann (youtube Weltbilderschtterung). In picture 1 you see an Egyptian man wearing a blue mask, which however is showing much evidence of hidden information, especially about the importance of the mind in the middle of our brain, the Thalamus, which is also known as the third eye. This third eye is the analytical center of our brain, which translates outside stimulation and dispenses important semi chemicals into our body which are saved there. I have therefore, because of the certain functionality of the thalamus, repatriated the Old High German word Zirbeldrse to its origin, written including the w, the Zwirbeldrse. Zwirbil means vortex, lat. Turbo
If the thalamus is healthy then we are fast thinkers and can use our full brain capabilities in order to create our own reality!

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The Thalamus is therefore like our inner hard disk which takes all information we learn and saves it into our body as a reaction onto outside stimulation. In former Wedrus times, small babies (circa 6-9 month old) where flown around by well trained eagles on only sunny days with blue sky, and had been shown the whole parental gardens while scanning all plants and other live forms during this round trip. The thalamus (third eye - Zwirbeldrse) did play the main role in this learning process. Still today, in abstract exposs, angels are visualized with wings. This is of course nonsense (imagination) and was done by the dark priests just to hide the real meaning of the truth.

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In order to control fellow men the dark priests invented toxins. One of the strongest poisons, which is mainly affecting or even disabling the thalamus, is the extremely poisonous Fluoride. Especially it was added into tap water or mineral water and into tooth paste. The impact of sodium fluoride onto the thalamus is so serious, that the dark priests successfully transformed mankind into dull biological robots. The thalamus is in the middle of our brain and this poison is directly heading towards it. The thalamus is absorbing more of this poison than any other physical matter in our body! Especially with the sold bottled water nowadays many people absorb this dangerous fluoride. Before the large world wars they mixed the fluoride into the tap water supply in order to manipulate the population easier and to steer the war machine. Refer to: When the thalamus is poisoned it leads to a chain reaction of many physiological damages. Especially it results in reduced vision for judgments and disables the own will of people. Also it results to an I dont care attitude which could damage our biological body up to a fatal outcome by consuming the products which are aggressively pushed by media, pharmaceuticals and doctor lobbies. You become a biological robot if you cannot THINK fast enough and so, as of today, the majority of people mutated already to robots. That is the very reason so many wars in this world can happen, as the dark priests can move the masses by 6

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literally pressing their control button in any direction they want, especially solders. And with the so called main stream media the people are then misinformed, lied and manipulated accordingly.

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The Good News

There is a solution to get rid of these toxins and to gain back your HEALTH. To get HEALTHY means that your god given heritage to create your reality is given back so that you are able to carry on your life to perfection. The miserable live as a robot can be stopped, if the health supporting information is applied. Frequent application of Sunlight OUTSIDE, 2 hours or more, is helping during the healing process. Also you can flush fluoride off your body by using spirulina alga cultures. I myself was living nearly one year only from eating spirulina alga and water, in order to flush out any toxins. Be aware that the water you should use is either fountain water, spring water or creek water, which neither of is poisoned with fluoride, compared to bottled water.

Refer to my no go list:

Galaxy Health Council

The Egyptian wall drawings include all coded information which was studied by the priest circles in order to apply the learnt knowledge against other, not like minded. The Eye of Horus hereby is not showing us not an eye, but rather the brain vortex. (thalamus)

picture: Horus eye = Zirbeldrse / brain middle This gland is actually supposed to produce the juice of live, the own honey. Man can apply the vortex by just breathing right, if your surrounding nature is accordingly arranged. YOUR DIET SHOULD BE AS YOUR BREATHING IS This wisdom is engraved in the pyramids and many have not discovered the mystery yet what could have been meant exactly. But the answer is obvious when you are able to imagine your own garden, with one hectare land or a little more, where more than 9000 different types of plants have their home.

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If then, you only need to breath in and the inhaled nutrients from the air would be enough in order to produce the juice of live (the hormone MELAtonin), which would be able to provide your BODY eternity youth, to live in BEAUTY and HEALTH!


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MELA is a synchronism to

mel in the holy language of god*, thus in the Old High German language mel , ahd., Adj.: nhd. nutrient supply, fruitful; melsk 1, melsc, ahd.?, Sb.: nhd. With honey sweetened drink, Honey wine (no alcohol, just water and bee pollen) *refer to: Additional to the self body poisoning which occur by own consumption or forcibly by vaccinations, living in large cities nowadays exposures additional toxins due to the environmental pollution; there the bodies do not have it easy to keep the health intact. When we are internally contaminated, then we commonly get melancholically. (MELAncho = MELA = CHO = K.O., which means, that the own honey is no more produced). The origin of depression, the melancholy, lies herby in the pollution of the bodys juice. 11

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Heavy metals in the air form to exhaust gases, as well as chemtrails and the absorbed poison fluoride paralyze the function of the thalamus (vortex), and even coffee, black tea and other roasted/toasted and scorched artificial modified foods. By this poisons you are hindered in thinking and therefore very easy to get manipulated. If you got easy to manipulate, then it results often leads into additional consumption of poisoned food or chemicals. The dark priest were in fact successful in enslaving men, otherwise no one would gather for useless jobs which destroy actually more and more the earth, so our own living area. HEALTHY men would mainly portray themselves as COCREATERS of living GARDEN WORLDS and not as biological robots, which destruct themselves and go behind useless jobs.


