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Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps

Powerful and economical


The Putzmeister elephants outstanding technology from pioneers

Whether in construction, underground work or civil engineering projects, on a small building site or as part of a major project Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps and distribution systems can be found on construction sites throughout the world. Our work is determined by technical innovations and the very highest quality standards in manufacturing and service. Today, Putzmeister offers a broad product range across the world, featuring machines with economic and practical solutions. Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps are available for diverse applications and feature placing booms with a vertical reach from 20 m to 70 m, delivery rates of up to 200 m3/h and concrete pressures of up to 130 bar. Our pumps have proven to be resilient and reliable workhorses in long-term usage throughout the world. This is based on 50 years of experience in the development of pumps, booms and base structures. Only through the optimum combination of boom length (load torque), standing weight and support measures is it possible to continuously create successful concrete pumps such as the almost legendary Putzmeister M 36. Stay ahead of the game with Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pumps Our comprehensive product range includes suitable machines for meeting country-specific licensing regulations (permitted total weight, axle loads, safety regulations, etc.) Low operating costs due to low-wear materials and intelligent control systems for fuel reduction User-friendly and safe due to ergonomic design and assistance systems for individual functions The type of folding, number of boom arms and joint angles are optimally aligned for specific applications Maximum stability and net reach with flexible supports Highest quality thanks to professional processing of the best available materials and high-strength steel up to S 960

Large scale operation placing concrete for LPG tanks in north-west Spain: six M 58, 62 and 63 large boom pumps deliver high-strength, cryogenic concrete

Compact and powerful the 20 m class


M 20-4
4-section Z-roll-folding Vertical reach 19.5 m Horizontal reach 16.1 m Reach depth 11.1 m Unfolding height 3.9 m Support width Front Rear

More information can be found in the brochures BP 3825 (M 20-4) and BP 3885 (M 20-4 Sanima)

3.4 m 2.6 m

M 24-4
4-section Z-roll-folding Vertical reach 23.6 m Horizontal reach 19.7 m Reach depth 14.5 m Unfolding height 4.9 m Support width Front 5.6 m/4.4 m* Rear 2.6 m
* optional on 3-axle chassis

More information can be found in the brochure BP 1085

Aufbau auf 3- oder 2-Achs Chassis mglich

M 28-4
4-section Z-roll-folding Vertical reach 27.3 m Horizontal reach 23.4 m Reach depth 16.6 m Unfolding height 6.5 m Support width Front 6.3 m/5.6 m* Rear 2.6 m
* depends on chassis

More information can be found in the brochure BP 3662

The M 20-4 can operate on construction sites that are inaccessible for larger truck-mounted concrete pumps. Even in cramped situations, its narrow extent of supports allows an almost unrestricted flow of traffic.

The versatile models the 30 m class M 31-5

5-section Z-roll-folding Vertical reach 30.5 m Horizontal reach 26.6 m Reach depth 20.4 m Unfolding height 5.7 m Support width normal OSS* front rear 6.3 m 6.3 m 4.6 m 4.9 m
More information can be found in the brochure BP 2128


The new generation: 36-4

4-section Z-folding Vertical reach 35.6 m Horizontal reach 31.4 m Reach depth 23.9 m Unfolding height 8.5 m Support width normal OSS* front rear 5.5 m 6.9 m 3.9 m 5.7 m

More information can be found in the brochure BP 4439


M 38-4
4-section Z-folding Vertical reach 37.1 m Horizontal reach 33.1 m Reach depth 24.4 m Unfolding height 8.7 m Support width normal OSS* front rear 6.3 m 6.5 m 4.4 m 5.2 m

More information can be found n the data sheet BP 3698


*OSS as an option The M 36-4 is an all-round machine for numerous different applications and can be found on many construction sites throughout the world.


