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Joseph M. Yap MEC Librarian De La Salle University

Instill the value of proposal writing to get funds/grants for the library. Share organizations that provide funding and/or grants for libraries. Encourage librarians to apply for library opportunities such as training and other forms of scholarships. Share institutions that provide scholarships for librarians.

500 books + 300 books = 800 books

5000 books x 200 books = LIBRARY

Fundraising is not only an art but a science of diplomacy and compromise at best (Pineda, 2002).

Donor is a person, entity or organization that gives money to project proposals whose purpose is to serve the community or as an outreach to underprivileged members of society. Fund-raising challenge is a direct, proactive approach or public campaign to mobilize the resources of others to raise funds or money. Grant is to give, confer, endow or bestow money or gift to a person, entity, organization or to an approved project proposal. Grantee is a person, entity or community organization to whom a grant in a form of money or kind is given or is a recipient of a grant for an approved project proposal.

Objectives are operational targets that spell out specific tasks that you want to accomplish in your project and these are measurable or quantifiable items. Sponsorship is patronage by an organization or by an individual that associates itself with an initiative or project through funding, endorsement or another contribution. Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have an interest or stake in a given project or program.

Know your specific areas




The proposal should contain:

Statement of need

Project description


Organization Information


Common myths (Miner & Miner, 2003)

People will fund my needs.

Always plead poverty

Ten tips on successful grant seeking (Adele James)

1. Do your homework!

2. Know your field!

3. Know where you fit in the ecosystem!

Ten tips on successful grant seeking (Adele James)

4. Cultivate partnerships with other organizations.

5. Keep the project focus on impact.

6. Request for organizational development.

Ten tips on successful grant seeking (Adele James)

7. Request funding to support evaluation of your work.

8. Get to know your funder.

9. Cultivate working relationships with key decision makers.

Ten tips on successful grant seeking (Adele James)

10. Build your advocacy capacity.

Donors / Funding agencies

Government agencies are the easiest to tap since they are mandated to provide free materials to information centers, especially to public libraries. Some publications may be for sale, but generally, they should have free materials to give away to promote their office and industry. Non-government agencies undertake community development and provide various social programs to the underserved. In this sense, they are capable of conducting outreach activities to those who are in great need. They choose recipients of book donations based on their perceived criteria.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

working to narrow the digital divide in the United States and many developing countries around the world. quick and easy access to information and knowledge can transform the lives of individuals and strengthen communities.

Elsevier Foundation
provides one, two and three year grants to libraries in developing countries and supporting organizations.

Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia Program has distributed over 13 million books and journals to public and private institutions across the Philippines since 1954.

Other Foundations
Del Monte Foundation, Inc. (DMFI). Metrobank Foundation. Sa Aklat Sisikat (SAS) Foundation.

Books for Rural Barangays.

Aboitiz2Go. Major publisher donors: McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Lynne Rienner, W.W. Norton & Company, Island Press, Abrams, and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Contact Persons
Efren Balajadia Books for Asia Director Reynald Ocampo Assistant Program Officer

Children International

Libraries - reference materials and study areas Renovates, expands or builds schools and libraries

Ayala Foundation
Ayala Foundation, through FHL, has signified its commitment to partner with both the private and public sectors to build or rehabilitate community libraries all over the country through the OurLibrary (MyLibrary) project.

improve the collection of resource and reading materials available in the public or school library in cities and municipalities in the country; improve the library facilities; enhance libraries services; and set up related activities that aim to promote a greater love of reading and learning Email at, or an SMS at 0917-5612413.

Lampara Anvil Bookmark Adarna Scholastic: grams/grants.htm

Now, convince me, why do you need grants for your libraries?


Scholarships and Trainings

Lib@Web : Management of Electronic Information and Digital Libraries (2013 intake) WEB .php?language=EN&navid=479&direct_ to=Overview%20Eligible%20Programme s

OCLC / Jay Jordan Fellowship

The Fellowship Program is for library and information science professionals who are in early stages of career development and from countries with developing economies. The deadline for application is: 15 February, 2013 velopment/fellows/class/default.htm

Online certifications/distance learning


Graduate Studies
Apply for scholarships, financial aid, grants and stipends.

Paper Presentations
This is an opportunity to present and discuss your past researches. Conference and seminars offer an opportunity to travel and see the world. Plus, your paper might be published! You get to be invited again.

Seek LIS contests that broadens your camaraderie with local and international teams. New friendship means new linkages.

Membership in Associations
Try to acquaint yourself not only with local associations but with international ones too. Being a part of a global group connects you to more opportunities.

Always, establish library networking! (Connect with publishers, alumni, administrators, librarians) 7315752/

Dont be afraid to submit proposals or apply for scholarships. Dont be afraid to ask fellow librarians especially if they know something about your inquiry. Dont be afraid to talk to administrators for possible expansions or establishing consortia. Always explore and take chances.

CANI: Constant and Never Ending Improvement: e/cani-constant-and-neverendingimprovement Grants / Funding for Libraries: gan/0,2351,7-160-18668_54901_18686--,00.html

Pineda, D. D. (2002). Proposal writing guidebook : the complete guide to writing winning and successful proposals for funding by funding agencies. Manila : Tritium Knowlege Center Pub. Yuen, F.K.O, Terao, K.L. & Schmidt, A.M. (2009). Effective grant writing and program evaluation for human service professionals. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley


Thank you for listening!

Joseph M. Yap