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UbD Lesson Plan

Niki Taylor and Jenna Hutto FRIT 7737 Candidate as Instructional Partner Spring 2012

UbD Lesson Plan

Title of Unit Curriculum Area

Information and Research

Grade Level

4 2-3 Days

Technology and Social Time Frame Studies Stage 1- Desired Results

Standards 21st Century Learners Standards: 1.1 Skills 1.1.1 Follow an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge in curricular subjects, and make the real-world connection for using this process in own life. 1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning. 1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions. 1.1.5 Evaluate information found in selected sources on the basis of accuracy, validity, and appropriateness for needs, importance, and social and cultural context. 1.1.6 Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format (e.g., textual, visual, media, digital) in order to make inferences and gather meaning. 1.1.7 Make sense of information gathered from diverse sources by identifying misconceptions, main and supporting ideas, conflicting information, and point of view or bias. 1.1.8 Demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry. 1.1.9 Collaborate with others to broaden and deepen understanding. 1.2 Dispositions in Action 1.2.4 Maintain a critical stance by questioning the validity and accuracy of all information. 1.3 Responsibilities 1.3.2 Seek divergent perspectives during information gathering and assessment. 1.4 Self-Assessment Strategies. 1.4.2 Use interaction with and feedback from teachers and peers to guide own inquiry process. 1.4.4 Seek appropriate help when it is needed. GPS and CCGPS Standards: - SS4H3: The students will explain the factors that shaped British colonial America. a. Compare and contrast life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies. b. Describe colonial life in America as experienced by various people, including large landowners, farmers, artisans, women, indentured servants, slaves, and Native Americans. - ELACC4W7: Conduct short research projects that build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic. - ELACC4W8: Recall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; take notes and categorize information, and provide a list of sources. Understandings: Students will understand: 1. Relevant information and how to use a pathfinder to choose the information. 2. A research project.

UbD Lesson Plan

3. 4. 5. 6. A Prezi and how to input information in a categorized way. The factors that shaped British colonial America. The similarities and differences of life in New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies. Different aspects of colonial life in America.

Related misconceptions: 1. All information is relevant. 2. Using the internet to find information on a topic is hard. 3. A research project is listing a lot of facts about something with no order or organization. Essential Questions Overarching Questions: Topical Questions: - What are short research projects? - How can I use a pathfinder to help me find - What is a Prezi presentation? relevant information on specific topics for a - What are some digital sources I can use to find research project? information on a topic? - How can I share information about British - Why do I need to categorize information I colonial America? find? - How does categorizing information help me - Why is it important to list sources I find share information more clearly? information from? - How do you determine if the information is - Why do I need to know how to use a pathfinder relevant to the topic? when doing a research project? - How is selection of relevant materials important? Student Objectives Students will be able to: 1. Compare and contrast life in the different colonies. 2. Describe the different aspects of life in American colonies. 3. Use pathfinder to find information relevant to topic. 4. Categorize information. 5. Create a Prezi using the information found on the internet. 6. Share their Prezi to other students. Knowledge and Skills Knowledge Skills Students will know: Students will be able to: 1. Factors that shaped British Colonial 1. Gather relevant information from a America. digital resource (pathfinder). 2. The lives of various people in colonial 2. Take notes and categorize information. America. 3. Create a Prezi using information found on 3. What relevant information is and how to pathfinder. use it to conduct a research project. Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence Performance Task(s) For the purposes of this assignment, the performance tasks and learning activities are focused on Information Literacy Skills and facts about British Colonial America. 1. Students will be able to effectively use a pathfinder to locate relevant information on British Colonial America.

UbD Lesson Plan 2. Students will categorize the information by taking notes and using Prezi. 3. Students will use Prezi to create a presentation using the categorized information.
4. Students will present the Prezi presentation to their classmates. Stage 3 Learning Plan Part 1

Introduce British Colonial America to students by showing Allow students as a class to take the BrainPop quiz on Thirteen Colonies. Explain that the purpose of the assignment is to understand the factors that shaped British Colonial America/13 Colonies and the various resources available for research. Also explain to the students what a research project is and why they are important. Guide the students through the pathfinder on British Colonial America. Students should write down on paper which links they really like for future reference. Explain the resources found on the pathfinder are quality information resources that are relevant to the topic and are not some random (biased, misleading, or false) internet search. Show the students how to use and create a Prezi on British Colonial America/13 Colonies using the pathfinder to choose information/facts. Allow the students to see an example prezi on British Colonial America. (links at the bottom) Sum up the lesson by asking students questions that relate to the pathfinder and prezi. Take students to the computer lab. Review how to find relevant information using a pathfinder and steps to creating a Prezi. Explain the computer to them and what to do if something goes wrong while they are working. Allow students to gather facts using the pathfinder. Walk around and assist the students and make sure they are finding relevant information. Once the students have taken notes on the information they want to use, stop all students and remind them again about Prezi. Instruct the students to open up Prezi.

Part 2

Then, as needed, walk the students through the steps of creating a Prezi on their topic using the information from the pathfinder. After the students are finished with the task, allow them to share the presentation with the class. Pass out the Student Self-Questioning Guide and allow students to complete it. Examples of 13 Colonies Prezis: res_nr=8&sis=2862908472

UbD Lesson Plan

Student Self-Questioning Guide

Questions Yes No Ask the Teachers

Did I efficiently use the pathfinder?

Did I find relevant information on my topic?

Can I list at least 2 facts about British Colonial America or any of the colonies? Am I able to tell someone what a research project is?

Did I find at least 5-7 facts about my topic using the pathfinder?

Did I use my relevant information to create a Prezi presentation?

UbD Lesson Plan

Information to Remember
Directions for Prezi 1. Go to 2. Create an account or use your teachers. 3. Click on New Prezi. 4. Choose template. 5. Create Prezi using information you found. (BE CREATIVE!!!) 6. Click on Exit at the top when you are done. 7. SHARE YOUR PREZI!!!!