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(Wild Apricot non-profit software – raw data from customer survey December 2008)

How likely is it that you would recommend us to your

friends or colleagues?

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1. I have two websites with you http://cml- Tue, 1/6/09 12:27 PM and . They are very
small websites and I don't use even a hundredth of the
potentiality that you offer. Nevertheless I think your
offer is just great, easy to use, flexible, with lots of
functions and nice-looking professional website. Your
customor service is also very good, fast and clear
2. It is very good, very powerful, and progressing all Thu, 12/18/08 7:09 PM
the time, but it's by no means perfect yet. There are
some things that still need to be easier to do.
3. With a few minor additions, you could be a 10. Thu, 12/18/08 7:52 AM
4. This is only because we have not really started using it Wed, 12/17/08 1:23 PM
yet. We should start using it in January, and I'll be better
able to move the check box one way or the other after
5. I have found your interface to be intuitive and well Mon, 12/15/08 3:13 PM
6. I would wholeheartedly recommend Wild Apricot to Sun, 12/14/08 3:07 PM
smaller nonprofit organizations that do not yet have
their own web site. For those who have a significant
investment in an existing web site and would need to
use widgets to incorporate Wild Apricot functionality
into their existing site, I would recommend waiting until
the widgets have gained additional maturity.
7. I'm looking forward to the new additions. I was on Sat, 12/13/08 12:48 PM for many years. They have many features I
also liked.
8. I love the product, the price, and the service! There Fri, 12/12/08 3:38 PM
are a few things that we have to work around in our
specific circumstances, but for a shared system I
wouldn't expect it to be 100% customized.
9. Songsalive! LOVES Wild Apricot! Thu, 12/11/08 2:40 PM
It's not the right solution for everyone, but it is a big Thu, 12/11/08 1:06 PM
10. help for budget-constrained organizations who still
wish to maintain a strong online presence. By
covering (nearly) all bases, a lot of complication is
removed for the administrator, but the individual
components are less refined than what you'd get
from piecing together a lot of specialized services
from multiple providers.
11. Our organization is just getting started with Wild Wed, 12/10/08 4:08 PM
Apricot, so I don't have a real sense yet of how it will
work for us, but based on what I've read on your web
site about what Wild Apricot can do, I'm very excited.
While I think there are great things about WildApricot, Wed, 12/10/08 1:01 PM
12. the email situation is frustrating and not being able to
administratively override the system to update member
profiles is for our organization problematic. We added 2
new required fields to our 2009 application which
members must sign off on and I as the GM can't go in to
change their email address or any other piece of
information without filling in those required fields for
them which defeats their purpose. If I am wrong, and
can override, please advise and accept my apologies.
I have used a couple of other website services in Wed, 12/10/08 12:49
13. addition to Wild Apricot and yours is definitely the PM
best for clubs, organizations, etc.
Every chance I get I pass on info about Wild Apricot!! Wed, 12/10/08 9:07 AM
Well thought out and excellent openess by Tue, 12/9/08 10:48 PM
15. programmers to listen to users needs and make
every effort to meet the needs presented. Fantastic
organization and website!
Rating will change to 10 the moment you stop referring Tue, 12/9/08 4:59 PM
16. to users who are not members of the organization as
members and add a convenient way for administrators
to enter credit card transactions on behalf of users.
I already have recomended you to our National Tue, 12/9/08 1:02 PM
17. association and Dallas. I believe they are joining as we
Great tool for non-profits and the consultants that serve Tue, 12/9/08 11:57 AM
18. them.
For a membership organization where we need both Tue, 12/9/08 11:53 AM
19. public and private webpages, your product is
fantastic. Even though I know several web editing
programs such as Dreamweaver, Front Page,
GoLive, etc., I used your web creation tools to create
our site because my job as web curator may be
passed to another member of our organization in the
future who may not be as familiar with web creation.
Your product makes it easy to send messages to
members. The biggest factor is that we can afford to
use your product. We are a non-profit group and
don't have a lot of extra funds.
I am very pleased so far. One very important feature that Tue, 12/9/08 11:06 AM
20. would move my rating to a ten would the ability to limit
my members to only sign up for the same event once.
I like Wild Appricot but find some things difficult. Tue, 12/9/08 9:50 AM
21. There should be a HELP button where you could type in
a question (like in WORD). You can't see what font you
are using. The undo button doesn't always work.
Web site flexibility is restricted and limited to create a Tue, 12/9/08 7:44 AM
22. more socially interactive web site.
Improvements are needed to enable event registration Tue, 12/9/08 7:38 AM
23. for multiple participants on one entry screen with one
payment transaction.