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The danger of animal based protein consumption, generally in conjunction with fluoride is extremely reducing the thinking speed. Everybody nowadays knows that animal based protein clumps, when heated. So if you use meat, cheese or milk products for your body, then this clogs the inner body streams. When due to narrowing our smallest internal streams, the blood vessels in our body flux, then no more life-sustaining nutrients are able to reach some parts of our body which reduce the fully usage of our god given potential. Also the evacuation of body own semi chemicals cannot flow good enough what results into reduced mental or biological performance. The VEGAN nourishment including HONEY, best case from your own garden, is therefore the fastest way to remain or get HEALTHY.



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Horus eye vessels dimensions The capillary tubes, our inner pathways, are only 0,5 mm long and have a diameter of 5 to 10 m. They form a tinny network in the organs and tissues of the body, und allow the semi chemicals and information exchange between blood and tissue as well neuro pathways. On one hand the internal streams are like electrical information networks and simultaneously transport systems and dispatcher for nutrition. When the inner pathways (blood vessels) are not flexible but inelastic, fossil or clogged by meat / fish / cheese / milk as well as heavy metal sediments, then it results in switching circuit failures, as to say it in technical terms. This switching circuit problems lead to a erroneous function of the enslaved biological robot, because others get easily control of the sickened body.


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The diameter of the lung capillary system is for example so tinny, that only the red blood cells fit trough if attached only in straight order. The center of the brain is the vortex, the thalamus (Horus eye) which is shrunken at many back to the size of a pea. Normally the thalamus should have a size large as a walnut, or even a little larger. The normal size can be reached again, when well flooded with the best matter which inhaled by breathing or eaten by food and toxins flushed out by cleansings. The oil of the Siberian cedar is therefore the best healing source which cleans the body juices and inserts the best nutrition possible. The thalamus has the key function at men at all for producing the certain hormone named melatonin, also called HONEYThis body own semi chemical can not only reset our inner clock to the right time, but this hormone juice is what keeps our live YOUNG. I call this hormone den own honey of body own PRANA.


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Cleansing of the Thalamus

Avoid at all animal proteins

Best natural option for the cleansing of sodium fluoride and heavy metals: The oil of the cedar with the trademark protection "Die klingenden Zedern Russlands"

1.) The workmanship utilizes the best Sources of cedar walnuts and processes in a complex but gentle cedar wooden cold press method, so that the oil does not get in touch with any metal or energy, which remains all Vitamins und micronutrient of the cedar walnut intact. 2.) The village in Siberia, where the oil is gained, is in an ecological area in the taiga, far away for industrial areas. 3.) The oil incorporates very positive energy. The very reason for this is that the village residents are only in good mood during producing the oils, as they work only when they like to work. They do not know stress and pressure.

4.) The 100% cedar walnut oil has conservation elements or

other additives. 5.) You can order this cedar oil at a bargain here by leaving your phone number in our guest book. Our colleagues of the DoctorFood Organization will then contact you by phone.

6.) Order online at


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Further cleansing possibilities Zeolith Zeolith is a mineral out of old ocean beds and vulcanized stones. The alveolar molecules of Zeolith are in a position, to absorb all kinds of metal toxins and transport them safely out of the body. (Not all products are as Zeolith should be, so ensure that you dont make a bargain rather than purchasing highest quality) Bentonit-Clay As like Zeolith, Bentonit-Clay includes negative loaded Ions, which attract positive Ions. You can produce such living water easily in form of clay bathes which is able to wash out toxins off your body. Take a clay bowl and put a mountain crystal, amethyst or Rose quartz in and fill it with fountain water, spring water or creek water. Let the water remain in the sun and shadow for minimum of three hours each and you will get real LIVING WATER which heals your body or keep your body HEALTHY. Spirulina / Chlorella A certain amount of clinical studies showed, that the fibred quality of the Chlorella is in a position to bond toxic metals and to flush them out of the body. You can eat capsules or make smoothies with Chlorella- Spirulina powder. The taste is very suitable. 17

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Cilantro That flexible culinary compound, which is broadly used in the Mexican kitchen supports the removal of toxic metals. Cilantro Pesto was successfully used as chelat-therapy from many people. Coriander The local grown plant coriander is a very good binder of heavy metals too. The coriander is simply fantastic and is capable to cleanse the whole nervous system and as of today there is no better healing herb possibly doing a better job so far.


