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Project proposal - 1 My Life with Dalai Lama Must Objectives 01.

Yes, since its religious issues respective authorities / legal issues should be met 02. Yes, religious, violence & nudity are absent, 03. Yes due to the only religious based story Want Objectives 01. Low potential due to the awareness in American society & political influences 02. No potential, considering globalisation 03. None would be ready to listen to his music, cannot make interactive games or action figures since its based of principles of religion (Buddhism) 04. Not at all, the film depicts lama being friendly with nature but it doesnt raise any environmental concern 05. 06. High potential animated movie has the impact, but not advance technology used due to moderate budget 07. Not at all. If that would happen a single tree would be sufficient.

Project proposal - 2 Heidi! Must Objectives 01. A real film. Obvious the management take necessary actions to meet the standards 02. Yes Sex, nudity, drugs are absent 03. Yes Want Objectives

01. Heidi has been produced for more than 20 films & television productions. It has no potential to be nominated since its much and more heard and common story. 02. Animated character, Cartoons, TV series already existing. 03. Though it has 20 productions. How much are youll presented here know about Heidi. Dolls, interactive games and action figures are already available. It is not impressive or interesting. Because of music it has some potential. 04. There is no potential for any environmental concerns to be raised not a new concept. 05.
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06. Due to the dangerous atmosphere & locations certain scenes have to be edits technically where the advance animation would be used. 07. Theme parks are not available. Mountain range rides, 3D movies theatre will be welcomed.

Project proposal - 3 The Year of the Echo Must Objectives 01. Yes, since it is a large organization before producing any film it has the responsibility to fulfill the legal, safety & environmental standards since its a documented play legal terms are automatically met. 02. No, the advisory rate is very high. Sex, nudity, drugs, are presented 03. No, major proportionate of proposal 2 consist music therefore this has an adverse effect. Want Objectives 01. Have a low potential to be nominated as best picture of the year 02. Have a low potential due to TV series 03. Have a low potential due to Music CDs non others could be met

04. High potential, a message regarding the effect of the underworld. 05.

06. No impact on advance technology since it consists of footages and behind the scenes interview. 07. No potential, rides are cannot be based on underworld which as high advisory rate.

Project proposal - 4 Escape from Rio Japuni Must Objectives 01. Its newly created story & its fully animate legal & environmental standards are not applicable. 02. High advisory rating is absent. 03. Yes, since it is animated animal based story it as impact on proposal 6 due to both the films are based on difficulties faced by the animals when they are taken or chased from their habitual place. Want Objectives 01. It is very rare that animate films nominate for best picture award. E.g. For more than 85 years academic awards are existing, but less than 7 films only have been nominated & 4 films won the award such as Beauty and Beast 1991, Up 2009 02. High potential for major and new character, cartoon and TV series 03. High potential on action figures, dolls and additional revenue will be achieved. 04. Environmental concern regarding deforestation. 05. *

06. Since the animate feature set in Amazon Rainforest. Some impact on advance state of film animation & preserve the firms reputation. 07. An Amazon atmosphere can be created & it would be welcomed by general audiences.

Project proposal - 5 Nadia! Must Objectives 01. Yes, since it is involved with Romanian Authorities it has to meet non violation legal terms. Also necessary safety requirements should be met. 02. Yes, it doesnt have a high advisory rate. 03. Yes, it is the only athletic movie they are going produce therefore no other operations would be affected. Want Objectives 01. It has high impact on environmental concerns & individual motivational factors where it would encourage kids to fight for their dreams. 02. Low potential for TV series. 03. It has no possibilities. It wont be that impressive to create games or action figures 04. Since it is a historical issues it would have been already concern and not suitable for modern environment. 05.

advance state of animation.

06. It is a historical movie all historical location and auditoriums has to show through 07. Not much attractive and appreciation by general people.

Project proposal - 6 Keiko Must Objectives 01. Yes, since it is footage legal issues to be considered. 02. Yes, advisory rate is very low, violence, sex, nudity, drugs, swears languages are at minimum rate.

03. Since it is considered that proposal 4 admitted has an effect on proposal 6 it wont affect the other operations. Want Objectives 01. Have a fair rate of potential to be nominated & achieve the best picture of the year award. 02. All criteria are met. 03. All possibilities are available. 04. Since the film is produced in a realistic manner. 05.

of the art company imaginary.

06. High impact on technology, because they make the environment realistic using state 07. High impact always the water rides are much more appreciated.

Project proposal - 7 Grand Island Must Objectives 01. Yes 02. Yes 03. Yes Want Objectives
01. No possibilities to be nominated, since it is a moderate film & these concepts are already known. 02. Not applicable 03. They can have t-shirts and wrist bands to create awareness and raise funds for a trust this could create the positive impact on the companys (bona fiede) goodwill 04. High impact, It is concern on environmental issues.


06. Some impact, artificial background has to be made. 07. No, having theme ride for this wouldnt be very impressive.