Flexibility with a capital F the 40 m class The new generation: 42-5

5-section roll-Z-folding Vertical reach 41.6 m Horizontal reach 37.3 m Reach depth 31.0 m Unfolding height 8.6 m Support width normal OSS* front rear 7.5 m 7.9 m 4.8 m 6.2 m
More information can be found in the brochure BP 4376


M 46-5 / M 47-5
5-section roll-Z-folding Vertical reach 45.1 m Horizontal reach 41.1 m Reach depth 32.2 m Unfolding height 9.3 m Support width front normal 8.0 m OSS* 5.1 m / 46.1 m / 42.1 m / 32.2 m / 9.5 m

More information can be found in the brochures BP 3552 (M 46-5) / BP 3540 (M 47-5)

rear approx. 8.9 m approx. 6.7 m

M 49-5
5-section roll-Z-folding Vertical reach 48.4 m Horizontal reach 44.5 m Reach depth 33.9 m Unfolding height 10.0 m

More information can be found in the brochure BP 4301

Support width normal OSS*

front rear 9.3 m 10.5 m 5.7 m 7.5 m


Option of 4 or 5-axle chassis, depending on approval requirements and vehicle features *OSS as an option An M 42-5 is reliably placing concrete in Finlands polar night its high reach and the mobile 5-arm boom together with the innovative Ergonic control make it a favourite on construction sites


Large working area, small footprint the large booms in the 50 m class M 52-5
5-section Z-folding 52.0 m Vertical reach Horizontal reach 48.0 m 38.1 m Reach depth Unfolding height 10.4 m
More information can be found in the brochure BP 3231

rear front Support width normal approx. 10.4 m approx. 10.2 m approx. 7.0 m approx. 6.5 m OSS


The new generation: 56-5

5-section roll-Z-folding 55.1 m Vertical reach Horizontal reach 49.9 m 40.3 m Reach depth Unfolding height 12.2 m Support width normal OSS rear front 9.3 m 12.1 m 5.7 m 8.3 m

More information can be found in the data sheet BP 4441 Option of 4 or 5-axle chassis, depending on approval requirements and vehicle features


M 58-5
5-section roll-Z-folding 57.6 m Vertical reach Horizontal reach 53.6 m 42.4 m Reach depth Unfolding height 12.3 m rear front Support width normal approx. 11.1 m approx. 11.5 m approx. 7.8 m approx. 8.0 m OSS

More information can be found in the brochure BP 3873 Option of 5 or 6-axle chassis, depending on approval requirements and vehicle features

Truck-mounted concrete pumps in the 50 m class and higher are equipped with a variable-position telescopic support: A distinct advantage for optimum usage of the extensive boom reach in a huge working area.



The maximum the large booms of the 60 and 70 m classes M 62-6

6-section roll-Z-folding 60.2 m * Vertical reach Horizontal reach 56.1 m 44.3 m Reach depth Unfolding height 23.0 m front Support width 12.1 m normal approx. 8.8 m OSS rear 12.3 m approx. 8.3 m
* with extension 61.6 m More information can be found in the brochure BP 3621


M 63-5
5-section roll-Z-folding 62.2 m Vertical reach Horizontal reach 58.1 m 46.3 m Reach depth Unfolding height 23.0 m front Support width 12.1 m normal approx. 8.8 m OSS rear 12.3 m approx. 8.3 m

More information can be found in the brochure BP 3621


M 70-5
5-section roll-Z-folding 69.3 m Vertical reach Horizontal reach 65.1 m 51.4 m Reach depth Unfolding height 24.5 m

More information can be found in the brochure BP 4071

front Support width 13.4 m normal approx. 9.2 m OSS

rear 13.8 m approx. 9.2 m


The M 70-5 is the ultimate as far as vertical reach is concerned as here at the concreting site for the Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California.



The specialists: RoLine, Saniermobil, Moli RoLine

The economical rotor pump with the right equipment for the job Pump R 60 Output 58 m3/h Concrete pressure 25 bar Hopper volume 400 l Overall length/width 6.4 / 2.0 m Support not required
More information can be found in the brochure BP 4271

Saniermobil 1409 S
The professional refurbisher with a wide range of accessories Pump BSF 1409 H Output 90/56* m3/h Concrete pressure 70/112* bar Delivery cylinder 230 mm Delivery cylinder stroke 1400 mm Wheelbase 4.5 m Support width = vehicle width
* rod side/piston side

Moli 2110 HP
Mobile pipeline concrete pump for high-pressure delivery Pump BSF 2110 HP Output 106/69* m3/h Concrete pressure 150/220* bar Delivery cylinder 200 mm Delivery cylinder stroke 2100 mm Wheelbase 4.5 m Support width = vehicle width
* rod side/piston side

More information can be found in the brochure BP 3530


The Saniermobil, Moli and RoLine specialist machines are suitable for refurbishment work and for use on small construction sites. With pipe and hose lines and lots of accessories on board, they can even cope with distant and complex construction sites beyond the reach of the large booms. A RoLine machine concretes the patio behind a French apartment building.



