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Week of November 18-24

Welcome Warmly welcome everyone as they arrive! Make sure you tell each attendee at least one reason why you are thankful that God has brought them into your life. Opening Prayer Take a moment or two to reflect on a few of the many reasons we should be thankful to God.

Become (Spiritual Disciplines, Care) // Pick at least one from each category to use in leading your group
Suggestions for Family Time A) Scripture says For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Eph 6:12). If this is true, than it is important we realize that ALL inappropriate behavior directed toward us (and conversely that we direct toward others) is rooted at the spiritual level of our being; and by extension influenced by our mutual spiritual enemy. Typically our spiritual enemy infects us via lies (about ourselves or others), guilt/shame from personal sin and/or unresolved hurts (brokenness) from our past. Discuss the difference it would make if instead of asking the question Why did they do/say that?! we asked, I wonder in what way (and to what extent!) are they dealing with something, at the spiritual level, for them to act out in such a hurtful way? How might changing our approach help us to develop a heart of compassion them? (perhaps pray more for them out of concern not anger; seek ways to unconditionally love them, etc). B) Via the host HGs home computer, go to to gain a better understanding of ways we (as individuals, family or HG community can contribute to the relief of those in need around the world. Suggestions for Kids Time A) Have the kids make up a long list of all the things they have and enjoy (family, school, friends, food, clean water (to drink), hot water (to take a shower), clothes, toys, a roof over their head, their own bed, etc, etc). Then have them draw a line through all but two or three of them. Ask them how they would feel if suddenly all of those other things were taken from them. Then ask them if we should feel the same way towards others that it HAS happened to. Have each child pray for those around the world that doesnt have one or more of the essential items on their list). B) Memorize the Core Competency for this week (Kids version). Compassion I believe God wants me to help others in need. Talk about what it means to help others in need. First identify individuals or groups of people that have big needs. Next discuss ways we could show love and compassion similar to that God continues to shower upon us! Suggestions for Adult Time A) Via the host HGs home computer, go to to gain a better understanding of the extent of the social injustices that exist around the world AS WELL AS to see all that is being done to eradicate these issues. Talk about how your biblical community might partner with IJM (and other such agencies) to promote future justice-seeking initiatives. B) Look up the word Subsidiarity (def. the belief that a matter ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralized authority capable of addressing that matter effectively)? So if your neighbor needs some milkYOU handle it! If their house flooded, consider asking fellow neighbors or HG members to help, etc. if a neighbor hood is impacted by a tornado, contact local authorities, Red Cross, etc. Discuss the benefits of dealing with the needs of others in this fashion. (fosters relationships, helps maintain accountability, doesnt overwhelm any one entity/organization, etc).

Beyond (Evangelism, Recreation, Volunteerism, Extending Compassion, International Missions)

Community Calendar: Collection day for Operation Christmas Child boxes is this Sunday, November 18. Any late shoeboxes can be taken to Fielder Road Baptist Church by 8:00 pm Monday, November 19. Financial donations welcome at the lobby booth. Find more drop off locations at Church Calendar : Christmas decorating will begin Sunday, November 25! We will serve lunch in the Main Building Common Grounds Caf after the 2nd service and then begin decorating. The more the merrier! No childcare. Contact: Laurie Gilbert ext 169