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Magnesium Magnesium has the ability to limit the absorption of fluoride into our cells. Apply daily a good dosage of magnesium from high quality vegetable food source, as this gives best results. In conclusion The cleansing of our body from animal proteins as well as heavy metals and sodium fluoride will not only help us to normalize our melatonin production, but supports additionally the cognitive functions and vitality on all mental levels. With a HEALY BODY we can easily enjoy LIFE and live are CO-CREATIONAL ENEGY.


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No doctor, no chemical medicine and no miracle healer can heal you! Only what is very well informed about you, is capable to fulfill healing THE VEGETABLE


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HEALING OF ALL ILLNESSES An Information of healer Anastasia

Every grain you seed comprises cosmically information in immense abundance. This abundance is neither in size nor accuracy comparable to any craftsmanship. With this information every grain knows to its exact millisecond, when is needs to awake and germ, which fluids are to be extracted from soil, how to use the cosmic energy (radiated by sun, moon and stars), to what type it has to grow and which fruits it will carry along. The fruits are there to serve humans live. This fruits can be more effective and stronger than any man made drug, fight and treat both, existing and any future illness of the human organism. But for this to become true the grain needs to know about its owners health condition. In the process of growing it sources its fruits with all necessary gears precisely balanced for to the persons needs in order to heal any active illness or its atopy. So that a grain of cucumber, tomatoes or any other grown plants can be grown in your own garden with such specific information, following is absolutely needed: Before you plant the seed you have to take one or more small grains into your mouth and hold them for minimum 9 minutes in your mouth below your tongue. 21

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Afterwards you put them into the palm of your hands and hold them 30 seconds long. With the in between your palms holding grains you need to stand barefoot on the soil exactly where you intend to plant the seed. Open the palm of your hands and move the grains gently to your month and breathe out (dont blow) softly onto the grain. With your warm exhalation you let the grain know with what is in you. After this disclose the grain with open palms to the celestial bodies for additional 30 seconds. As of this the grain will determine its exact moments of rise. All planets will help it doing so. Yourself however the sapling will present you the necessary light of life. Afterwards you can plant the seed to the soil. In this case you should not water immediately in order not to flush away your spittle, which transferred the information intended to be incorporated into the grain. You are supposed to water the grain when three days after the planting process passed by. The seeding has to take place categorically to its favorite days of each vegetable. These days are known by men from the moon calendars. A too early plantation without watering is not as bad as a too late. You should not weed out all, near from the sprout of your grain. It is important to let grow each of its different kinds. But you can cut pest plants.


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According Anastasias words, a seed which incorporated the persons information in this specific way will draw during growing of its fruits all necessary energy from the cosmos and soil particularly for this very person. You should not remove all pest plants because they serve a purpose too. Some of them protect the plants against illness and others provide additional information. While growing it is very important to communicate (talk?) with the plants and at least once in their growth, desirably during full moon, to step close and touch them gently. Anastasia ensures us that fruits out of grains raised this way, and used from its person, are able to heal completely from any illness, will relieve from damaging habits, implies slowing down the altering process, as well as will increase mental capabilities and bring inner peace to mind. The fruits will accomplish best results if consumed within three days after harvesting.

It is from utmost importance to carry out above stated procedure with various species within your lot of land. It is not necessary to sow your whole bed with cucumbers, tomatoes and so on treaded with this way, rather a couple of each species is enough. Those fruits grown with this described modality will not only vary in taste compared to others of its kind. If they would be subject of a study, proportions of compounds will vary likewise.


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When planting cuttings it is absolutely necessary to mash with hands or toes of naked foot in the pit and to spit into it. When asking why with the feet Anastasia clarified that with the sweat of the foot substances (most likely toxins) of the person are leaked out, which reveals the information of the persons illness. This information will be given to the cuttings. They will pass is thought to the fruits which are enabled to fight illnesses. Anastasia recommended walking barefoot on the lot from time to time. Which Species you should plant by all means? A pretty diversity, as it is on most parcels is enough: raspberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and well liked apples. Very good is to plant sour cherries or sweet cherries and flowers. The quantity of each chosen species in your lot is not of broad importance. To the mandatory species, without doubt to maintain such proper micro energetic climate on each lot seems impossible, is such as the sunflower encounters for (one type at least). In any case it is essential to sow are lot of one to two square meters with crop species such as rye and wheat corn and absolutely mandatory it is to leave a pocket of two square meters for just weed. This small pocket is not allowed to be planted artificially and has to grow naturally. If you do not conserve a pocket with weed grown by its own it is necessary to pick some weed from the woods and found with it such pocket at home. 24

Galaxy Health Council

I do hope that with his contribution I was able to help you gain back or r your total HEALTH. Healing by information is an act of honor and therefore I publish this book online free of charge in the World Wide Web

Yours sincerely and with best regards, Prof. Dr. Thomas Patock from Wedenland
King of Preuszen, in federation of kingdoms Wedenland German empire In the translation from German into English by Martin Soos