Die neue Generation der Autobetonpumpen


Not simply improved, but completely redesigned Fifty years of experience in the development of concrete pumps means innovations time and again. These innovations revolutionise the pumping and delivering of concrete. This is always based on the tried and tested, robust concrete pumps from Putzmeister, which are constantly being improved upon and adapted to meet modern demands. With the truck-mounted concrete pumps from the new generation, we have gone one step further: We took the basic idea and then completely rethought and redesigned it. Countless suggestions from customers, operators, suppliers and Putzmeister employees have flowed into the project. From this emerged an innovation that is setting standards on the market. No fear of the scales The resulting new design, from the boom tip to the base structure, makes a gross weight of less than 26 t (36-4) resp. 32 t (42-5) possible, incl. sufficient reserves for payload, equipment, water and fuel.


Better in every respect The concept for the new generation was completely revised and scrutinised, always with the operator in mind. The truck-mounted concrete pumps from the new generation have gained increasing importance when it comes to operation, safety, operating costs and service in particular. Calculated and tested All essential components have been calculated using modern methods. Extensive field tests verify the maturity and reliability of the machine.

A gross weight of less than 26 t (36-4) resp. 32 t (42-5) incl. sufficient reserves for payload and operating materials Steady boom, thanks to the intelligent installation of the delivery line and the harmonious, continuous rigidity of the steel structure

Improved safety, thanks to compliance with all the valid standards and codes of practice Service-friendly as a result of its optimised accessibility and consistent screw concept

Lower service costs thanks to maintenance-free components, fewer special components and lower volumes of functional fluids (oil volume reduced by 300 l (42-5))


BP 1700-21 D


Boom and base structure perfectly matched for economic uses

32 33

Putzmeister added value in quality and technology

37 38

OSS assistance device for one-side support standard with the 50 m class and above The use of long-reach boom pumps increasingly depends on whether construction sites have enough space to ensure the secure installation of the machine. Putzmeister concrete pumps have decisive advantages due to their small operating footprints: Minimum extent of supports with use of OSS (assistance device for oneside support, optional) This minimises the obstruction of traffic. Time and costs for blocking off the road are saved. Variable-position telescopic support with the large booms of the 50 m class and higher Putzmeister large boom pumps from the 50 m class and higher are equipped with a variable-position telescopic support. OSS enables optimum use of the long horizontal reach of the boom, as the working area increases significantly. This means the pumps are suitable both for large construction projects and for smaller construction sites, can be used to their full potential and are economic.

High quality from the outset Tough construction site practice makes high demands of the strength of booms. Yet at the same time, they are expected to be as light as possible to allow for weight reserves on the truck for accessories and equipment. Combining the two is a big challenge, which comes into play even during the design and construction phase of the boom and base structure. For example, when designing booms, a special piece of software is used to determine the optimal boom kinematics for the respective purpose, and a modern 3D-CAD software program or FE analyses are also used. In our production sites for booms and base structures, the latest welding robots are used, ensuring perfect welds and consistently high quality. For over 50 years, the user-friendly and efficient pumping of concrete has been closely linked to innovations and ideas from Putzmeister. To ensure that these innovations also function reliably in the long-term, components and new developments are subjected to numerous tests, such as Lifetime simulations for placing booms Wear tests for delivery lines, spectacle wear plates, etc. Pulse tests and burst pressure tests for delivery and hydraulic hoses Climate, temperature and spray tests for whole machines and components ensuring that a concrete pump can be operated between 15 C and + 50 C in accordance with standards Performance tests and continuous load tests, etc.

7.9 m 6.2 m (OSS)

An M 52-5 at the construction of the Europa Center in Hamburg thanks to OSS, the tight setup space is not a problem

4.8 m (OSS)
7.5 m

Support width 42-5

Booms are constructed in modern workplaces quality from the outset.

