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Claflin University School of Education - - - EDUC 323 Reflective Lesson Plan Model Name: Stefon Bowman PART I: PLANNING Capital or Lowercase? Title of Lesson
Is this lesson original idea? If not, from what source did I borrow this lesson? This is an original idea.


Source Subject Area (s) Grade Level English Language Arts

3rd 3-4.6 Edit for the correct use of written Standard American English, including capitalization: geographic Curriculum Standard(s) names, holidays, and historical and special events.
What will students experience during the lesson? What is the agenda for the lesson? What is the content to be taught?

Description and Background Information

The teacher will start the lesson by using a power point. Using a worksheet, the teacher will go over two short paragraphs focusing on correct use of Standard American English, including capitalization errors with pronouns, holidays, and names. Students will then complete a guided practice activity and complete another worksheet for homework. What will I need to teach this lesson? What do students need to participate? Teacher: laptop, worksheets, dry erase board, and markers


Students: paper, pencil, homework folder What will students be able to do at the conclusion of this lesson? Write measurable objective(s). Students will be able to make corrections in paragraphs using correct Standard American English including capitalizing names, holidays, and pronouns. How will I vary these objectives for students who do not understand the material? How will I vary these objectives for students who have already mastered the concept? How will I vary these objectives for students who are presently learning English? For students who are having difficulty grasping this concept, I will provide them extra one on one assistance while the class is completing their guided practice before retesting them. For students who have mastered this concept, I will provide them with more advanced examples and have some students work with others to provide assistance. For students who are learning English, I will work with the ELL teacher and provide those students extra time to learn the concepts during their time with the ELL teacher. In addition, I will allow those students to use computer enrichment tools for extra assistance.

Lesson Objectives

Varying Objectives for Individuals Needs


How will I find out what students already know about this topic? Before starting the lesson I will introduce what we will be learning and show the students example of Standard American English mistakes and misuse of capitalization and have the students come up to the board and tell me what is wrong in the examples. What will I do to make a connection between students and this lesson? I will take a clip out of a popular childrens book and have mistakes in it for the students to correct. The students will raise their hands to tell me the mistakes and after all corrections are made students will receive stickers. What will I say to explain the importance of learning this lesson? Using Standard English Grammar correctly not only allows you to display your thoughts, but it also shows that you are competent in writing. This will help you make good grades and help you get good jobs in the future. What will I do to show students what is expected? I will demonstrate proper use of capitalization when writing on the board.



Statement of Purpose

Teacher Modeling or Demonstration

What will we do together as they learn how to succeed at the new task? The teacher and students will complete a worksheet making corrections to two short paragraphs. What will I ask to know if students understand so far? List questions. What will I do throughout the lesson to determine if students understand the information? List activities/techniques or describe the strategies that you plan to use. 1. What is wrong with this sentence? 2. Can anything else be changed to make the sentence better? During the lesson I will check students work to make sure they are on task and assist them if they are having difficulty. What will students do to internalize the knowledge? Students will have two worksheets and guided practice to complete during the class and for homework. What will students do to demonstrate what they learned during the lesson? If an assessment is used, attach a copy. If using an authentic assessment, attach a copy of the scoring rubric.

Guided Practice

Checking for Understanding

Independent Practice


Students will be given a weekly assessment on each standard. How will I conclude the lesson and relate it to future experiences? Every student will be required to write a paragraph correctly using Standard English Grammar and correct capitalization. What can students do at home or in the classroom to apply the knowledge or skills? What will you do to connect the lesson with the home, community and community agencies? Students will be asked to find examples of correct capitalization from home by looking in newspapers and magazines. How is technology meaningful to this lesson? How do you plan to use implement student used technology during the lesson? The teacher will use a powerpoint. The students will be able to use computers during morning enrichment time. What activities do you plan to implement to connect your lesson across the curriculum to all 5 content areas? Math- can be related because math problems must be written correctly for proper understanding Science- relate to naming chemicals History- relate to correctly capitalizing historical events and names Art- Students must have correct names when labeling objects.


Extension Activities

Technology Connections Across the Curriculum

Music- Names of musicians must be capitalized correctly


What worked for you during the lesson? What did not work? What changes would you make when you teach this lesson again to make it more effective? During my lesson I believed that the hook was very effective. It captured the students attention and made them interested in the lesson. I think that my guided activities could have been more effective and could have been made more personal towards the students. When I teach this lesson again I plan to differentiate my guided activity to make the class conduct small group work and then come together as an entire class and demonstrate what they have learned. This way I will be able to tell if they have truly grasped the concept that was taught.




Read the paragraphs below. Make corrections to all mistakes including capitalization and spelling errors.

Bob and marley loved going to riverbanks Zoo. They traveled allll the way from Atlanta, georgia. When they arrived at the zoo Marley and Bob wanted to see every animal. They wanted to see tigers lion and bears first. After looking at these animals the two friends found the new attraction at the zoooo. Riverbanks Zoo had its first bald eagle on display. Bob and marley were excited because they were learning about animals in the united states at school.

Tom and jill were best friends since they were babies. They grew up next to each others on the same street in identical houses. When Tom and Jill got older, they even went to the samee high school in sumter, south Carolina. When they were almost ready to graduate, tom and Jill made a promise to each other that they would go to the same college. They looked at south Carolina State university, Claflin University, and even Clemson University. Two weeks before graduation, Tom and Jill received the best news of their lives. they both were accepted to Clemson University.