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We will represent our members, from all backgrounds, in order to work towards a Conservative majority in 2015. We are Conservative Future, not Coalition Future .

a) Focus Support on the 40 most Marginal Parliamentary Seats We will support the Conservative Partys "40-40 strategy" which aims to increase the Conservative Partys current 303 seats in the House to more than the 326 needed to have an overall majority. We will make sure Conservative Future branches are maintained or created in the 40 most winnable seats and make sure these branches have the support they need to win elections. We will continue to support branches in the 40 most marginal, Conservative-held, seats. What does this mean for members? We will facilitate visits to the marginal seats from central locations in the North and South We will plan and organise productive campaigning sessions throughout the year We will setup Q&As with the MP or prospective parliamentary candidate We will ensure the social side continues to play its part Conservative Future will continue to campaign with the Conservative Party.

b) Launch a Social Outreach Programme focusing on BME Groups and the Inner Cities In April 2012, a poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft on Ethnic Minority Voters and the Conservative Party, highlighted a significant uphill challenge for the Conservatives. The report, Degrees of Separation, finds that there is a significant lack in the ability of BME voters to relate to the Conservative Party and that this is proving costly to the Party in terms of share of the vote and election seats. The findings of the report summarise the results from polling 10,268 respondents, including 3201 respondents from BME backgrounds. In addition, 20 focus groups were conducted involving 160 participants from Black Caribbean, Black African, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh backgrounds. We believe Conservative Future is well placed to break down these barriers and make the Conservative shop front one that will attack those voters. That is why we will be launching a Social Outreach Programme to counter negative perceptions and assure people that the Conservative Party is the only true Party of aspiration, regardless of background or et hnicity, or opposition rhetoric. Conservative Future will better represent our members. Conservative Future will deliver true equality. | | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube

We will cut national and regional bureaucracy, and provide better support to local branches and the grassroots.

a) Cut National and Regional Bureaucracy Beginning with the National Executive and Strategy Team we will consult on reducing the total number of positions by restructuring existing roles to ensure that all briefs continue to be represented but more effectively. There will be no changes to the National Chairman, Deputy Chairman Political or Deputy Chairman Membership roles. We will seek to have a consultation on the structure of Regional and Area tiers to see whether members feel they could function better. Given the number of people concerned we want to hear back from as many members as possible. We will also ask elected and appointed officers to outline their key commitments for the term of office. Conservative Future grassroots always know best.

b) Support Local Branches Local branches are the backbone of Conservative Future and the Conservat ive Party. Under previous chairmen, they have been overlooked. We will provide the support branches need to flourish. In order to deliver a Conservative majority in 2015, local branches and the grassroots need to be supported and given the right tools to deliver the Conservative message to every doorstep in this country. We will also support the creation of Conservative Future branches in areas where the Party most needs support, particularly in the top 40 marginal seats across the UK. Conservative Future is instrumental to Conservative Party success.

In order to provide better support for branches, we will:

i) Encourage Councillors and MPs to Mentor Conservative Future Members Whether it is your local MP or councillor, they rely on campaign support from Conservative Future. This needs to be better planned and more joined up. We will encourage mentoring to ensure Conservative Future members are better equipped and able to deliver the Conservative message on the doorstep. If elected Paul Holmes, a former Cabinet Member on Southampton City Council and Charlotte Argyle, an executive member for the Conservative Womens Organisation will personally take the lead on this | | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube

initiative. We will connect Conservative Future branches to the best possible mentors in the local area. What does this mean for members? We will facilitate a councillor/MP engagement programme at Conservative Party Conference We will invite members who have campaigned hard to connect with the current political figures We will recognise those members who have put in time and effort We will help members who aspire to get involved at a higher level do so

ii) Provide Training from Leading Conservative Think Tanks Conservative Future members are not just campaigners. Among our number are some of the future leaders of the Conservative Party. We will provide proper training days with leading centre-right think tanks to be announced separately. We will ensure that a Conservative Future Debating Lounge is setup at Conservative Party Conference allowing members to put this training into practice. We will have panel slots consisting of our brightest, most talented members and we will have debates throughout the forum. We are committed to getting face time and a high calibre audience at the Conservative Future Debating Lounge, consisting of MEPs, MPs and councillors, so that we can demonstrate our abilities and start to bring our talent to the attention of senior decision-makers.

iii) Provide a Voice for Members on Policy in the 2015 Manifesto The Conservative Future Policy Forum has been a huge success in 2012. We will seek to build on this and make it easier for Conservative Future members to take part and have their say on the policy that will form the Conservative Partys 2015 manifesto. Conservative Future is not a mouth piece for Central Office or the Coalition Government. We will provide a more robust stance on issues of conscience that affect the Conservative Future membership, including universities, apprenticeships and young enterprise. Membership is a two-way process - the Party has our considerable support, so we expect our views on important issues to be heard.

iv) Nurture and Provide Training for Local Spokespeople The National Chairman is one person out of thousands of members. Everyone works hard and everyone deserves credit. That is why we will build on the success of the regional spokesperson initiative, and have more local members taking a role front of house. | | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube

v) Reward hard work The Conservative Party needs Conservative Future members to help them deliver a majority in 2015. Most of our members are full-time students or full-time employees who deliver whats needed in their spare time. We will establish a logging system whereby members efforts are recorded, in a simple way, which can be fed through to the main decision-makers. Those who find the time will be noticed and entitled to the recognition at the most senior levels. Therefore we will work with the National Voluntary Party to do this. | | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube

Our members will have full access to the National Executives decisions and meetings, and will encourage them to play an active role.

a) A Commitment to a Single Term We are announcing that as National Chairman and Deputy Chairman Political candidates we will only stand for one term, of 15 months, to allow as many members as possible the opportunity to play a leading role. Conservative Future must be about opportunity.

b) Publish Agendas and Minutes etc. We will publish agendas and minutes of all National Executive meetings online within one week of the meetings taking place. We will seek to provide more transparency around the organisations finances and expenses where data is not politically or commercially sensitive. Conservative Future will be more transparent.

c) Question Time We will hold monthly question time style sessions with the National Chairman and National Executive via social media, and will aim to answer as many points as possible. Conservative Future will open the doors to everyone.

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