High precision production of base structures and booms with CNC welding robots


OSS with variable-position telescopic support

The components are put together in efficient string-of-pearls assembly.




The variable-position telescopic support (e.g. M 52-5) expands the usable space by 43 % beyond the extended working area

OSS with rigid extension outriggers

Hardness testing in the cold chamber at minus 25 C. Putzmeister pumps can deliver concrete even at this low temperature. 18 19

EBC Ergonic Boom Control for increased concrete placement performance

The innovative EBC control system for truck-mounted concrete pumps (Ergonic Boom Control) was the first of the Ergonic systems and revolutionised boom control. Aided by a computer, the placing boom can be easily and precisely controlled. Moreover, the concrete placement performance of the concrete pump can be increased. The concrete pump operator is unburdened and can concentrate better on his surroundings and the movement of the end hose. The boom is precisely moved horizontally and vertically by simple movements of the joystick with One Touch Control. A real advantage: no need to change your grip, no additional switchovers of individual arms. The pumping process is optimised by the damping of boom vibrations and an intelligent working range restriction. The boom and end hose are very smooth, allowing the concrete pump operator to work the construction site more precis ely. The boom is also prevented from col liding with itself in critical positions with EBC (Ergonic Boom Control). EBC is standard with the 60 m class and above! The advantages of EBC at a glance: Precise concrete placement with high output Blocking critical areas reinforces safe working Simple boom control unburdens the operator Smoother end hose thanks to vibration damping Improved ergonomics with One Touch Control Precise vertical control of the end hose with a simple turn of the joystick Increased operational safety due to semi-automatic folding in/out Computer-aided arm control optimises concreting High machine availability thanks to high-quality components and rapid diagnostics

Further information about Ergonic systems can be found in our brochure BP 3763 GB.

42 43

Better work with vibration damping If EBC operation is preselected, damping is automatically activated when the boom is moved. During pumping operations (without movement of the boom), damping must be activated on the left-hand joystick. EBC then balances out vibrations in the placing boom regardless of the delivery rate. The still end hose can be moved more easily and the concrete is cleanly inserted making life much easier for the operator at the end hose.

Without EBC With EBC

Without EBC: Stop-start movements when the boom is moved and slewed and pump pulsations cause various degrees of deflection in the end hose.

With EBC, the vibrations are damped to about 1/3: EBC reduces the vertical movement of the boom to about 1/3 and also damps the deflection of the end hose in all directions.

On large booms of the 40 m class and bigger, EBC also damps torsional oscillation.

without damping

Important note: Ergonic Boom Control makes work easier and optimises processes, but has no safety function. The operator remains responsible for his work. 41

with damping

Precise concrete placement with high output When the joystick is turned, the end hose moves precisely up or down proportionally. A great advantage when concreting formwork or abutments. When large foundations are being concreted in layers, the end hose must be precisely threaded into various places in the reinforcement in succession. A concrete pump with EBC is considerably quicker and its concrete placement performance is significantly greater.

Constant height when moving the end hose If the end hose is moved in a horizontal direction only, its height remains constant during the concreting regardless of the angle of the truck ( 3). EBC even compensates for a changing concrete weight in the delivery line.

Locking arm positions and setting preferred positions make concreting operations easier The positions of arm 1 and arm 2 can be locked. Once the position has been saved, the arms remain in their position, regardless of how the other arms are moved. A preferred position can be set for the last arm. This position is maintained during concreting.

Additional safety provided by locking critical areas A working and movement range can be specified for the boom. This range will not be exceeded during subsequent concreting. This represents an additional safety factor for indoor concreting oper ations and is one less thing for the machine operator to worry about.






EPS Ergonic Pump System ensuring perfect operation. As standard with all BSF!

The computer-aided Ergonic control constantly monitors and regulates the operation of the concrete pump and the truck engine. This means maximum productivity and performance with minimum intervention from the operator. EPS (Ergonic Pump System) has considerable advantages over conventional hydraulic controls: it regulates the concrete pump fully electronically and ensures that the pumping process runs perfectly. The switchover of the transfer tubes, for example, is adjusted to suit the consistency of concrete (PUMI). This means that the concrete does not strike through the transfer tube, even if it is of a very soft consistency. Pump data, such as delivery pressure, delivery rate of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure and many other signals, is actively and perfectly coordinated. This is not really possible with conventional hydraulic control systems. The advantages of EPS at a glance: Smooth pumping process Less noise emission and low fuel consumption thanks to EOC Low wear Vibrations in the machine and boom are reduced Fully electronic control of the concrete pump Fewer hydraulic components Doubly protected control EOC (Ergonic Output Control) is included in EPS

Further information about Ergonic systems can be found in our brochure BP 3763 GB.


