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Safety First forum and exhibition agenda Chinggis Khaan hotel MARCH 22 08:30-09:30 Registration I Session /Chair: Advisor

to the Minister of Social Welfare and Labor, G.Adya/ 09:30-09:40 Opening MNMA president D.Damba 09:40-09:50 Remarks by Deputy Minister of Mineral Resource and Energy, Ts. Garamjav 09:50-10:10 Government policy and objective for safe, efficient, qualified labor Adviser to the minister of Social welfare and labor: PhD. G.Adya 10:10-10:25 Mining safety, health issues and future trends Deputy Director of heavy industry policy department, Ministry of Mineral Resource and Energy, Ch.Tsogtbaatar 10:-25-10-40 Current Status of Health and Safety in Mongolian Mining Sector, Prevention Culture, Building Cooperation General Agency for Specialized Inspection, head of safety and health department, G.Erdenetugs 10:40-10:55 Mining safety & Risk assessment MRAM, Head of mining research department, Ts.Davaatseren 10:55-11:10 Experience of the Russian Federation in the sphere of labor protection, safety and reduce injuries in the mining industry Federal Labor Department, Yejov.V.I 11:10-11:25 Activities for promoting prevention culture in Korea KOSHA Senior Manager Work Environment Team Occupational Health Department, Byung Gyu Kim 11:25-11:50 Q & A 11:50-12:10 Tea break II Session /Chair: Erdenet Mining Corporation, head of Health and Safety department, PhD. S.Davaanyam/

12:10-12:30 Occupational Health and Safety Management

Head of Labor Environment NGO, P.Tungalag 12:30-12:45 Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC 12:45-13:00 Oyu Tolgoi LLC 13:00-14:00 Lunch 14:00-14:15 HSE LLC 14:15-14:30 Energy Resources LLC 14:30-14:45 Leighton LLC 14:45-15:00 Power Plant 4 Company 15:00-15:15 Ezines LLC 15:15-15:35 Tea Break 15:35-15:50 Risk protection National Life LLC, deputy director D.Ganbaatar 15:50-16:05 Health impact assessment project Ts.Sodnompil 16:05-17:05 Q & A 17:30-19:00 Dinner MARCH 23 8:30 Registration

III session: Safety equipment /Chair: Ministry of Agriculture and Light Industry, Department of light industry policy implementation regulation, specialist N.Narangerel/ 09:00-09:20 Government policy in developing Garment Industry & Safety Equipment Production Ministry of Agriculture and Light Industry, Department of light industry policy implementation regulation, specialist N.Narangere. 09:20-09:40 The development of Garment Industry and Their Opportunities & Potentials Executive Director of Sutural Union NGO, M.Jargalmaa. 09:40-10:00 Formulating Standards for Safety Equipment. Director of Kamerov city safety equipment institute Gatsko V.A.

10:00-10:20 Q & A 10:20-10:50 Safety equipment show 10:50-12:00 Discuss and approve Safety and health management system recommendation 12:00 Closing