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LSB 15 Passage # 1 Theme: The passage talks about Pluralism and its various types and how the

study of these types helps in understanding different societies. The passage deals in explaining the definitions of mainly three types of pluralism. It says that (1) structural pluralism which connotes the incorporation of collectivities into a polity but which is characterized by institutional divergences (2) social pluralism which involves distinct communities and systems of social action and (3) cultural pluralism which consists of variable diversity without corresponding collective segregation. Cultural pluralism can exist without social and structural pluralism but these latter forms of pluralism cannot be obtained without cultural pluralism. In the subsequent paragraph the author studies various societies through these. The passage seems to be quite difficult, however, all the questions are explicit idea questions and if one reads the passage completely one will be able to solve all of them correctly. Passage # 2 Theme: This is the easiest of all the passages and one will definitely get all the questions correct. It deals in explaining three scientific theories one by one in every paragraph. The main objective behind these theories is to give an explanation regarding the constancy of animal population. This passage is highly scoring. Passage # 3 Theme: This passage is from management genre. It deals with a very important issue that since the inception of management many things have changed and most of the things have become very easy. Even then it has not been able to be very useful to mankind or it has not added any thing extra. This passage has been narrated by the author himself taking the help of some article telecast on CBBC Radio (Childrens BBC). The tone of the author is quite criticizing and many a time satirical.

He says that central planning does not work. The result is an increasingly vicious circle in which each effort to control the uncontrollable simply destabilizes the system further, provoking yet more frantic efforts to get things back in hand. So the end of management becomes control rather than creation of resources. According to Drucker management has made people difficult to work. Passage # 4 Theme: The author talks about the fact that the environmental conservation has become only a game as although there are many people favouring it but the government policies are not enforced properly. The author refers to the Canadian govt. in the passage, also says that the parties are responsible for it. The passage requires a little GK to comprehend. The questions are indirect in nature but manageable.