Simple control and increased operational safety The pump operator can display important information about the machine centrally on the EGD (Ergonic Graphic Display). The individual parameters for the machine can be set here. The doubly-protected electronic and hydraulic control system means that the machine can continue to be operated in emergency operation in most cases if a malfunction occurs. The EGD contains further functions that can be accessed by the service and maintenance personnel.

The truck-mounted concrete pumps of the new generation have a clear color display (Ergonic Graphic Display). The figure shows the start screen with the most important pump data.


Better efficiency due to fewer hydraulic components In purely hydraulic control systems, there are valves, throttles, regulators, etc. that control all the functions. With EPS, all this is taken on by a computer. Few hydraulic components are required, i.e. there is less energy loss in the system and therefore less wear and a lower fuel consumption.

Optimum and flexible operation of the machine with the radio remote control with display The pump operator receives up-to-date feedback and system displays for the machine directly on the clear display via an additional signal transmission. The strength of the radio signal and the battery charge state are shown by bars. Relevant machine data, such as speed of rotation, fluid temperature, concrete pressure, delivery rate and pressure and volume limit, can be quickly called up. As well as EBC parameters, such as the upper and lower limits of the working range and the slewing gear limit, the vibrator and end hose squeeze valve can also be switched on and off.



The slewing gear and boom arms can be locked or released and the boom speed set independently of the EBC.



The S transfer tube elephant extremely wear-proof and ideal for difficult concrete mixes
Stationary concrete pumps with the S-transfer tube are continually setting new world records in vertical and horizontal delivery. For example, in 2008 at the Burj Khalifa/UAE concrete was pumped vertically over 606 metres! Even in these cases both machines and accessories are still not operating at their limits. Even with difficult concrete they can be counted on to perform reliably on continuous duty. Where ever extremely stiff and highly abrasive mixes are encountered this system is used. Of course it is also available with truck-mounted concrete pumps.

Free-flow hydraulics a decisive benefit to pumping

When large quantities of concrete are pumped, large quantities of oil flow in the hydraulic system. This is where Putzmeister concrete pumps with their free-flow hydraulics come into their own. The closed oil circuit in the FFH results in more performance and less waste of energy. This consumes less fuel and is therefore more economical. Instead of interrupting the flow of oil with a valve, an intelligent control system switches the direction of the oil flow inside the hydraulic pump. The lack of directional valves prevents unnecessary heating of the oil and also makes servicing easier. All the oil flows in a closed circuit from the pump to the drive cylinder and directly back to the pump, which means more output and less energy loss compared to an open system with a buffer oil tank. Putzmeister concrete pumps are therefore extremely powerful and convenient to use due to their method of power supply: A large oil pump together with a large drive cylinder is an efficient way whatever the situation. The SN control system ensures a controlled movement of the material which is typical of Putzmeister concrete pumps. It avoids wear-inducing pressure peaks and increases the service life of drive, delivery line and fastenings. The output of concrete is only momentarily interrupted due to a fast initial piston stroke and a powerful method of switching over the transfer tubes. This means that the end hose can be directed comfortably and easily. The quantity of concrete can be sensitively metered by a continuous regula tion system even when only minimal amounts are involved at maximum pressure.

The S-valve is the first choice for concrete pressures above 85 bars. This is especially useful for long pumping distances over stationary pipelines. The Putzmeister S-valve is especially designed for long life and high concrete pressure. This results in long service intervals and increased availability of the machine. To extend the life of the S-valve, the inside wall can be rebuilt by hard face welding.

The S-tube is suitable for the most difficult concretes, such as stiff hydroconcrete or mixes of crushed quartz, granite or basalt. The range of consistencies extends to K1 (1 slump) and screen sizes up to around 63 mm.


