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MEETINGS 2012: most at City Mills/see Newsletter MONDAYS 10.

30am-3pm: 26th November (Sarah Fiori from York Teaching Hospital: Caring for Vulnerable Skin); 10th December Christmas at the Monkbar Hotel. THURSDAYS (ART & CRAFT) 10.30AM-2PM: 8th November (Peter Venus: Moving & Handling back again at your request to answer your questions!; bring your own Art & Craft; Singalong in the afternoon!) NB: NO THURSDAY MEETING IN DECEMBER!


X marks City Mills for YCF meetings! Friday November is CARERS RIGHTS DAY! Carers can meet for 2 informative tours of York Library facilities & an informal look at using computers, eBooks & other gadgets. Meet in the Cafe at York Explore, Library Square at 10am or 11am. Refreshments available. Monday 10th December: Christmas Fun for Carers at the Monkbar Hotel more in Decembers Newsletter! 30th


HOW TO CONTACT YORK CARERS FORUM YORK CARERS VOICE is the Newsletter written by & for unpaid carers & former carers. If you have something to say which would be of interest to carers then this is a good way to reach not only other carers but also a wide selection of statutory & voluntary organisations in & around York. Send your news, articles & comments to YCF: BY POST: Katie Smith (Chair), York Carers FORUM, c/o 13, Hopgrove Lane South, York, YO32 9TG. BY PHONE: 01904 422437 (+ answer machine) BY TEXT: 07940 287242 BY EMAIL: AT A MEETING: see Newsletter for details.
[The small print: York Carers FORUM reserves the right to edit or publish or keep any article submitted. Inclusion of any article in the Newsletter does not necessarily mean that York Carers Forum agrees with the authors views.]

JUST A MINUTE On Thursday 11 October we were joined by Peter Venus who answered questions on how to safely move the person you care for. He demonstrated how to help someone to their feet from a chair & we were able to practise this. He also showed carers how to stand up with less effort! Because there was still a lot of unanswered qestions when his time ran out Peter will be back on Thursday 8 th November at 10.45am.

Monday 22nd October Mick Corringham went to Malawi to work as a volunteer in Maoni Orphanage & Gwirize Primary School. He brought some wonderful pictures of his visit & told us all about the children & their way of life. It had a way of putting things in England into perspective... THANKYOUs Many thanks to members for donating Raffle Prizes & lots of beautiful items to sell to raise money! Special thanks to Joyce for holding a Bus Raffle when we went to Harlow Carr!

NB: If you leave a message we will get back to you! BUT IF YOU DONT WE CANT!

MONDAY GUEST SPEAKER 26.11.12 At the YCF meeting on Monday 26th November Sarah Fiori will be talking about taking care of skin! Our skin is a wonderful protective cover but if we are ill or older or unable to move the skin becomes more susceptible to damage. Sitting or lying in the same position can eventually cause the skin to weaken & break down & in the extreme some areas become pressure sores. Sarah will tell us how to protect our skin, paying special attention to pressure areas to avoid unecessary problems. Please aim to arrive by 10.45am. All Welcome but please ring 422437 if you dont usually come to a Monday Meeting so that we have enough refreshments!!! YORK OLDER PEOPLES ASSEMBLY YOPA hold their last OPEN to the PUBLIC meeting for 2012 on Monday November 19th at the Friends Meeting House, Castlegate, York. 1.30pm for a 2pm start. (Usually finished by 4pm). OLDER CITIZENS ADVOCACY YORK The OCAY CHRISTMAS FAIR is on Wednesday December 12th from 10am until 4pm in the Guildhall, Lendal, York. There will be lots of stalls, refreshments & their Grand Annual Raffle with lots of prizes. Admission is FREE.

POCKLINGTON PSP SUPPORT GROUP Last meetings for 2012: Saturday 10th November & Saturday 8th December in the Burnby Hall Rooms, Pocklington. Carers, patients, family & friends are welcome to attend. For more details contact Michael Shepherd: 01759 306741 / 07952 563875 or email: INFO AT ACOMB EXPLORE LIBRARY The Community Facilitators will be at Acomb Explore Library Information Hub on Thursday 13th December between 10am & 12noon. & INFO AT YORK EXPLORE LIBRARY The Community Facilitators in partnership with Explore York Library Learning Centre will hold an Information Exchange on November 22nd 10am-12. Browse information about Personalisation & Support Planning; exchange information about local opportunities social, leisure, voluntary, education & training; use the facilities within Explore to access Yortime & AblewebYork; have a creative chat & explore ways of accessing a wide range of community activities & information. For more details contact: June Peacock 07833 049018 or Sue Reape 07833 049036 or email:

YCF CARERS BUS TRIP On Friday 5 October, 25 York Carers Forum members enjoyed a trip to RHS Harlow Carr (Harrogate) courtesy of York Rotary Vikings! We met at Memorial Gardens at 10.45am & boarded our little white bus. First stop was at the Harrogate Arms where we had sandwiches, cakes & hot drinks in the Harlow Carr Tea Rooms (beautiful china!) Then we were dropped off at the Gardens to spend the afternoon looking around at will. Although the trees & plants were lovely it was rather chilly so quite a few of us were to be found living it up in Bettys before heading back to York at 5pm. THANKYOU VIKINGS! Would you like to be part of the Carers Voices & sing in York Minster at 2pm on Saturday 15th December? Last year York Carers Forum songsters were invited to sing with FSID (Foundation for Study of Infant Death) at their annual Christmas Carol Service & we have been invited to join them again this year. If you would like to join us to sing some well known Christmas Carols please make sure that youre at the Monday Meeting on November 26th when we shall be having an informal practice in the afternoon!

