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TTACHMENTS Reduce Emergency Visits! No More Poking Archwires! Crimpable Mini Stops + Extremely low profile and small size raking ther mote aesthetically pleasing than the typical crimpable stops y table tothe patient due to y onto the archwite for placement += Chimps easily into place with Weingart Style Utliy Pliers Mini Stops - Small + 2.0mmin length Standard Packs 020.200 Large Economy Packs ..100003 Forwire ses 012" through O18" [i Mini Stops - Large ; Standard Packs re-020:300 > Large Economy Packs 100004 J re, rectangular 36 2 opto F020" x0 Standard Packs Economy Packs 25perpack 50 per pack = Stainless steel Crimpable Tooth Tone’ Cross Tubes Crimpable -tstycamecamtany nd | Mini Stops ‘custom attachments to archwire + Perfect fr all orthodontic anchorage systems + Diverse TAD technique use 1 + Durable aesthetic coating For total aesthetic treatment + Very comfortable tothe patient + High quay sable tet PF “sis easy oto the arte item # 100310 + 2.0mm in length 20mm length, 022 slot, nh A Aa 20mm eng Coated Mini Stops - Large Coated Mini Stops - Small tem #: 907001 Item #: 907-000 torsquae nes vi Forround wiresup to.18 ——recimgulacuves 25perpack 2S perpack Crimpable Double Tubes ‘ + Easly connect auxiliary and Crimpable Split Stops custom attachments to archwire '* Perfect for all orthodontic = Metal injected molded aay anchorage systems ‘For round or rectangular wires . i a + Diverse TAD technique use + Nickel: fee stainless stel Sh = + High quality stainless steel, Sea pS ae) i 5mm length, 022" slot, Forvound and recanguler wires Ge Jo per pack up to 021" x 025", 10per pack Place your order by calling 1-813-991-5896 ATTACHMENT Perfect for TAD Use! Crimpable Archwire Hooks with Split Archwire Opening + Excellent for use with miniscrew attachments + Easily and securely attach closed coil springs or any auxiliary attachments + Can be placed onto archwires inside or outside of the mouth + Curved 6.8mm tall and fits archwires up to .022" x 025" Patient Left 20104. a rrr “2. Crimpable Bi-Directional Ball Hooks with Split Archwire Opening + Easly place onto any size archwireInsde of outside ofthe mouth + Secure anchor fr any auxiliary attachment + Bralcectional hok for easy ligation + Smooth for patient comfort, + High quality stainless steel + Fits archwires up to .022" x 025" Short: 1.6mm tall Long: 3.3mm tall Tooth Tone: Aesthetic Coated Crimpable Bi-Directional Ball Hooks Item #: 907-002 Fits archwires up to.022" x.025° + Split archwire opening + For total aesthetic treatment + Very comfortable tothe patient + Crimps securely to archwire + 3.3mm tall 20 per pack Crimpable Ball Hooks with Slide-On Archwire Opening Slide on Ball Hooks: 3.2mm tall — ‘Small item #: 014.214 Fits archwires up 0 O18" x.025" Large Hem #: 014-215 Fits archwires up to." x 025" 20per pack Order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by FAX 1-813-864-9605 Patient Right oioag | Item #: 20102 item #: 20103 20per pack 20per pack 20per pack eg Crimpable Ball Hooks with Split Archwire Opening ‘+ Made from high quality nickelfree stainless stee! ‘+ Smooth, rounded ball hooks can be placed precisely without, removing the archwire « Crimps to rectangular archwires up to .022" x 025" Split Ball Hooks: 3.3mm tall, item # 20105 20 per pack Split Ball Hooks: 3.2mm tall Item #: 014-114 Fits archwires up 0.018" x.025" Item #: 014-115 Fits archwires up 0.021" x 025" 20per pack TTACHMENTS Place your next order online“at® User Friendly Redefined” Detailed order history One click order tracking State-of-the-art ‘transaction security jo credit card required ill on open accour LE Direct Bond Eyelets OrthoFlex” Round Base Composite Buttons Item #: 025-100 + Aesthetically pleasing tem #: 07-2344 2.5mm diameter tna piece fla bose appearance 285mm x 2.05mi one piece base ) per pack 10 per pack + Durable stain resistant material + Secure dovetal base design Direct Bond Eyelets Direct Bond Buttons Rectangle Base Rectangle Base gengaele 400.201 item #: 025-000 ‘val Curved ‘400-202 3 7%umx 30mm one piece curves bose 2.8mm x 2déinat one place base Oper pack ee Fy, 1 per pack Direct Bond Buttons | Weldable Buttons Weldable Round Base Rectangle Base Weldabl 400-005 Item #: 400-2028 Oval Curved 400-006, {35m diameter curved one 375m 2.58mi oe prece base FO per pack Oper pack Place your order by calling 1-813-991-5896