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Career Aspirations: Looking for a challenging and Responsible position in the field of Information Technology as Sr.

Software Test Engineer (Automation/Manual) to use my extensive knowledge and have the flexibility to adapt to any new environment and work on any project wish to utilize this experience in an organization as part of a team. Experience Summary: 5.5+ Years of diverse experience in Functional Testing, Mathematical Modeling and Computer simulation. Experience in Automation functional Testing using tool Selenium, Test Partner.. Experience in VI Script in Lab View from National Instruments. Familiarity with Agile Development Lifecycle (Scrums, Sprints, Retrospective, etc) Hands-on in CI tools like Hudson Experience in working with unit test frameworks like JUnit. Familiar with SQL Query. Exposure in Regression, Sanity and Smoke testing. Exposure in testing of Web based applications. Experience in defining Test cases, developing and maintaining Test scripts, Reporting and Analyzing bugs in Bugzilla, TTPro and TestLink. Exposure of single handed client interaction. Exposure of Shell, VB Scripting. Mathematical and Statistical Analyst with cross-functional expertise in Network Analysis, Switching techniques in Telecommunication domain. Algorithm Development and computational modeling using C/ MATLAB/ SCILAB/ OCTAVE. Exposure of Documentation using Latex and Mind map in plate-form Linux, Windows. Trained and ISO: 9001: 2000 Certified in Software Testing, i.e, testing throughout the software life cycle, Static techniques, Test Design Techniques, Test Management, tools like Win Runner, Quick test Professional, Load Runner, Test Director etc. Having the B1/B2 US Visa valid from 2009 to- 2019 Travelled to Minnesota (MN) USA for business requirement and training on a new fiber product so as to work on Visual Basics (V.B 6.0) software Development. Travelled twice to Bennington VT USA for R&D work on Optical fiber development & testing so as to work on LABVIEW (VI Script) software development.

TECHNICAL SUMMARY SKILLS Functional Testing Tools Database Languages Web Technology Operating System TOOLS LABVIEW, Test Partner, Selenium, Opensta SQL server, MS Access Virtual Instruments (VI) Scripting, C, Matlab, Octave, Scilab, Shell, VB6.0, VBA HTML, XML Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Win 7, Unix,

Ms-Dos Work History Duration 1st Nov2010/till date 15th May2006/31st Oct 2010 20th Feb2006/14th May2006 1st June2005/2nd Feb2006 Educational Qualifications: ICFAI University, Tripura Pursuing MBA degree in IT & System from ICFAI University (2009-..) Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) (2005) M.Sc. (Mathematics and Computing) CPI: 6.30 / 10.00 M.Sc. Project: Digital Image Processing, a study on image ReconStructions techniques using MATLAB. Organization Tyco Electronics (TE Connectivity) ADC (INDIA) Communication and InfoTech Pvt. Ltd IISc Bangalore Pub Kamrup College Designation Sr. Test Engineer Software Test Engineer Project Associate Lecturer

L. C. B College, Guwahati University (2003) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Percentage: 65.20 Cotton College, Guwahati (1999) H.S.C., Assam State Board Percentage: 57.20 Modartola Vidyapith High School, Kamrup, Assam (1997) S.S.C., Assam State Board Percentage: 81.10 Achievements: Received Team Spirit Award for working good work in Labview test fiber automation using VI script(2010) Received Twice the Thank you card from CEO Bob Switz Thank you card for excellent work on automation in a year(2009) Participated in a 4-week summer training workshop on Mathematics at Regional Institute of Education, Mysore. Level II (2004) Participated in a 3-week summer training workshop on Mathematics at Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Level I (2003) Participated in a 4-week summer training workshop on Mathematics at Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Level O (2002) Indian Indian

Attended a 4-day International workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics conducted by NBHM, IIT Guwahati. (2004) Completed short term Project in Complex Analysis. Attended Seminar on Cryptography Participated in the training program on Numerical O.D.E in IIT Guwahati in 2005.

Project Summary: Project#1 Title Client Operating System Tools Duration : Spectrum and Flex wave URH Agent : Verizon, AT&T, New path Networks, Sprint : Windows Xp : Selenium/Test Partner : April 2008 till date (Several releases)

Description: : The DV3/URH product family of products is intended as a next generation successor to the Digivance line of distributed antenna system (DAS) products. Digivance DAS products provide bidirectional transport of fixed ports (up to 25 MHz) of RF spectrum over a fiber optic cable. Each link consists of a Host unit (providing the interface between the base station RF ports of the optical fiber) and at least one Remote unit (providing the interface between the optical fiber and the remote antenna). Digivance URH has Master Subagent architecture. Master agent running on Host and subagent running on Remote. In Flex wave URH/Spectrum RF Bandwidth capacity has been increased from 25 MHz to 80 MHz Role and Responsibilities: Design the GUI prototype and functional design of the application Write Java scripts using Selenium in Eclipse and write VB scripts using Test Partner for the GUI as well as the end-to-end functionality URH project responsibilities include:

Testing of Major and Minor releases

Testing of Change Requests URH Main Platform: Automation of URH Platform consists of various GUI's like User Account Management. It is the platform where customer and account are created and can able to navigate the pages for verifying alarms and status of the Host and Remote agent. Role and Responsibilities: Automated the test cases following modular, mainly GUI checkpoints, User account management. Participated in the design of automation framework. Participation in POC preparation for the complete end-to-end Scenario. Participation in feasibility study for Test Automation Tools. Participation in Knowledge Transfer. Preparing automation Test Plans. Preparing schedules for work and attended conference calls. Coordinating in Manual Testing for Technical related issues. Design and Generate Test Partner Scripts and execute it. Participate in making Simulator for the Hardware.