Pressure peak without SN






Push Over shortens delivery gap Delivery gap

old new

long short






The S transfer tube can cope with extremely stiff and difficult mixes
55 56

The easy to dismantle collar allows for easy access for service work between the hopper and truck

Thanks to the wedge closing device the reducer elbow opens and swings back quickly and easily, thus facilitating cleaning. Photo shows optional equipment. 24

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Reversing hydraulic pump Proportional switch-over valve Feed pump Slewing cylinder Change-over / shut-off valve SN valve for soft filling Drive cylinder Delivery cylinder Output regulation

High pressure Low pressure Actuating pressure Return flow or unpressurised Suction-side feed pump Shuttle oil Control pressure


Concrete pump hydraulic cylinder



Free-flow without control block

Extensive accessories and practical details make every job a complete success
60 61

This overview shows a sample of our extensive range of accessories and options for truck-mounted concrete pumps. Further information can be obtained from your retailer or from


A hydraulically lowered container makes work on the construction site easier. The delivery hoses and delivery pipes can be removed at a comfortable height. (Fig. shows option for M 24-4)

Well equipped for all jobs: in spacious add-on containers there is space for delivery hoses and accessories. (Fig. shows the option on the M 20-4)

Fleet management with DAISY PM DAISY offers complete fleet management in a single system from order receipt to invoicing. There is the i-DAISY Internet-based version especially designed for customers outside Germany. It facilitates the management not only of concrete pumps, but also the company's entire vehicle fleet, including truck mixers, silo trucks, etc. The wear part module integrated into i-DAISY makes the operator aware of the next TV (MOT equivalent) due date or
65 66

the lubrication programme for the vehicle, for example. i-DAISY can also be combined with the "vehicle location" and "route tracing" modules. i-GOT-U allows you to view the current position of your vehicles and see the routes that have been travelled The system also informs you by e-mail or SMS if a vehicle has left a geographically defined area or the on-board computer has been tampered with. Stolen machines have even been recovered thanks to DAISY.

Scheduling diagram of a concrete pump service provider



Delivery lines Putzmeister delivery lines are designed for cost-efficient, even wear from the hopper to the boom tip. This means that pipes that are subjected to higher loads are more wear-resistant than those that receive less wear. The delivery line can be replaced as a complete unit without having to sacrifice the remaining service life of individual pipes. This saves time and money and ensures that the truckmounted concrete pump has a high availability rate.

From the hopper to the boom tip, the entire delivery line is designed in such a way that all parts have roughly the same service life. The delivery line can therefore normally be replaced all at once. There are three different types of delivery line, which cater for individual requirements: PM 40 single-layer pipes PM 2520 two-layer pipes with up to 5 times the service life of the PM 40 PM 2520 Proline two-layer pipes with up to 10 times the service life of the PM 40

Pneumatically operated end-hose shut-off valve: compressed air squeezes the end hose closed and the flow of concrete is immediately stopped. This prevents any concrete from dripping out of the line when the boom is being slewed.


A cost-effective compressor with 455 l/min and 12 bar pressure which, thanks to its compact size, it was possible to fit behind the side underride protection (underride protection is obligatory when operating the vehicle in the EU; already included in the Power Kit). There is space for a powerful compressor (930 l/min, 10 bar) in the stowage compartment under the superstructure (not shown).


High-quality wear parts During pumping operations, the machines are subjected to a great number of wear stresses from the usually highly abrasive concrete. Putzmeister has de veloped wear parts in various quality grades for different applications. DURO 22: inexpensive but with sufficient service life for nearly all con crete pump areas of application Carbide: high degrees of hardness, 2 to 4 times longer service life com pared to conventional hard-surfaced version

Heavy-duty casting: heavy-duty casting does not have the same wear resistance as DURO 22, for example, but still has the distinct advantage that it is resistant to cracks.

The folding spray guard on the hopper provides protection against contamination from concrete. Its smooth plastic surface makes it easy to clean.

Spotlights for illuminating the four supports make setting up in the dark easier and faster.

The mobile bypass filter extends service lives and makes savings on oil changes.


