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Amenhotep III Perspectives on His Reign Edited by David O'Connor and Eric H. Cline Ann Arbor ‘Ta: Usiverstry OF MICHIGAN PRESS Cori yh ney of Main 198 ‘bid in Oe fA “Ow on sche pe ee | "Erica (A cP rd ori bk ae fa he rit Lian, hry of Cages Carignan Daa Awa pepecine om hii by Dad One hthiaeareer apainren oon TOGaaae bandh H Gere Preface ‘Numerous olames fave en writen onthe hee Eigen Dysay rack Amat. No ko npn figs wasAUbenae es he vo Ansel, wh eg rome 1391101353 ac A lear of ‘unerour campagne in Syix Palen, baler of mamerows tml, ‘ny nding Thebes and Mepis hstandto Queen Ti aha ‘ey af ene iver icing the dna ofthe Kings of Bayon, Ht, ‘snd Mann, Amerie I abe all encouraged oe expan and ‘cade wo vgn ft beyond the borer of Ep. Stay of Aeron ‘veh chang and complex indian pono mre then oe ‘roy frterelgoorand oll penal ht ocured dng tego ie “A compete ography of his Pharaoh as eer en writen, Howe, Ul publsed than ever blr Tie cee ateton pay da © the exrordiny 1992 cahibton crested bythe Ceo! Msc of Ae trick evel n tough eats a wrmpoda monte Pe ‘pnts om sR concivedaa separate project ye eae eo {nd independent of he Cereand exon, wes orgy tend 0 ‘reas simple boggy of Anebotp I hex hr ron the taki in he en ees sce nepion and ow consis a ses of ‘Spat hater on his comple indiana reg. A ich con ‘Biss fre contbton our Knowle of Ameo la ha ee, coing the eet wok begun by Berman, ryan, Rell nd ‘thes [nadine cctrbtng eal prover nd pound behing ‘sey hped ha chs bok wil serve a compendia conc “Theboakegin with Ly Berman's overview of Arent Wisi, isfy and the bor of hen. ey Bra chap cnn ‘lebetinor acres ing pt Ament eg. Joh ‘once "Monument pd Monumental," des wit hb ing sci of Armen I a then sents a stay of mene Wi Pace ‘carved dein, th purl emphasis onthe helogy an en ‘ens toward Aten aeady wile during hi oy. Arie Kol ‘apes. *Dcoratne aed Feary Art" dconers vary of anal, ‘nelaing cosmei spoons gas vse, ais of fence and Exysan owl and fear equipmene David "Connors chapter “The CGiyandthe Wor” dew cy panning, ing oncom, nd aioe spe of region i ht of he Egyptian word ding the ne of ‘Arenkxpi Willa Murnane capes, “Goverment pers othe the nae evidence So pent nating gms fe gone ‘rem ad reigou admiiaran in place during te ng of Amerie Ih nape 7, James Wes, Exe ine, Kenneth Kachen, nd Dave ‘O'Connor doce enh sates ny ad elton eh, ‘Syria Paleo, the Agen nd Anatol, Mesopocim, nd Nabe ree: ‘ely. The Book codes wth ob Baines The Daten of the Asana ee” which eviews the sigan development: in eon, bing, ‘and lnguage dri the ig of Aneel hat may hve eed nd infeed the following Amarea peo. Ech onion Issel ‘Grind esay—a comprehen, epro-date sue onthe Topi with fern nts and amps docmcnaon placed fotos, ach ea ‘iia view ofthe tops andr comiderton and wl constioe + mor ‘tribution sour undrandingofAmentoxe I Together tse caper ‘eintndednorinighe he rigno AmeabotepIfumbleysles ‘deducted laypersons ale. The observant rear wil oe ht he le ‘dal athors win bok fer onthe qunstionafacorepencyDewe mbt land Albenten-Tecontstnes were nace osdere {ele vee the coutorey comet at be rated, ‘We would especialy ke to thank John Bsns, Katha Godt, Deb Viet nd John Wald fort ssiance dig the Bl tages of rca R Faker wa poe foal of the dnwing in caper SThankare sla extend Howard Agri, ohaG Row} Sana, the Reyes Men nd apy SMBPK, Arif) the ‘lelnd ese ofA the Matopltan Mseam of At the Me da wre the Trane ofthe Beh Manette University Mac of he Univers of ensvana andthe Washington Unie Galley of ror permision reproduce hogaphs and dawigs in his hook, We eso {fale len ase, James afore, Christina Mo aed the ro. ton taf atthe Univer of Michie re forth eo on our cal {is at ot astm wou ier thank the contostthi book and oe ames fx bling us ets ea become» ly Seer 1997 | | Contents Chap 1, Overview of Amenity I and His Reign Turene Me Bora Caper 2 Anecedent to Amen ey Brae Chapter 3. Monument and Monument Art wer ‘Amenhae I: Eolon nd Mest ve Raymond fbn (Chapter The Deora ad Foeary Ars ring he Reign “Amero Arle Koso (Chote 5 Te Ci andthe Wor: Woview ad Bl Forms nt Rep of Arent It Did O*Comor Cape 6, The Onanintion of Goverment under ‘rent Willa J Marne Caper 7 The Word Abeoad yr and the Levan the Reig of Ament James Westie Amen lth Agen and Anca Ene One Ament il sd Mesoptania Kann & Kcbor ‘Arment lan Nai Did Onno ” « ma 26