Project#2 Title Client Operating System Tools Duration : ADC R&D Chamber Automation Program Layout : Verizon/AT&T : Windows Xp : LabView/VB6.0 : Feb 2010 till date

Description: Conceptual design layout for chamber/cable Research and Development test automation program. The Labview program(s) will need to have the capability of controlling up to five environmental chambers simultaneously, while sharing the resource of the single mode OTDR. Each chamber may have various cable types within them with various fiber counts. In addition, the chambers are likely to be running different temperature profiles, which are likely to be started on different days (A chamber will be utilized on demand as test cables are provided for a particular project). Role and Responsibilities: Design the GUI prototype and functional design of the application Write VI scripts for the GUI as well as the end-to-end functionality Project#3 Title Client Automation Tool Operating System Duration : StarGazer EMS WorldDSL Product line : Telefonica : Test Partner : Windows xp, Windows 2003 Server, Sun Solaris. : Feb 2007 April 2008 (On fields, Enhancements)

Description: The Stargazer Element Management system (EMS) provides end-to-end

management for the Campus-RS, Digivance LRCS, Digivance SDR, and World DSL product lines. Based on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the Java-based graphical user interface allows users to configure, monitor and diagnose both CO equipment and CPE, as well as provision individual circuits. Stargazer simplifies element management by enabling users to manage an unlimited number of network elements. The Stargazer World DSL Front Panel provides access to a variety of configuration, fault management, and performance monitoring tools through a graphical, real-time representation of the World DSL system selected in StarGazer Network Management Client.

Role and Responsibilities:

Participation in feasibility study for Test Automation Tools. Development of automation script. Coordinating in Manual Testing for Technical related issues. Project#4 Title Client Automation Tool Team size Work Location : Sprint SNMP Agent : Sprint : Test Partner : 2 members : Bangalore, India


: Aug 2006 March 2007

Description: The Sprint SNMP proxy agent is an ADC application that provides the ability for a Sprint SNMP manager to receive alarms for network elements (host units and remote units) controlled by an ADC URH system. The sprint agent runs on the same computer on which the URH is running. The Sprint agent takes alarms received as Traps from the URH SNMP agent and transforms them in to the INFORM Requests required by the Sprint manager. The URH computer also contains SNMP database called MIBs. Role and Responsibilities: Participation in feasibility study for Test Automation Tools. Development of automation script. Participation in Knowledge Transfer. Coordinating in Manual Testing for Technical related issues.

Project#5 Title Client Operating System Duration : Digivance Multisession implementation on RLM (Reverse Link Monitor) : Sprint : Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Xp, Windows Vista : June 2006 Dec 2006 (On fields, Enhancements)

Description: The aim of this project is to have multiple RLM agents and DEMS run on a single PC thereby reducing the number of site manager PCs required by customer. Each of the RLM agent and DEMS pair is connected to 24 LRCS system. All the agents are running on unique IP address but the agent port address (8001) is same for all agents. RLM agent and DEMS are using a set of report and regulation ports in order to talk to each other. Role and Responsibilities: Do the Manual Testing for Technical related issues. Make changes to the simulator for compatibility and verifying different Alarms. Preparing schedules for work and attended conference calls. Project#6 Title Client Operating System Duration : The ACX Magix, 16x32, 224 Relay, Block ACX 4x12 Networks : ADC Telecommunication : Linux : May 2006 July 2007

Description: The Block Mount ACX system is a metallic cross connect system used automatically implement service changes that have been historically handled by manually re-wiring cabinets. The main functional element of the system is Matrix cards which consist of 10 port cut-through matrix which consists of two 4x12 distribution matrices. The design of the Block Mount ACX provides automated connections between 100 customer lines, 100 main cable lines and 80 special service lines.

Role and Responsibilities: Make the Software Design documents on the basis of numerical model for both 4x12 and 16x32 network. Doing the computational model using Scilab and Octave. Do the statistical analysis. Developed the algorithms for rearrange ability of connections of a multistage interconnection Network. Do the relevant research how to design a good network, how optimal the network is how to take advantage of this optimally designed network Do the documentation using Latex, Mind map. Project#7 Title Client Operating System Tools Duration : RLV Guidance : DRDO : Windows Xp : MATLAB : Feb 2006 May 2006

Description: One of the challenges in designing the new Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) is the development of a guidance algorithm that would control its entry trajectory. Reentry problem is important from the following view points: Dissipation of large energy without violating constraints, large variations in atmospheric/vehicular characteristic, highly uncertain operational environment. Future reentry guidance requirements are like autonomous for providing mission flexibility, explicit satisfaction of vehicle constraints, robust against large uncertainties. Role and Responsibilities: Autonomous and adaptable to different flight conditions. Explicit inclusion of paths constraints. Doing MATLAB programming for the guidance solutions. Personal Details: Fathers Name Date of Birth Nationality Martial Status Present Address : : : : : Madhab Kumar 28 Nov 1981 Indian Married #824, 52nd Main, 25th Cross, Kumarswami Layout, Bangalore-78