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Safety First Forum 22-23 Mar.

2012, Chinggis Khann Hotel

Activities for Promoting Prevention Culture In Korea

KOSHA MPH. Byung Gyu Kim 22. Mar. 2012.


1. Adoption of the Seoul Declaration

The Safety and Health Summit 29 June 2008, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The 1st global OSH Declaration in history with international consensus

OSH as a means for promoting basic human

rights and economic development

Three Paradigms in Seoul Declaration on S&H at Work

Building a Culture of Prevention Recognize the seriousness of accidents Reflect prevention measures on policies and

Responsibility of all social players

Awareness on health culture

OSH is not the sole responsibility of governments, workplaces or OSH organizations. All social players

should fulfill their

duties and roles on OSH.

Awareness on accident prevention focusing on safety should expand. Focus on enhancing the quality of life Focus on workers health, welfare and well-being

Build preventative safety and health culture

2. Activities for spreading the Seoul Declaration(1)

Joint Secretaria t

A total of 2,413 bodies including 5 international organizations, 44 governments, 18 workers and employers organizations, 15 multi-national institutes, 114 safety and health organizations, and 2,217 workplaces

2. Activities for spreading the Seoul Declaration(2) Symposium on SD

2. Activities for spreading the Seoul Declaration(3) Istanbul Declaration

2. Activities for spreading the Seoul Declaration(4) Keynote speech

3. Preventative Safety and Health Culture(1) Global attention towards Prevention Culture
- Building a Global Culture of Prevention for a Healthy and Safe Future (the Theme of the XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work)

Enforcement of prevention activities with laws and regulations Safety and health system through voluntary participation of workers and employers the spread of Prevention Culture

Prevention Culture
- The right to work in safe and healthy environment is respected in all levels and areas - Governments, employers and workers actively engage in activities to ensure safe and healthy working environment - The principle of prevention is accorded the highest priority

3. Preventative Safety and Health Culture(2) Activities in Korea to Promote Prevention Culture
- The 4th day of every month is Safety Check Day: Employers and workers jointly conduct safety inspection, and launch campaigns on safety - The 1st week of July is OSH Week: Various OSH-related events and activities are held. - Zero-Accident Campaign: Promotes accident prevention activities jointly conducted by employers and workers - Promotion of safety culture in schools: Targeted training for teachers and leaders in education - Campaigns through TVs, Radios, Newspapers, and Internet: Safety campaigns targeting the general public aims to raise peoples safety awareness

4. New International Network for Prevention Culture Challenges

- Traditional type of accidents in small workplaces
- Rapid changes in the world of work due to increasing number of informal, migrant, and aged workers - Increasing work hazards and risks caused by asbestos, nano-technology and new occupational diseases - New challenges faced by the global financial crisis

A new impetus is required

4. New International Network for Prevention Culture



2010. 12. Agenda for setting up new section was approved by ISSA General Assembly

To promote preventative safety

and health culture through worldwide cooperation under the theme of the Seoul Declaration

2011. 2. Working level talk among ILO, ISSA, KOSHA was held in Dresden

To provide a platform for worldwide cooperation to enhance prevention culture and for carrying 2011. 6. Deliberation for the establishment out activities to share knowledge of Prevention Culture Section by the Bureau and experience within the Seoul of ISSA Declaration networks

The 1st General Assembly of ISSA Section for Prevention Culture


KOSHA (Korea) NSCI (India)

Vice-Chairs: ASSE (US), DGUV (Germany), FIOH (Finland), INRS (France), Advisors : Director of SafeWork-ILO, Secretary General of ISSA

35 members from OSH organizations and workplaces across the globe

5. Establishment of Global Prevention Culture

Safety and Health
A noble value with the utmost priority, which cannot be compromised Realizing the principle of human respect Spreading Global Prevention Culture

Spreading Prevention Culture

Contributes to decent employment, enhanced corporate competitiveness and national economic development

Prevention of occupational injuries and diseases

OSH activities should focus on promoting the basic principles of the Seoul Declaration based upon the collaboration and commitment of international organizations

Sustainable attention and participation of OSH experts and leaders are required

Upholding the fundamental values of the Seoul Declaration

Thank you very much!