Putzmeister Services
Transparency of costs and high availability worldwide


The aim is to reduce costs, whether for a scheduled service or during ongoing operation of your machine. Whenever you need help and advice, we are there for you in over 150 countries worldwide, providing a professional and reliable service. Putzmeister can deliver tested, guar anteed original parts direct to your door, 24 hours a day. Exactly the right parts for your requirements: Delivery line systems and accessories in the Eco, Key and Proline quality categories. All parts represent value for money in terms of service life and purchase price. Using the appropriate Putzmeister accessories extends the service spectrum of your machine. A selection of parts can also be ordered online from our Internet shop. For information on spare parts, please contact: For technical questions, please contact:

24-hour emergency service in Germany, which is soon to be extended throughout Europe and beyond Ergonic Tele Service (ETS) enables remote reading and transmission of status and diagnostic data to our own workshop or a PM service partner via mobile data communication. Full service contracts, covering all maintenance work and spare parts calculated per cubic metre pumped Service packages made up of individual maintenance and inspection tasks Manufacturers inspection in accordance with the requirements of the VDMA (German Association of Machine and Plant Engineering) Expert, customised training courses and seminars run by the Putzmeister Academy in our own modern training academy or at the customer site ( Expert consultation for large projects, e.g. in the areas of concreting logistics, concreting processes and concrete technology







Supervision and parameterization of status data using Ergonic Tele Service (ETS)

Tested Putzmeister quality parts

Manufacturers inspection for occupational safety

High-quality wear parts: Putzmeister quality adapted for all requirements

Most advanced training modules

Individual training on site and in the PM Academy


BP 1700-19


Technical data booms


Booms (Specifications in m) Vertical reach M 20-4 M 24-4 M 28-4 M 31-5 NEW: 36-4 M 38-4 NEW: 42-5 M 46-5/M 47-5 M 49-5 M 52-5 NEW: 56-5 M 58-5 M 62-6/M 63-5 M 70-5 19.5 23.6 27.7 30.5 35.6 37.1 41.6 45.1/46.1 48.4 52.0 55.1 57.6 61.1/ 62.1 69.3 Horizontal reach Reach depth 16.1 19.7 23.8 26.6 31.4 33.1 37.3 41.1/42.1 44.5 48.0 49.9 53.6 57.1/58.1 65.1 11.1 14.5 17.0 20.4 23.9 24.4 31.0 32.2 33.9 38.1 40.3 42.4 44.3/46.3 51.4 Unfolding height Nos. sections / folding type 3.9 4.9 6.5 5.7 8.5 8.7 8.6 9.3/9.5 10.0 10.4 12.2 12.3 23.0 24.5 4/Z-roll-folding 4/Z-roll-folding 4/Z-folding 5/Z-roll-folding 4/Z-folding 4/Z-folding 5/Roll-Z-folding 5/Roll-Z-folding 5/Roll-Z-folding 5/Z-folding 5/Roll-Z-folding 5/Roll-Z-folding 6/5/Roll-Z-folding 5/Roll-Z-folding

Pumps Type BSF ...09 H ...11 H ...11 H LS ...14 H ...16 H ...16 H LS ...20 H Sanierm. BSF 1409 S Moli BSF 2110 HP RoLine BQF 06 Output* Pressure* m /h

Large-volume pumps improve wear and filling rates Stroke Cylinder Strokes/min mm 1400 1400 1400 2100 2100 2100 2100 1400 2100 mm 230 230 250 230 230 250 280 2300 200 26 32 27 27/17* 31/21* 26 26 26/16* 26/18* The important factors in this are the larger diameter and corresponding stroke length, not a longer cylinder. Intake resistance is thus reduced. The finest components are not evacuated so much, and even more difficult concrete retains its pumpability with a high fill level. bar 78 78 85 70/112* 85 85 70/112* 25 Large delivery cylinder volumes have proved themselves, as they reduce the change-over frequency and wear and increase smooth running. The placing boom functions more quietly due to the smaller number of change-overs made by the pumping unit.

90 110 110 140/88* 160 200 90/56* 58

160/108* 85/130*

106/69* 150/220*

All values max. theoretical. * rod side / piston side Max. output and max. concrete pressure cannot be operated simultaneously. Standard boom pipework: max. pressure 85 bar




You can find more information on our truck-mounted concrete pumps in the following brochures: Delivery lines and accessories Ergonic Systems PM 2300 BP 3763

You can find site reports in the current editions of the Putzmeister Post. Please write to to request your copy.

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