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‘The Center for the Publication of the U.S. Espionage Den’s Documents P.O. BOX: 15815 ~ 3489 “otrantsgmie Republi of ran Tet 24005 Table of Contents Preface A Influence Peddlers. 1 Letter from Morton to Escudero. 4 Status of Mr. Abolfath Mabvi “5 Status of Mr. Abolfath Mabvi. 7 Agents” Fees oo... 10 Agents? Fees eeeseeeeee a Letter of General H. Toofanian 2 Status of Mr. Abolfath Mabvi naa Letter from Precht to Morton ....+++0+- nas) Another Multi-National Scandal Exposed 25 Lunch with Hushang Dehesh . 28 Grumman-Iran .. 30 Grumman Agent Problem ...... 31 Letter from Mahvi to Toofanian . -35 Leer of H. Toofanian ... 36 Grumman a a Trade Dispute-Grumman Corp 38 ‘Trade Dispute-Gramman . 42 Agents Fees... 4B the i fn ene ha oe ei a SUNS Tengo tenitar opeatonn ot PS oreo at a ced rene stmt he ome petra corm, emi pid nee et SEES TS incase tan ovompwatote erre o 1 tacoma mca BT pn of oe TESS stew veal an oducton mets TiDetn re wy nod eh, Arne aig sping ana sen eee sd rots whey thts our sane pt ae Mo cman yep tap a rei of See rr toe pach: Fternoe ealae 8 (he ot tao! nc et They eee my Inovaia and airy epebtr &meano womt and ee (uc ante pico eon espn Tey ea he per (ithewem rotor gee watt rte rai Seen lieth 7S ire wat seme ey geo Ami as or Insppo aero, by pa tet ‘hat ma mate of a er arte cl ong sate eld te San ng he kun he wae thet di rr Te Sa naok open mode atop Men theo for he teed a nd ede progam Fo cape, tims prtr atol ebore nha tir ath a se iar expat The rg cnt fey pe ibe ce ‘dmnenne opr pre ad pup nh hie men at ‘et te dss ad nme a2 pen eer ae, 1s mee hy ae ren ppd aaah eto ae ‘Soteg ams mae! dy be pe aor ot ale Seneca rma teat! testi bt earn obr (Sr Thee cts heen rated iin he fame (abled lang tr orton pi ab ive