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MINUTES COMENIUS Legends Across Europe Multilateral Project Evaluation meeting.

. Venue : Isoniittun Koulu school, Klaukkala Friday 16th November 2012. Minutes taken by : Valentina Cuadrado Marcos (Overall Project co-ordinator) IES Alonso de Madrigal from vila in Spain, Isoniitun Koulu from Klaukkala in Finland and Meadowhead School from Sheffield in United Kingdom meet in Klaukkala from 11th to 16th November for the third Transnational Visit in the Comenius project Legends Across Europe, being coordinated by the new Finnish coordinator: Katja Viitanen. Teachers: Jos Ramn Ladrero and Valentina Cuadrado (overall coordinator) from vila, Jo Silverwood (English coordinator), Denise Aitken and Elaine Pollard from Sheffield and Mika Pottonen and Katja Viitanen ( Finnish coordinator ) from Finland, attend workshops and activities together with 10 Spanish students, 9 English students and the Finnish students involved in the project. According to the Itinerary organized for the visit, the following activities are carried out: On Monday students go to lessons with their partners while teachers are introduced to the principal and school staff. Then, everybody joins for the Getting to know each other activity. Aimed to get a friendly and collaborative atmosphere in the group, it is held in 4 steps: 1. Students move around the class in order to find out: somebody who for a questionnaire. Once they have completed the whole paper they sit down to make their answers public. 2. Students sit with their partners and try to discover something they did not know about them so far. After a few minutes, students announce what they have learned about their partners. 3. International groups are made so that participants discover what they have in common. One student is chosen to tell the whole group their discoveries. 4. The same international groups try to learn something they do not have in common. Once again, a student is chosen to give the results publicly. When the activity finishes everybody joins for lunch at school, which can also be considered an activity, as students learn about the proceedings. The day ends with a Helsinki Tour, where important monuments such as the Opera or the Parliament are shown. Explanations are given and free time is allowed for sightseeing and shopping. On Tuesday students and teachers participate in LAE Workshops. During the first one Power Point Presentations with the results of this years work are shown. They are aimed to let everybody know the kind of villains we can meet in our legends. Villains as counterparts of heroes are explained. Coincidences in the

conflicts are found in the legends from the three countries. There is also a short musical moment offered by two Finnish students: singing and playing the Kantele, a traditional Finnish string instrument. As a way to break with the academic workshop, participants are taken Skating. Friendship and collaboration are common among students, helping those who cant skate so that everybody enjoys this typical sport in Klaukkala. After lunch, workshops are continued. Creating a contemporary Villain tasks provide students in groups with the opportunity to discuss their own opinions about todays conflicts and villains. Interesting ideas are gathered in posters which will be shown in Sheffield with the ones created in Spain. Two students from each school work in a different workshop Last performance script. The objective of the work is to agree on a beginning and an end for the play performance. On Wednesday students go to Spanish and English lessons in order to exchange language expressions, songs, habits. After lunch all the participants are taken to Mrki Camp Centre for a day-off to celebrate a typical pre-Christmas party. Games and outdoors activities are carried out and in the end of the evening Santa Claus, as the most famous Finnish legend, visits and everybody gets a present. The groups sing traditional carol songs from their countries and after it there is a barbecue with sausages and pancakes. On Thursday, students enter different classes: PE, art, cooking, handicraft while teachers meet for a Project Evaluation Session. There are three main topics to work on: 1. Arrangements for departure the following day. 2. Arrangements for the next visit in Sheffield: a. Dates are confirmed: 3rd 9th March b. Trip to Whitby: Prices. Food. Accommodation c. Transport from and to airport. d. Teachers accommodation. e. Plans for the week. f. Performance facts: I. 10 -15 minutes for each country performance. II. Slideshow with music and information from each town. III. Deadlines: 30th November to send 10 sentences 18th January for script end January for the full act IV. Programmes for parents: contribution from schools. V. Schedule for the performance. VI. Rehearsals schedule: g. Other activities during the visit: Welcome meal for teachers (Sun 3rd March) Sheffield Tour for Spanish/Finnish visitors (Fri 8th) Farewell Party for students/families( Fri 8th)

3. Project evaluation: a. Lot of work and learning involved during the visit. b. Intercultural understanding and friendships made amongst students. All get on very well. No issues. c. Host families without problems for Spanish/English students. d. Leisure activities connected with Finnish tradition and culture. e. Participants feelings are extremely positive. f. Finnish coordinator Katja Viitanen and teacher Mika Pottonen supportive and helpful. g. New teachers to the project (Elaine / Katja) feel confident about their roles in the project. The whole visit is considered positive and successful.

Klaukkala 16th November 2012 Valentina Cuadrado Marcos (Project co-ordinator)