KEEP YOUR PET Age UK York & Age UK Selby are working with the York & District Branch of the RSPCA to provide a new, short term service to support older & vulnerable adults & their pets. If an owner is unable to care for their pet because of a health or other emergency then short term fostering, dog walking, pet feeding, vet visits etc can be provided. If you want to register your pet, or if you are interested in being a volunteer please enquire at Age UK York or Selby or the RSPCA. DISCRIMINATION? Have you or the person you care for been discriminated against because of your age or a disability or for any other reason? Please let us know where, when & in what way. You do not have to give your name. Please send details to the YCF contact address or email on page 2. Thanks. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS York Carers Forum were pleased to be a part of the special Table Talks event on 13th October held at the CVS to mark World Arthritis Day (12th October). If you or the person you care for is affected by any form of Arthritis you can find out more from or the Arthritis Research shop 14, Colliergate, 541304;

CARERS TRAINING DAY Did you attend the Training Day run by York NHS on Wednesday 26th September? Or were you one of the people who couldnt find a whole days worth of time? Well, here is some feedback for the day, Everyone was well looked after & the sessions were really excellent & enjoyable. However, shorter sessions would be preferred, maybe half a day with a later start. Watch this space for future sessions... SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING? Then what about these questions?... 1. How long did the Hundred Years War last? 2. What colour is an aeroplanes Black Box? 3. Which country makes Panama hats? 4. Which animal is cat-gut from? 5. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution? 6. What is a camel-hair brush made of? 7. What animal are the Canary Islands named after? 8. What was King George VIs first name? 9. What colour is a purple finch? 10. Where are Chinese gooseberries from? (answers on another page...)

LIBRARIES: A PUBLIC CONSULTATION Enclosed with your Newsletter is a consultation questionnaire from Yorks Public Library Service. You can influence future development of Yorks 15 libraries & how they serve & engage with the community of York. Please return to any library or the address on the information sheet. FREE BASIC COMPUTER COURSE There are 2 free basic computer courses about to start (one 9.30-11am & one 11am-12.30pm), which will teach basic computer skills to over 18s who are not currently working. (NB being a carer is apparently the same as not working because its not actually paid work!!!). The courses will be held at Space 109 (107-109 Walmgate near Walmgate Bar). Although these courses begin on Thursday 1st November they will run for 8 weeks & there are still some spaces left if youre interested please get in touch on 01904 612790. NEW MEMORY CAFE YCF were delighted to join AgeUK York, Alzheimers York & Telecare at Field Court on Thursday 25th October. Field Court are launching a new Memory Cafe on Wednesday 5th December for people with Dementia & their carers. Watch this space...

KNOW YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE On average your heart beats around 70 to 80 times a minute. Blood pressure is the force with which your blood presses on your arteries walls as it is pumped around your body. Its measured with 2 readings when the heart beats (systolic pressure) & when it relaxes (diastolic pressure). Both are measured in millimetres of mercury, written as mmHg. These readings are shown as a fraction. Blood pressure is always higher when the heart beats than when it relaxes. A normal adult blood pressure should be less than around 140/90 mmHg. The optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mmHg. If yours is consistently above 140/90 mmHg (or 130/80mmHg if youre diabetic) then you will be considered to have high blood pressure or hypertension. High blood pressure often shows no symptoms. There is no way of knowing that you have high blood pressure apart from having it measured. Studies have shown that around four fifths of men & two thirds of women with high blood pressure are not being treated. A STROKE happens when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted. High blood pressure puts a strain on your blood vessels, including arteries to the brain. The pressure can damage the lining of an artery, allowing blood clots to form which may then block blood flow to the brain (ischaemic

stroke) or cause blood vessels to burst & lead to bleeding in the brain (haemorrhagic stroke). When the blood supply is disrupted, parts of the brain can become damaged or destroyed. Some strokes are fatal while others can cause permanent or temporary paralysis or communication problems. Lifestyle changes can bring blood pressure down to a normal level: Stopping smoking Eating a healthy diet Drinking sensibly Taking regular exercise If these methods dont work medication may be prescribed by your GP. It is important to have your blood pressure checked at least once a year (more often if yours is a bit high). HAVE YOU HAD YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKED THIS YEAR? If not, why dont you make an appointment with your GP practice now it doesnt take long, it doesnt hurt & it could save your life! STROKE HELPLINE: 0303 3033 100 Quiz answers: 1. 116 years; 2. Orange; 3. Equador; 4. Sheep & horses; 5. November; 6. Squirrel fur; 7. Dogs; 8. Albert; 9. Crimson; 10. New Zealand! How did you get on? 10 out of 10?