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6 Literal Days of Creation

It is wrong to assume that every Christian holds to the belief that God created the
universe in six literal 24-hour days. It is apparent that today’s liberal influences have
seeped their way into our Christian homes and helped cultivate what is now known as
Postmodern Christianity. Christians have mixed secular teachings with Biblical truth
and created a contradicting stew of delusion.

Somehow, many Christians have mistakenly decided that Evolution can coincide
perfectly with the Biblical account of Creation. However, what we find is that nowhere
in Scripture is there even a “Hint” that an Evolutionary process occurred. After much
comprehensive study on this topic, I have not been convinced otherwise. I stand firm
that God literally and completely created the entire universe, out of nothing, in six literal
24-hour days, and then rested on the seventh day.

I'll just state a few concepts here. Please read my explanations carefully as I believe
they are vitally important.

To begin, we must ask ourselves, what did the author of Genesis "Moses" want us to
know about the omnipotence of God... what was he trying to say to us? Is it a hidden
riddle that is indecipherable? God wants us to praise Him for His power and glory, and
so He revealed, to us, His power through creation. “The heavens are telling of the glory
of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands” (Psalms 19:1).

God surely did not need any longer than 6 days and, in fact, He didn't even need that
much time as well. Nonetheless, this is the amount of time that He chose to use and it
was perfect.

Genesis 1:5 explains that "the evening and the morning was the First day”. This can
only be understood that the first day of creation was accomplished through the morning
to the evening of the same day. It does not imply a long span of time. This statement is
repeated throughout all of the 6 days of creation as well.

The Lord rested on the 7th day from all that He had created and made. He commanded
that we must rest on the 7th day because He blessed and sanctified that day. How can
we understand this if it was not a single day? Did God rest from His work for a long,
long span of time, possibly several million years? This would be a great stretch. It does
not appear to be what the author of Genesis was trying to convey to us.

The Hebrew word for “Day” is "Yom" and is mainly used to define a 24-hour period, a
working day, a day as opposed to night, and does this 1109 times. In comparison, it is
only used to define a long period of time, not nearly as often, about 10 times.

God used phrases that plainly explain His actions during these 6 days, such as:

"Then God said..."

"Let there be..."

"Let the ...."

"God blessed them saying..."

"and it was so"

These phrases illustrate that God spoke and it was so.

Again, Scripture does not even give a hint that the process of Evolution occurred during
creation; it is completely absent. For example, when God created woman, (Eve) she was
created out of the rib of man. This clearly was completed in instantaneous steps as He
fashioned the woman from the rib of Adam, omitting any Evolutionary process.

Also, the Bible teaches that God created every living instantly and then commanded “Let
the earth bring forth living creatures after their kind” (Genesis 1:24). Every species
reproduces “after it own kind”. This implies that one particular species cannot produce
a different species; it will always reproduce after itself. Rather, what we find is that God
instantly created everything living thing, out of nothing “ex nihilo”, by the power of His
spoken Word, "Divine Fiat".

It is my conviction through this study and these facts that I must hold to the traditional
view of the six literal days of creation, as did almost all of our Christian fathers in the
early church. It was almost never an issue until the last 100 years or so.

I must go where Biblical evidence takes me...