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THE WILBOUR PAPYRUS Edited by ALAN H. GARDINER Volume III TRANSLATION Published for THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM At The OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1948 PREFACE ‘As explained on p. 3 of the Commentary forming Vol. 1T of this publication, the arduous labour involved in preparing the present Translation has rested upon the shoulders of Mr. R. O. Faulkner, If, nevertheless, Vol. IIT, like its two predecessors, appears under my name, it is because Faulkner has throughout followed my instructions as regards the renderings of technical phrases and formulae, and has consistently accepted my decisions on the English forms to be given to proper names. So stereotyped is the document in its modes of expression that the above-mentioned points pretty well exhaust the possibilities of independent judgement. Consequently it is I, and I alone, who bear the respansibility, and it was imperative that the title-page of this volume should reflect that state of affairs. However, the fact that Faulkner should have been willing to accept so mechanical a part only increases the debt that I owe to him; thereby he has saved me weeks of drudgery, and a last-minute revision in front of the original has shown how implicitly his care and accuracy can be trusted, Nor will Faulkner's services in connexion with the Wilbour Papyrus have ended here, since he has nobly consented to compile the volume of Indexes necessary to round off our common task. T can only hope that the above explanations will secure to him on the part of other Egyptologists the gratitude that is felt by myself. It has not been thought desirable to encumber the footnotes here with references to the Commentary volume except in particularly interesting cases. For all questions relating to the headings and sub-headings of paragraphs the Synopses in that volume must be consulted. In comparing the Translation with the Plates of Transcription, the student should not omit to consult the Additions and Corrections on Pl. 73 (A) of the Plate volume, as well as those at the end of the Commentary and again at the end of the present volume. ALAN H. GARDINER 26 me SO 108 = 9156 3 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS AMEN HOUSE, LONDON B.C. 4 EDINHURGH GLASGOW NeW YORK TORONTO MELBOURNE WELLINGTON BOMUAY CALCUTTA MADRAS CAPE TOWN, GEOFFREY CUMBERLEGE PUMLISHER TO THE UNIVERSITY Mu 443.01 W C47 vB PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS, OXFORD BY CHARLES BATEY PRINTER TO THE UNIVERSITY