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Motivation and Interests

Having studied physics as one of the subjects in school and in my college, I have, indeed, developed a sense of objectiveness for(towards) learning physics, understanding the subject and handling (solutions of) problems towards realistic solutions related to physics. It is my (in-depth interest that made me to select physics as my main subject major for the graduate and postgraduate degrees. I firmly believe that true learning in any field happens only by solving problems.Physics with its uniqueness among all natural science subjects in having an underlying generalizing flavor beyond the observed data points brings together a mix of theoretical problems to be worked out on paper,modeling the observed natural phenomenon and making projections based on the analysis.I find this extremely ordered methodology to do science.This apart the fun in clearing the practical challenges in the lab towards deciphering the process of nature beyond the usual predictions gives the added ingredient of openness and exploration. The problems I used to face during MTech research project are real goal oriented newborn questions and through constant practice, I developed a sense of analyzing them thoroughly on the basis of scientific knowledge and with innovative, but systematic reasoning reasonable imaginations. Working with an frontier active and upfront research group during MTech gave me enough exposure to the forthcoming scientific field of laser application. frontiers in Laser Technology and forthcoming Science exploiting such advancements.(may be if u wish u can be specific here about high field science if u want to high light) I have got the opportunity to undertake my post graduate degrees in one of the best universities of my country.I feel extremely satisfied for having interacted with some of the truly creative physiscsts and talented students.In the process I have learned how important it becomes to have a birds eye view of the emerging results at the same time being thorough about once specific area of interest.It also gave me a attitude to strike a balance between ordered theoretical conjunctures while meticulously attending the

day to day running of the experiments in the lab. brains and talents have been available for close interaction. There has been enough chance to improve my basic knowledge and develop experimental skills especially in the field of Optics, Laser technology, Condensed Matter Physics, Optoelectronics and Nanoscience & technology. During my MSc I have elected courses that could give me the basic foundation of modern optics, nanotechnology and condensed matter physics (CV attached more fully details my qualifications for the position). I carried out two month summer project titled Light scattering study of polymer hydrogel nanoparticles and six month project in the field of ZnO nanoparticle preparation and their emission studies during MSc and they gave me exposure to the research methodologies. Being interested in Optics and Lasers I took MTech Optoelectronics and Laser technology course for specialization. The focus of the course is on laser theory and application and fiber optics communication. I find that research activities in Department -----------------is certainly up to the standards of high level progressiveness and gives good encouragement to aspiring students through constant learning, interaction, motivation and high level of international exposure. I wish to be a part of the Department. I am able to work alone as well as part of a team. I am very much aware of the challenges involved in the experimental research and I am committed to carry out my work with sincere determination and dedicated effort.