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Handover Summary (during vacation) 1. CX3-40 migration summary: 1A.

Host Kalmiweb01 (for Mike Worland ) Jeff Stanton finally sent some details for the application running on it.. As we spoke our 1-1 this week, will you be able to navigate this machines outage coordination in ITLT so the disk can be migrated off.. See Jeff Stantons mail response below:
From: To: Cc: Jeff Stanton/IT/Dana Gautam Singh/DITC/Dana@DANACORP, Rob Knapp/HVTSG/Dana@DanaCorp, ITStorage@DANACORP, Mike Worland/GITG/Dana@DanaCorp, Tim Powers/GITG/Dana@DanaCorp, Brian Heltzel/IT/Dana@DanaCorp Date: 11/09/2012 12:29 AM Subject: Re: Fw: Need app owner names for Kalmiweb01 Well, here is what I was able to come up with. Keep in mind that I have no idea if some were don't hold me to it. Rob, anything you can think of that I missed? Here are websites that are in use (all running in the webroot folder on the SAN): (not sure if this is actually in use or not) - Carl Meyer or Able Alias

http://kalmiweb01/applications/ (not sure if this is actually in use or not) http://kalmiweb01/drive_axle_analysis/default.asp - Carl Meyer or Able Alias (Used for lookup but not being modified - Owner unknown - Greg Parent uses this)

Here is the only application that I am aware this server is running: Rumba Web-to-Host - Rob Knapp set this up and has administered this from the beginning Outside of what is above, I was not able to find any evidence of anything else on the server. Please let me know how I may help further. Thanks! Jeff

Mike, as discussed, you may help here with ITLT buy-in for migrating the SAN disk on this server (we know it does get rebooted) to the new Storage NS-960 at Kalamazoo. All we need is an outage window asap everyone agrees to.
1B. Interlink servers confirmation needed from Ivan Stretten for decision to either upgrade/migrate or fund the retention of the storage frame. (for Jeff Dazell) Based on Ivans response to upgrade/migrate from the CX3-40, we need to work with Matt/Rob/Wintel to migrate this off asap.

2. DMX4392 shipment: 2A. Host shbpprod09 Tentative Planning from Unix team so far (we need to keep a track of these happening day by day so we dont miss the migration done by 17/18th)

Timeline 11/9 UAT finished Users/Application owner 11/9 - ? Firewall considerations for new IP for shbprd09 DNS/firewall team/WAN 11/9 - ? Check if users access box by IP and not DNS Application owner/Tom Mangotic 11/12 - 11/13 Initial Unix syncing of data for 45+ filesystems Unix 11/12 - ?Wintel Citrix setup and config Wintel/WAN 11/14 am Final syncing of data for 45+ filesystem Unix 11/14 am/pm Final configurations for new shbprd09 box Unix 2B. Steve/Jeff/Mandar to work on removing old zones carefully after the shbprod09 is migrated off and confirm EMC to come in for disk erasure and Power-down. (Mike, can you ensure these dates outlined by Wes are being honored in order to meet this planned migration date) 3 CX300 Migration: 3A. JDE DSI environments confirmed to be moved to VMax LUNs on Monday 12th Nov (we need to keep a close watch on the development, Tim is coordinating the activity but from a supervision and availability incase a decision needs to be taken ).. .hope its no news is good news, instant failback and go back to EMC to retain the VNX5300 evaluation tray/disks (hoping we dont get this on our plates).s Overall Operations Overseeing ; Ticket SLA daily tracking, ensure nothing misses SLA (also ensure Mandar is doing the fireman back from Diwali break). Try to keep the PLM on track. Any disk lease/orders for PLM and ManMan will need to wait until my return else Van Husted will need to be requested to work closely with Tim Powers and John Miller/Nate Thomson for the same.