For me, best assets are your professional templates Tue, 12/9/08 7:16 AM
24. and customisation, with complete website
management. Event management is great, but
overall integration (blog, forum) more important (I
want Google searches to send people to my WA site,
not different sites with my organisation's content.). I
tell all organisations with membership management
needs about WA.
It still doesn't do everything we need. Although this is Tue, 12/9/08 4:32 AM
25. because we have very specific membership workflow.
While not perfect, the programs ease of use and Tue, 12/9/08 1:48 AM
26. breadth of options are fantastic.
WA is great, and I do tell everyone about it, but there are Tue, 12/9/08 1:25 AM
27. some issues that keep me from calling myself your
biggest fan.
Works pretty well but i have some issues. Tue, 12/9/08 1:02 AM
Not sure yet - some things I like, some things I don't. Tue, 12/9/08 12:07 AM
When web site discussions with colleagues who work in Mon, 12/8/08 9:41 PM
30. the non-profit world, I suggest they look at our web site
and its capabilities, and then at the WA website. Our
members are also recommending WA as a solution to
their clients when appropriate
I have referred several colleagues. Mon, 12/8/08 9:30 PM
As a non techie, I appreciate your wealth of knowledge Mon, 12/8/08 9:29 PM
32. and willingness to help.
the neutral score is becuase we are in the process of Mon, 12/8/08 8:55 PM
33. setting things up and son far haven't gone live yet. At
this time it looks good but until we really try to make it
work it isn't possible to give an assessment one way or
the other.
I am a one-man company so never have the chance to Mon, 12/8/08 8:24 PM
34. recommend you but I certainly would recommend
WildApricot as a reliable platform
Wildapricot is the most all inclusive system any non- Mon, 12/8/08 6:18 PM
35. profit can discover. It is a must for membership and
sponsor driven organizations.
Overall Great application. Very useful have created a Mon, 12/8/08 6:12 PM
36. few accounts.
I use the white lable product and most my clients Mon, 12/8/08 5:56 PM
37. request affiliate managment so I am only using you one
of my sites I am developing for a client, that does not
need it.
You guys provide the best customer service that I've Mon, 12/8/08 5:52 PM
38. ever experienced -- the combination of frequent
updates and very prompt responses to individual
There is at least one person who I've told about it whom Mon, 12/8/08 5:45 PM
39. I think is opening an account.
We are not using all of the functions of WA at this time, Mon, 12/8/08 5:21 PM
40. but I'd certainly tell folks about it who might have the
need. From what I have seen (I'm not the primary db
person at my job) it's a great product.
Great product - only reason not to recommend you Mon, 12/8/08 5:09 PM
41. would be if something else fit their needs better.
Classified job ads is part of every business. There Mon, 12/8/08 4:39 PM
42. should be a classified feature. Non profit orgs need lots
of surveys, because they need to keep donatio
Since my site is basically a membership site with some Mon, 12/8/08 4:29 PM
43. commerce necessary, most of what I have wanted or
needed to accomplish has been done so, with ease, even
for me (extreme non-techie). More than anything, every
question or inquiry I have made has been handled
superbly. Thank you.
I've only been using it for a week. From what I have Mon, 12/8/08 4:24 PM
44. seen so far, I am very impressed.
I think if I take this survey after the 12/25/08 upgrade, Mon, 12/8/08 4:17 PM
45. question #1 would be a 10. Reason: you will have
online account (billing) management.
I have all but abandoned our previous web site after Mon, 12/8/08 4:15 PM
46. joining WA.
I have already done so with 4 people, you should have a Mon, 12/8/08 4:13 PM
47. referral program..
We are an international company. If you could allow Mon, 12/8/08 4:08 PM
48. users to add more than two paypal account (US and
Euro) on the website, it would be great.
While there are a few tricks to using it well, in general Mon, 12/8/08 4:06 PM
49. Wild Apricot brings a ton of functionality in an easy to
use format for a reasonible price. All of this while also
allowing some shared/distributed management
capabilites for ifferent types of administrators.
I admit that I may not know all the features because our Mon, 12/8/08 4:06 PM
50. site is managed by a third party that recommended Wild
Apricot for our purposes.
I really do like Wild Apricot. It might not be AS Mon, 12/8/08 4:02 PM
51. complete as I would like to see it, however you are
constantly adding features that are useful, your help
is awesome and response time and attitude is terrific.
Much appreciated!
I have already pitched you to another organization... Mon, 12/8/08 4:00 PM
I am a consultant and also give presentations to Mon, 12/8/08 3:35 PM
53. nonprofits and associations, and your software is
always at the top of my list for Website software
recommendations. I personally manage several client
sites through you.
Ease of use for a small company or association is the Mon, 12/8/08 3:31 PM
54. biggest benefit to using Wild Apricot.
Although I have a few work-arounds that I have to Mon, 12/8/08 3:26 PM
55. use, overall Wild Apricot has been a live saver for me
I like it, but it still takes some getting used to--not as Mon, 12/8/08 3:23 PM
56. simple as I hoped.
This is nonprofit #3! Mon, 12/8/08 3:19 PM